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1Supplemental information for JOSM -- the Java OpenStreetMap Editor
4            I. Install & Launch
7Installation notes
9To run JOSM, you need:
11* The JOSM .jar file, e.g., josm-tested.jar or josm-latest.jar
12* Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 8, or later.
15How to get Java Runtime Environment
17You need JRE Version 8, or later.
19Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X users should visit
20and download the latest Java executable for their system.
22Linux users should visit
23There is a Linux binary installer, which you must execute from a console, or
24use the mechanism of your distribution's packaging system.
27How to launch
29Microsoft Windows users launch by double-clicking on the .jar file.
30If this does not work, open a command shell and type
31"java -jar josm-latest.jar"  in the directory that holds the file. (Please
32replace josm-latest.jar with the name of your .jar file, if you aren't using
33the latest version.)
35Under Linux, open a shell, go to the file directory and type
36"java -jar josm-latest.jar" to launch. If this does not work, try to set
37your JAVA_HOME variable to the java executable location (the root location,
38not the bin).
40MacOS X users just click on the .jar file icon.
43            II. Development
46How to get the source code
48Download it directly from the subversion at
49 To use the command line subversion
50client, type
52svn co josm
55Files & directories
57This is an overview of the files and directories in the JOSM code repository:
58- build.xml                 ant build file (standard way to create a JOSM binary)
59- CONTRIBUTION              list of major code contributors
60- data/                     data files that will be included in the JOSM jar file
61    - fonts/                font files used for map rendering
62    - projection/           projection files
63      - epsg                list of projection definitions
64    - *.lang                translation data
65    - *.xsd                 xml schema files for validation of configuration files
66    - help-browser.css      CSS file for the help sites (HTML content is downloaded from the website
67                            on demand, but displayed inside the programm in a Java web browser component.)
68    - validator/            data files used by the JOSM validator feature
69      - *.cfg               files designed for the old tagchecker, still used
70      - *.mapcss            default validation rules for the new mapcss-based tagchecker
71- data_nodist/              data files that are useful for development, but not distributed
72    - exif-direction-example.jpg
73                            sample image, that contains direction information in the EXIF header
74                            (keys: Exif.GPSInfo.GPSImgDirectionRef, Exif.GPSInfo.GPSImgDirection)
75    - filterTests.osm       used for unit testing of the filter feature
76                            (see test/unit/org/openstreetmap/josm/data/osm/
77    - Join_Areas_Tests.osm  some examples to test the 'join areas' feature
78    - mapcss/               sample map styles and corresponding data files for regression testing
79    - projection/           projection files
80      - *.gsb               NTv2 grid files for projection support (see CONTRIBUTION)
81    - projection-reference-data.csv
82                            reference data for projection tests
83                            (see test/unit/org/openstreetmap/josm/data/projection/
84    - projection-regression-test-data.csv
85                            regression data for projection tests
86                            (see test/unit/org/openstreetmap/josm/data/projection/
87- gpl-2.0.txt, gpl-3.0.txt  full text of the GNU General Public License
88- images/                   images distributed with the JOSM binary
89    - icons                 images for the Potlatch 2 style
90    - presets               images for the main mappaint style and the internal presets
91- images_nodist/            images, which are not for distribution, but may be useful later (e.g. high
92                            resolution and vector versions)
93- josm.jnlp                 Java Web Start launcher file (used on the website for the tested version)
94- josm-latest.jnlp          Java Web Start launcher file (used on the website for the latest version)
95- LICENSE                   the JOSM license terms
96- linux/                    files useful for Linux distributions, including Appdata files, .desktop
97                            files, Debian/Ubuntu scripts, man pages, icons, etc.
98- macosx/                   files needed to create the MacOS X package
99- netbeans/                 preconfigured Netbeans project
100- optimize-images           short script to decrease size of PNG images
101- patches/                  patches for external libraries used in JOSM (see below)
102- README                    this file
103- resources/                resource files that will be included in the JOSM jar file
104- scripts/                  various scripts used by JOSM developers
105  -             tool to find all used icons and allows deleting unused icons
106                            searches also for images with incompatible svg code
107- src/                      the source code of the program
108- start.html                HTML page to run the applet version of JOSM
109- styles/                   map styles included in JOSM
110- sytles_nodist/            files needed for map style maintenance
111    - potlatch2/README      infos on how to update the Potlatch 2 style from upstream sources
112- test/                     automated software tests
113    - data/                 resources used for some tests
114    - functional/           functional tests (source code)
115    - lib/                  libraries needed for (some of) the tests, including JUnit
116    - performance/          performance tests (source code)
117    - unit/                 unit tests (source code)
118- tools/                    libraries and tools that help in the development process
119    - animal-sniffer-ant-tasks.jar
120                            used to build and check code signatures to ensure plugins binary compatibility
121    - appbundler-1.0ea.jar  used to build Mac OS X package
122    - checkstyle/           libs and config files for checkstyle (automatically detects code style
123                            problems in source code); can be launched as an ant target in build.xml
124    - commons-cli-1.3.1.jar dependency of Groovy Ant task
125    - error_prone_ant.jar   used to detect code errors during compilation
126    - spotbugs/             libs and config files for spotbugs (automatically detects common bugs and potential
127                            problems in source code); can be launched as an ant target in build.xml
128    - groovy-all.jar        used for some unit tests and various scripts
129    - jacocoant.jar         used to include coverage data into JUnit test reports
130    - japicc/               used to generate a compatibility report between optimized jar and normal one
131    - javacc.jar            used in the build process to generate some .java files from a javacc source file
132                            (src/org/openstreetmap/josm/gui/mappaint/mapcss/MapCSSParser.jj)
133    - proguard.jar          optimize final binary jar - see build.xml (not used in production so far)
134    - xmltask.jar           used to edit XML files from Ant for the OSX package
135- windows/                  files needed to create the Windows installer
137The 'patches' directory
139Some libraries that JOSM depends on, are patched for various reasons. The
140files in the patches directory can be used to roll back these customizations.
141This is useful in order to
142 * inspect the changes
143 * update to a newer version of the library but keep the modifications
145You can use 'quilt' to manage the patches. E.g. the following command applies all of them:
147 $ quilt push -a
149Of course, it is also possible to apply the patch files manually one by one.
151Third party libraries
153There are some third party libraries which are directly included in the source code tree, in particular:
155* jmapviewer: Java component to browse a TMS map
156    src/org/openstreetmap/gui (svn external)
157    ->
158* Apache commons compress: Support for bzip2 compression when opening files
159    src/org/apache/commons/compress/compressors (svn external)
160    ->
161* Apache commons validator: Improved validator routines
162    src/org/openstreetmap/josm/data/validation/routines
163    ->
164* SVG Salamander: Support for SVG image format
165    src/com/kitfox/svg
166    ->
167* Metadata Extractor: Read EXIF Metadata of photos
168    src/com/drew
169    ->
170* Signpost: OAuth library
171    src/oauth, src/com/google
172    ->
173* GNU getopt Java port: Command line argument processing library
174    src/gnu/getopt
175    ->
176* MultiSplitPane: Small lib for GUI layout management
177    src/org/openstreetmap/josm/gui/,
178    ->
179    ->
180* swinghelper: Class CheckThreadViolationRepaintManager to find classpath violations
181    src/org/jdesktop/swinghelper/debug/
182    ->
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