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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#14517 Complete Program Freeze for Unknown Reason #2 Core latest defect alexkemp 2017-03-15 duplicate
#12022 GNOME AtkWrapper causing LOTS of UI issues/exceptions with OpenJDK8 on Debian/Ubuntu Core tested defect team 2015-10-28 fixed
#14554 The "Misspelled property value - Value 'Bing' for key 'source' looks like 'bing'" validator warning should be reversed and demoted, or removed External preset defect team 2017-03-22 fixed
#6887 GitHub out of date unspecified defect team 2011-09-24 fixed
#14565 Unexpected exception when closing the application Plugin print defect team 2017-03-24 duplicate
#14564 Removing members from a relation in the relation editor, should be undoable Core enhancement team 2017-03-24 wontfix
#14563 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask Core defect team 2017-03-23 duplicate
#13902 Crashes when starting. Before it worked fine. Core defect team 2016-11-02 duplicate
#14438 IAE: Listener Image info (instance of mapillary.gui.imageinfo.ImageInfoPanel) was not registered before or already removed Plugin mapillary defect Don-vip 2017-03-01 fixed
#14561 crash at shutdown Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-03-23 duplicate
#14557 Warn about improper format for duration=*, possibly help auto-correct it. Core validator enhancement team 2017-03-22 wontfix
#9799 Don't check for unread messages while upload is in progress, as upload process is then broken. Core latest defect team 2014-03-10 fixed
#14037 JOSM hangs on checking message count Core defect team 2016-11-24 duplicate
#14475 Deadlock while starting unit tests Unit tests defect Don-vip 2017-03-05 fixed
#14425 [patch] Improve Wikipedia tag validators Core validator enhancement team 2017-02-28 fixed
#14551 Window title should be JOSM, not Java OpenStreetMap... Core enhancement team 2017-03-22 wontfix
#14050 Old style SideButton usage in tofix plugin Plugin tofix defect Rub21 2016-11-26 fixed
#14549 Started JOSM, selected small area on west shore of Lake Michigan (one of the Great Lakes), exception was immediate. Plugin tofix defect Rub21 2017-03-22 duplicate
#10176 icon-image is not working for area Core mappaint enhancement team 2014-06-20 fixed
#14548 Problems with Launchpad translation Core defect team 2017-03-21 worksforme
#13877 Warn about waterway=canal as areas Core validator enhancement team 2016-10-30 fixed
#14271 AIOOBE in TagEditHelper.getDataKey Core defect team 2017-01-20 fixed
#14540 IAE: Parameter 'defaultValue' must not be null Plugin splinex defect Upliner 2017-03-19 fixed
#14547 It occured when deleting a data layer which hasn't been modified. But there were modifications on other ones before in the same session. Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-03-21 duplicate
#13898 Old style SideButton usage for action Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2016-11-01 fixed
#14482 JOSM не подключается к OSM. SSL? Core defect team 2017-03-07 othersoftware
#9209 JOSM fails to open editing map Core tested defect Saikrishna Arcot <saiarcot895@…> 2013-10-20 othersoftware
#12619 IllegalArgumentException when loading SelectAction cursor Core tested defect team 2016-03-13 duplicate
#14544 IAE: Width (0) and height (0) must be non-zero Core latest defect team 2017-03-20 duplicate
#14534 Kendzi3D plugin shows empty Plugin kendzi3d tested defect kendzi 2017-03-18 fixed
#14546 Open jpg image Plugin cadastre-fr defect pieren 2017-03-20 duplicate
#14539 Validator: add leisure=fitness_centre as a physical feature Core validator defect team 2017-03-19 fixed
#14537 Buildings plugin causing error Plugin buildings_tools defect Upliner 2017-03-19 invalid
#14538 <Shift>-<J> Creates Multi-Polygon Rather than 'Join Overlapping Areas' Core latest defect team 2017-03-19 duplicate
#14536 [PATCH] Improved ExifReader.readTime(), Refactored ImageEntry.extractExif() Core image mapping latest enhancement team 2017-03-18 fixed
#14529 Should not move highway tags inside multipolygon relations Core multipoly defect team 2017-03-17 wontfix
#14535 Possible wrong test in "coastline inside riverbank" Core validator defect team 2017-03-18 fixed
#10717 Validator should give error for incorrect natural=coastline Core validator latest enhancement team 2014-11-05 fixed
#14533 This "report a bug" has occurred quite a few times when I shut down JOSM. I have no idea why. Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-03-17 duplicate
#6037 Avoid initial capabilities request Core latest enhancement framm 2011-02-28 wontfix
#7435 "Create circle" creates new way instead of updating existing Core latest defect team 2012-02-21 wontfix
#14395 Add building attached to road as a validation warning Core validator enhancement team 2017-02-21 fixed
#12562 USGS Topographic Map Tiles Slow or Fail to Load Core imagery defect team 2016-02-23 fixed
#7665 merge conflation operations for multiple pairs into one undo-able action Plugin conflation enhancement joshdoe 2012-05-03 fixed
#13066 Conflation: the "cancel" button in the conflict-resolution dialog doesn't "cancel" Plugin conflation defect team 2016-06-25 fixed
#5262 strange behaviour on splitting ways in add mode Core latest defect team 2010-07-22 fixed
#5092 Synchronization issue with nodes deleted on server Core latest defect team 2010-06-01 fixed
#14002 InvocationTargetException when opening a mbtiles file Plugin mbtiles defect iandees 2016-11-18 fixed
#14523 Unable to use the Mbtiles plugin. Plugin mbtiles defect iandees 2017-03-15 duplicate
#14521 Unexpected exception at startup. Core defect team 2017-03-15 duplicate
#14519 Exception when reverting changeset 45592770 Plugin reverter defect Upliner 2017-03-15 duplicate
#14525 Hitting W to improve way produces exception Plugin ImproveWay tested defect kolesar 2017-03-16 duplicate
#14522 crash report while shutting down the program Plugin mapillary defect floscher 2017-03-15 duplicate
#12522 Advanced preferences: display default entries consistently Core enhancement team 2016-02-11 wontfix
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