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Last change on this file was 16006, checked in by Don-vip, 4 years ago

see #18140 - reorganization of data(_nodist), images(_nodist), styles(_nodist), IDE and native files in a more practical file tree.

  • Everything belonging to the jar is now in resources (data, images, styles)
  • Everything not belonging to the jar is now in nodist (data, images, styles)
  • Everything related to OS native functions is now in native (linux, macosx, windows)
  • Everything related to an IDE is now in ide (eclipse, netbeans)
  • Property svn:executable set to *
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3find resources/images/ -name "*.png" \
4 -exec echo "Processing {}" \; \
5 -exec optipng -o7 -quiet "{}" \;
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