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#15751 oneway=reversible|alternating for highways Core validator enhancement team new 2018-01-08
#15789 Pluging Plugin ImproveWay defect kolesar new 2018-01-17
#8645 Migrate translation to www.transifex.com Core enhancement team reopened 2013-04-29
#15782 Presets loading is very slow with Java 9+ / WebStart Core Webstart defect team new 2018-01-15
#15788 Keyboard input gets ignored and menu items are greyed out after closing certain dialog boxes Core defect team new 2018-01-16
#15787 Keyboard shortcuts (specifically for delete and undo) stop working after switching apps (at least under Mac OS) Core shortcuts defect team new 2018-01-16
#15785 SecurityException: Can not verify security pack jar when starting JOSM Core Webstart defect anonymous needinfo 2018-01-16
#15332 IndexOutOfBoundsException in ConflictCollection.get() Core defect team new 2017-09-20
#15757 jdom2 library is not included in geotools, but is required by class org.geotools.data.ows.Response Plugin geotools tested defect Don-vip new 2018-01-10
#15774 [PATCH] Change emergency=fire_hydrants in defaultpresets.xml according to approved proposal Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-01-14
#15630 [PATCH] MinimapDialogTest: add tests covering "show downloaded area" functionality Unit tests enhancement team new 2017-12-03
#15768 Encourage using "best" imagery Core imagery enhancement team new 2018-01-13
#15707 [PATCH] NoSuchElementException HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode Core defect team new 2017-12-29
#12592 add memorial:type=stolpersteine Internal preset enhancement team new 2016-03-03
#15778 Add leisure=bandstand preset Internal preset latest enhancement team new 2018-01-14
#15334 [Patch] Use BasicArrowButton in MapFrame Core enhancement team new 2017-09-20
#14921 Support Sentinel 2 data directly Core imagery enhancement team new 2017-06-09
#15769 Add power=catenary_mast Internal preset enhancement team new 2018-01-13
#14117 Correct signature for macOS application and/or App Store Installer MacOS enhancement team reopened 2016-12-13
#10033 Josm do not start in remote control from osm.org in https Core remotecontrol defect team new 2014-05-16
#15747 AIOOBE: Coordinate out of bounds at gui.mappaint.styleelement.AreaElement.create Core mappaint defect lexaria@… needinfo 2018-01-08
#15744 Windows / Java9 / WebStart: access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "os.name" "read") Core Webstart defect Zian needinfo 2018-01-08
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