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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#11217 support urls in notes Core notes enhancement team 2015-03-08 fixed
#15561 I cannot interact with a .png floorplan in JOSM. Every button that I hit pops an error window. Plugin piclayer defect Larry0ua 2017-11-17 fixed
#15552 Correlate with GPX - decimal separator bug Core latest defect team 2017-11-14 fixed
#15444 NPE at VersionInfoPanel.lambda$build$0 Core defect team 2017-10-17 fixed
#15553 Encountered bug message while using History Core defect team 2017-11-14 duplicate
#14602 Confusion between digit group separators and decimal marks Core defect team 2017-04-02 fixed
#15551 Non funge Plugin piclayer defect Larry0ua 2017-11-14 fixed
#15547 Serious autocomplete performance degradation Core defect Don-vip 2017-11-12 fixed
#15548 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/activation/MimetypesFileTypeMap Plugin scripting defect Gubaer 2017-11-13 duplicate
#15541 notes displayed outside the map area Core notes latest defect team 2017-11-12 fixed
#15545 WMTS GetCapabilities not always refreshed Core imagery defect team 2017-11-12 fixed
#12623 allow copying any text from note comments Core notes tested enhancement team 2016-03-14 fixed
#11537 Autosave also note layer Core notes enhancement team 2015-06-07 fixed
#12086 josm hangs when saving notes locally Core notes latest defect team 2015-11-10 fixed
#15539 [PATCH] use awaitility in MinimapDialogTest rather than Thread.sleep() Unit tests enhancement team 2017-11-12 fixed
#15029 Validator reports warning about "abandoned:highway" + "trail_visibility" Core validator enhancement team 2017-07-17 wontfix
#15537 Changeset hashtags Core enhancement team 2017-11-09 fixed
#15538 Hitting L to align nodes in line not realizing there are only start and end nodes results in the bug report Core tested defect team 2017-11-10 fixed
#2089 mp3 support Core audio enhancement Don-vip 2009-01-26 fixed
#15508 [PATCH] add TileSourceRule, use in MinimapDialogTest Unit tests latest enhancement team 2017-11-01 fixed
#15525 Add parent_osm_id for mapcss Core mappaint enhancement team 2017-11-06 fixed
#15536 Bad validation & fixes around unisex toilets Core validator defect team 2017-11-09 fixed
#13144 Include sex/gender in hairdresser/barber preset Internal preset enhancement team 2016-07-14 fixed
#14442 translation of the josm trac is incomplete Trac defect stoecker 2017-03-01 othersoftware
#15534 NPE on Opening the Changeset Manager from the history dialog Core latest defect Hb--- 2017-11-08 fixed
#15531 Option to see the traffic between JOSM and OSM servers Core enhancement naoliv 2017-11-08 fixed
#15532 [PATCH] Use HTTPS to communicate with OSM dev servers Core enhancement team 2017-11-08 fixed
#15533 Strava heatmap disappears External imagery source defect tyr_asd 2017-11-08 fixed
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