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#14833 [PATCH] Selectively added details to data/boundaries.xml Core enhancement team new 2017-05-24
#14849 Crash at startup - new instalation Core defect team new 2017-05-29
#14848 Ciao Core defect team new 2017-05-29
#14847 GPS layer settings glitch Core defect team new 2017-05-29
#14846 NPE in filter when data layer is not active Core tested defect team new 2017-05-28
#1981 rotate map view Core latest enhancement team new 2009-01-07
#11924 Add compatibility with Java 9 Core enhancement team new 2015-10-03
#13467 [Patch] Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. Core enhancement team new 2016-08-26
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#13604 IAE: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) Core mappaint defect team reopened 2016-09-09
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception Core defect team reopened 2014-09-14
#14750 NPE at JsonUserProfileDecoder.decodeUserProfile Plugin mapillary latest defect floscher new 2017-05-07
#14120 Remove methods deprecated during gsoc-core Core defect michael2402 assigned 2016-12-15
#14835 Tag Editor default focus is not set or not respected Plugin tageditor tested defect team new 2017-05-25
#14841 TAB doesn't work in Unsaved Changes dialog Core defect team new 2017-05-27
#8464 Grid Layer for JOSM Core enhancement team new 2013-02-25
#14840 Add separation borders to search screen Core enhancement team new 2017-05-27
#14826 Allow independent area style for outer ways of multipolygons Core enhancement team new 2017-05-21
#14701 Copying relations needs Yes/No confirmation Core enhancement team new 2017-04-25
#14651 No tag conflict handling for "Update Multipolygon" Core defect team new 2017-04-14
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#13275 [Patch] Use parallel stream for StyledMapRenderer, MultipolygonBuilder? Core enhancement team new 2016-08-04
#13165 [Patch needs work] Validator did not warn about overlapping multipolygons Core validator latest defect team new 2016-07-17
#14578 Use osmhv as external history viewer Core enhancement team new 2017-03-26
#14417 Air navigation aid stations Internal preset enhancement team new 2017-02-26
#14142 unify naming "Windows" vs. "Toggle Dialogs" Core enhancement team new 2016-12-20
#9400 validate source:maxspeed Core validator enhancement Don-vip assigned 2013-12-06
#13932 Move some specific tests to country/regional rules Core validator enhancement Don-vip assigned 2016-11-08
#14838 NPE at StatusController.getStatusBean Plugin tofix defect Rub21 new 2017-05-26
#14794 Javadoc for every top level class Core defect team new 2017-05-14
#14834 Opening a DXF file: error "Shape goes outside the world" Plugin DxfImport defect team new 2017-05-25
#14829 Unable to Switch Imagery Offset Off Core latest defect team new 2017-05-23
#14801 NoSuchMethodError: org.openstreetmap.josm.Main.addLayer Plugin fieldpapers defect mojodna new 2017-05-15
#14652 Remove Let's Encrypt certificate Core enhancement team new 2017-04-14
#14822 CS Revert crashes repeatedly Plugin reverter defect Upliner new 2017-05-20
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