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[4600]1Supplemental information for JOSM -- the Java OpenStreetMap Editor
[4600]4Installation notes
[14]6To run JOSM, you need:
[4600]8* The JOSM .jar file, e.g., josm-tested.jar or josm-latest.jar
9* Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.6, or later.
[4600]12How to get Java Runtime Environment
14You need JRE Version 1.6 (also called Java6), or later.
[4600]16Microsoft Windows users should visit
18and download the latest Java6 executable for Windows systems.
[4600]20Linux users should visit
21There is a Linux binary installer, which you must execute from a console, or
22use the mechanism of your distribution's packaging system.
25How to launch
[4600]27Microsoft Windows users launch by double-clicking on the .jar file.
28If this does not work, open a command shell and type
29"java -jar josm-latest.jar"  in the directory that holds the file. (Please
30replace josm-latest.jar with the name of your .jar file, if you aren't using
31the latest version.)
[4600]33Under Linux, open a shell, go to the file directory and type
34"java -jar josm-latest.jar" to launch. If this does not work, try to set
35your JAVA_HOME variable to the java executable location (the root location,
36not the bin).
[4600]38MacOS users just click on the .jar file icon.
[4600]41How to get the source code
[36]43Download it directly from the subversion at
[4600]44 To use the command line subversion
45client, type
[339]47svn co
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