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1JOSM was originally designed and coded by Immanuel Scholz,
2and is now maintained by the OpenStreetMap community.
4The current JOSM maintainer is Dirk Stöcker.
5A lot of administration work is done by Sebastian Klein.
7Major code contributions from (in alphabetical order):
9Stefan Breunig
10David Earl
11Gabriel Ebner
12Dave Hansen
13Karl Guggisberg
14Matthias Julius
15Sebastian Klein
16Jiri Klement
17Ulf Lamping
18Simon Legner
19Raphael Mack
20Upliner Mikhalych
21Vincent Privat
22Frederik Ramm
23Dirk Stöcker
25Many minor contributions and patches by others; see SVN history
26at for details. Use
27"josm-dev AT" to contact still active authors.
29Copyright rests with the contributors.
31The jpeg metadata extraction code is from Drew Noakes
32( and licensed
33with Apache license version 2.0.
35Most icons have been nicked from GNOME and the GIMP, both
36under GPL. Some are originally LGPL but redistributed here under
37GPL. The world image is from
39The Bzip2 code is from Keiron Liddle (Apache project) and licensed
40with Apache license version 2.0.
42The signpost code (
43is from Matthias Käppler and licensed with the Apache License 2.0.
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