Changeset 3796 in josm for trunk/images

2011-01-21T12:42:29+01:00 (12 years ago)

Changed the mappaint and tagging preset preference format from a list of URLs to array preference to store more parameters for each source entry. (The flag "active" will be used for a dialog to quickly switch mappaint styles on and off.)
Removed the "" and "taggingpreset.enable-defaults" property - the default (internal) source is now included in the normal list of sources. (The old preference entries are not removed yet, this should probably be changed, when the migration has been tested a little.)
Rearranged gui elements in mappaint and preset pref dialog to use the available space better and make the structure more clear. Strings that have been the same in mappaint and preset pref dialog are now different for each dialog.

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