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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

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#15327 [PATCH] small cleanup and "fix" for CreateCircleAction Core enhancement team 2017-09-20 fixed
#15328 Crash on Startup Plugin scoutsigns defect jBeata 2017-09-20 duplicate
#15230 Plugin Scoutsigns must be updated to JOSM 12682+ Plugin scoutsigns defect jBeata 2017-09-03 fixed
#15213 Plugin ImproveOSM must be updated to JOSM 12682+ Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-08-31 fixed
#15329 As soon as i startup Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-20 duplicate
#15264 Add support for OSM+Wikidata SPARQL queries Plugin wikipedia enhancement team 2017-09-08 fixed
#15315 NPE in eastNorth Core defect team 2017-09-16 fixed
#15325 Error at launch, failed to open download window Core defect team 2017-09-19 othersoftware
#11002 java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData Core defect team 2015-01-21 othersoftware
#15323 If I plug in an external monitor while running JOSM, and JOSM crashes. Core latest defect team 2017-09-19 duplicate
#15321 Crash opening .osm file Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-18 fixed
#15322 Failed after downloading OSm data Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-18 duplicate
#11701 WMTS issues on open data from Swedish Lantmäteriet Core imagery latest defect wiktorn 2015-07-21 fixed
#14981 IllegalStateException: Download mode must be 'visible area' or 'manual only' Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-07-02 fixed
#8836 IllegalStateException: Timer already cancelled in continuos download plugin Plugin continuosDownload defect Gnonthgol 2013-06-28 fixed
#15317 Slipping map and downloading continuous error happens about every 3 hours. Plugin continuosDownload defect team 2017-09-16 duplicate
#14578 [Patch] Use osmhv as external history viewer Core enhancement team 2017-03-26 fixed
#15159 trying to open mapinfo files in a zip file Plugin opendata defect Don-vip 2017-08-17 fixed
#15175 ctrl+shift+p caused a crash Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team 2017-08-22 fixed
#14423 Do not pre-compute validation results Core validator defect nyurik 2017-02-28 needinfo
#15248 how to do Core defect sandarbobo4@… 2017-09-05 needinfo
#15312 IAE: ensureParameterNotNull (CheckParameterUtil.java) Plugin terracer defect team 2017-09-15 fixed
#15313 IAE: ensureParameterNotNull (CheckParameterUtil.java) Plugin rex defect team 2017-09-15 fixed
#13648 Rex plugin needs update Plugin rex latest defect team 2016-09-17 othersoftware
#11359 metadata-extractor 2.8.1 is available Core enhancement team 2015-04-20 fixed
#11390 Switch to Java 8 Core enhancement Don-vip 2015-05-01 fixed
#15256 limit roundabout validation test to waynodes all in downloaded area Core validator defect nyurik 2017-09-07 fixed
#15307 Exception just after I enable GeoChat plugin Plugin geochat defect Zverikk 2017-09-14 fixed
#15106 IAE: "null is not managed by us" when try to get mapillary images without data layer Plugin mapillary tested defect floscher 2017-08-02 fixed
#15249 AIOOBE at MapStatus.setHelpText Core defect team 2017-09-06 fixed
#15257 Mapillary not loading in some blocks after the latest JOSM update Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-09-07 duplicate
#15278 Cannot add a layer twice: RouteLayer [name=Czech hiking trails] Plugin routes defect jttt 2017-09-09 fixed
#15301 Obsolete plugin: czechaddress Plugin defect team 2017-09-13 fixed
#15302 Remove plugin walkingpapers Plugin task team 2017-09-13 fixed
#15308 crash on startup, loading osm data Plugin tofix latest defect Rub21 2017-09-14 fixed
#14838 NPE at StatusController.getStatusBean Plugin tofix defect Rub21 2017-05-26 fixed
#14389 InvocationTargetException, JsonParsingException: Unexpected char 60 (when opening JOSM) Plugin tofix defect Rub21 2017-02-19 fixed
#13993 NPE in tofix plugin when adding new layer Plugin tofix defect Rub21 2016-11-17 fixed
#15306 Just errored while browsing around with a few imagery layers open Core defect team 2017-09-14 duplicate
#12909 negative position Exception Core imagery defect team 2016-06-02 fixed
#15304 PT_Assistant PaintVisitor makes JOSM have exceptions Plugin pt_assistant defect GiackServa 2017-09-13 fixed
#15305 .osm.pbf file does not open Plugin pbf defect Don-vip 2017-09-14 invalid
#15296 NPE at ImproveOsmPlugin.mapFrameInitialized Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-12 fixed
#15261 Delete Presets/WifiHotspots Core task team 2017-09-07 fixed
#10777 [patch] Use a multiplier instead of a fixed "createcircle.nodecount" Core latest enhancement team 2014-11-23 fixed
#15299 Programmierfehler Plugin ImproveOsm defect team 2017-09-12 duplicate
#15300 Scroll page with cursor Plugin continuosDownload defect team 2017-09-12 duplicate
#15294 Java 9: CCE: QuadStateCheckBox$QuadStateDecorator cannot be cast to JToggleButton$ToggleButtonModel Core defect team 2017-09-12 fixed
#15298 Use rpm return value instead of localized message Core enhancement team 2017-09-12 fixed
#15297 There is no openjdk-9-jre on openSUSE Core defect team 2017-09-12 fixed
#15295 improveOSM plugin error Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-12 duplicate
#11215 Prevent silly geometries Core defect team 2015-03-08 othersoftware
#15293 A lot of NoSuchFileExceptions Core defect team 2017-09-12 fixed
#15292 IncompatibleClassChangeError: Class data.validation.util.MultipleNameVisitor does not implement the requested interface data.osm.visitor.Visitor Core defect team 2017-09-11 worksforme
#15289 bug error when starting JOSM Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-11 duplicate
#15288 Got error dialog when downloading area to edit Plugin scoutsigns defect jBeata 2017-09-10 duplicate
#15286 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset Plugin reltoolbox defect Zverikk 2017-09-10 duplicate
#15222 Plugins from different paths are mixed Core latest defect team 2017-09-02 worksforme
#15283 Validator complains about Kapitän-Strasser-Straße Core validator defect team 2017-09-10 fixed
#15277 fix JCS logging Core imagery defect team 2017-09-09 fixed
#15285 Bug notice appears when I open JOSM for first time each day Plugin ImproveOsm defect jBeata 2017-09-10 duplicate
#15282 JOSM reloads multiple times a local style/validation file Core defect team 2017-09-10 fixed
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