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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#15784 Importing shapefiles with Swiss projection fails when using Java 9 Plugin opendata tested defect Don-vip 2018-01-16 fixed
#15783 SecurityException prevents JOSM to start with Java 9 / WebStart Core Webstart defect team 2018-01-15 fixed
#2089 mp3 support Core audio enhancement Don-vip 2009-01-26 fixed
#14570 java.lang.SecurityException: Can not verify self-signed security pack jar Core Webstart defect anonymous 2017-03-24 needinfo
#14431 bug au demarrage Core Webstart defect team 2017-02-28 othersoftware
#15786 CONFLICTS WITH ROAD TYPES AT JUNCTIONS IN SECTORS LINKING MAIN ROADS Core latest defect team 2018-01-16 duplicate
#15779 "Overlapping identical landuses" Core validator defect dieterdreist 2018-01-14 invalid
#15310 The Great Deprecation Cleanup Core enhancement team 2017-09-15 fixed
#14097 Download from Overpass API doesn't work with openjdk / icedtea-web Core tested defect team 2016-12-07 othersoftware
#15663 Wrong help page Trac defect rebsc 2017-12-11 fixed
#15730 WMS with embedded HTML in layer Abstract tag causes fault Core imagery defect team 2018-01-03 fixed
#15709 Big image memory leak Core image mapping defect team 2017-12-30 fixed
#11002 java.lang.ClassCastException: sun.awt.image.BufImgSurfaceData cannot be cast to sun.java2d.xr.XRSurfaceData Core defect team 2015-01-21 othersoftware
#15781 Error when switching out/in of full screen in VirtualBox on Win10 host Core defect team 2018-01-14 duplicate
#15780 Untagged ways no longer detected in validator Core validator latest defect skorasaurus 2018-01-14 invalid
#15742 [PATCH] PluginHandler.installDownloadedPlugins: check downloaded plugin is valid *before* we delete any existing one Core enhancement team 2018-01-08 fixed
#15767 Deadlock in unit tests Unit tests defect team 2018-01-13 fixed
#15755 Unprocessed HTML in search error box Core latest defect team 2018-01-10 fixed
#15483 [RFC][PATCH] Small improvements in default style Internal mappaint style enhancement team 2017-10-25 fixed
#15682 Upgrade to JSR 374 (JSON Processing 1.1) to avoid crash of mapillary plugin Core defect team 2017-12-21 fixed
#15733 TokenMgrError after starting validating Core validator defect frans S 2018-01-04 fixed
#15766 Lag when drawing ways with many nodes Core tested defect team 2018-01-12 fixed
#15688 When filter "type:node untagged" the snapping behaviour stops working when joining two nodes Core defect team 2017-12-22 fixed
#15714 IPv6 network trouble in Orange network (FR) Core latest defect anonymous 2018-01-01 othersoftware
#14778 visible mapview reduces when using way filter Core mappaint defect team 2017-05-11 fixed
#15754 include changesets_count with current edit count in changeset tags, like iD Core enhancement team 2018-01-09 wontfix
#15761 Wrong translation markup in IndoorHelper plugin Plugin ​indoorhelper defect rebsc 2018-01-11 fixed
#15764 NoSuchElementException at CreateStopAreaFromSelectedObjectOperation.performCustomizing Plugin CustomizePublicTransportStop defect team 2018-01-12 duplicate
#15765 NPE at MoveAction.actionPerformed Core latest defect team 2018-01-12 fixed
#15762 Indoor Mapping Helper use the translated word in tags Plugin ​indoorhelper latest defect rebsc 2018-01-11 duplicate
#15756 Shift+H shortcut opens browser when nothing is selected Plugin utilsplugin2 defect team 2018-01-10 fixed
#15722 AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThread") Core mappaint defect team 2018-01-02 fixed
#15759 Bug Report Core defect team 2018-01-11 duplicate
#15758 Bug Report Core defect team 2018-01-11 duplicate
#15753 Latest release of geochat plugin reverted API upgrades Plugin geochat defect Zverikk 2018-01-09 fixed
#15750 Belgium Imagery External imagery source task Polyglot 2018-01-08 fixed
#15746 Validator wrong message, "area is unnecessary for leisure" Core validator defect team 2018-01-08 fixed
#15743 [PATCH] Broken selection in commandline plugin Plugin commandline tested defect Hind 2018-01-08 fixed
#15749 Support opening JPEG 2000 files Core enhancement team 2018-01-08 wontfix
#9209 IAE: Width (0) and height (0) must be non-zero (Linux / cursors) Core tested defect Saikrishna Arcot <saiarcot895@…> 2013-10-20 othersoftware
#15745 does not open any files, .osm and .jpeg Core defect team 2018-01-08 duplicate
#15554 plugin(s) crashed on restart after updating Core latest defect team 2017-11-15 fixed
#15606 [patch] export relation to GPX file or convert to a new GPX layer (e.g. for further editing such as simplify way) Core latest enhancement team 2017-11-28 fixed
#15673 Add a direct tile link and/or a way to request the calculation of a tile (dirty) Core imagery enhancement team 2017-12-17 fixed
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