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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#15055 IndexOutOfBoundsException when resolving conflicts Core defect team 2017-07-23 fixed
#15056 Click on download results in NPE at BookmarkList.load Core latest defect team 2017-07-23 fixed
#8340 hotkey ctrl-shift-<down> not reassignable Core shortcuts latest defect team 2013-01-08 fixed
#5869 history of last edits in download-dialog Core enhancement team 2011-01-23 fixed
#10023 History of overpass queries Core enhancement team 2014-05-14 fixed
#7804 Useless(?) OAuth error Core defect malenki 2012-06-21 irreproducible
#15050 Right panel needs bold dividers Core enhancement team 2017-07-22 wontfix
#15053 Say how to delete objects from OPENSTREETMAP, not just how to delete from a LAYER Core enhancement team 2017-07-22 wontfix
#15016 Select "Layer" with no data loaded (Bing background) results in Crash Core defect Don-vip 2017-07-13 fixed
#15048 Bug Core defect team 2017-07-21 duplicate
#15052 Mention that Search results are Selected Core enhancement team 2017-07-22 worksforme
#14989 support direction for viewpoints Core validator enhancement team 2017-07-04 fixed
#5838 Bing offset "bookmarks" Core imagery enhancement team 2011-01-11 worksforme
#14877 make projection setting transient Core enhancement team 2017-06-01 fixed
#15046 Dateidatum bei Georeferenzierung Plugin photo_geotagging defect br.klaus@… 2017-07-20 invalid
#15013 Remember projection after restart Core latest enhancement team 2017-07-13 fixed
#15047 Overpass API queries fail Core tested defect team 2017-07-21 worksforme
#12006 Pasting text gives an error Core tested defect maarten 2015-10-24 othersoftware
#15045 ! Core defect team 2017-07-20 duplicate
#15041 plugin fail Plugin measurement defect team 2017-07-20 invalid
#12152 Provide hostname with SNI when using https Core enhancement Don-vip 2015-12-02 fixed
#15036 [PATCH] Add provinces of China and India to data/boundaries.xml Core enhancement team 2017-07-18 fixed
#15034 NPE at MapMode.updateStatusLine Core defect team 2017-07-18 fixed
#15025 plugin ClassLoader #14901 does not allow access to required classes Core defect team 2017-07-16 worksforme
#15020 split first or last way and update pt routes when using the add stop position map mode Plugin pt_assistant enhancement giackserva 2017-07-14 fixed
#15015 error sending modification Plugin pt_assistant defect giackserva 2017-07-13 fixed
#15027 add stop_position mode on an preexisting node Plugin pt_assistant defect giackserva 2017-07-16 fixed
#15003 NPE at JavaFxMediaPlayer.speed Core audio defect team 2017-07-09 fixed
#15028 pressed F4 Core audio defect team 2017-07-16 duplicate
#14997 Filter button disappeared Core tested defect Don-vip 2017-07-07 fixed
#14833 [PATCH] Selectively added details to data/boundaries.xml Core enhancement Don-vip 2017-05-24 fixed
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