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#13283 Loading an OSM file causes cpu load to hit 100%, permanently Plugin mapillary latest defect floscher new 2016-08-06
#7427 Support reprojection (warping) of imagery layer Core enhancement bastiK assigned 2012-02-20
#14558 wmts layer don't work since last JOSM update Core imagery defect anonymous needinfo 2017-03-23
#14569 Merge dialog: remember tag conflict resolution for next items Plugin conflation latest enhancement team new 2017-03-24
#14570 java.lang.SecurityException: Can not verify self-signed security pack jar Core Webstart defect anonymous needinfo 2017-03-24
#14567 UI freezes when conflating too many at once Plugin conflation latest defect team new 2017-03-24
#14568 UI freezes on map change when Conflation is active Plugin conflation latest defect team new 2017-03-24
#14566 Prevent user from selecting the same layer for Subject and Reference Plugin conflation latest enhancement team new 2017-03-24
#14562 automatically load tms tile from lower zoom level if current zoom level doesn't provide tiles Core imagery enhancement team new 2017-03-23
#13725 Print: Listener was not registered before: LayerChangeAdapter / PrintableMapView Plugin print tested defect team new 2016-09-29
#13784 RejectedExecutionException: DownloadOsmTask (after restart) Core latest defect team new 2016-10-11
#14560 CTRL+C/V - NOT worked Core defect team new 2017-03-23
#14559 IAE: Listener ... was not registered before or already removed. Plugin imagewaypoint tested defect team new 2017-03-23
#14550 Uploading to server causes error message Plugin seachart defect Steve8460 needinfo 2017-03-22
#14556 Editor for the duration=* Plugin openinghourseditor enhancement boman new 2017-03-22
#14555 "Lane and road attributes" style incorrectly displays the lanes External mappaint style defect team new 2017-03-22
#14120 Remove methods deprecated during gsoc-core Core enhancement michael2402 assigned 2016-12-15
#14142 unify naming "Windows" vs. "Toggle Dialogs" Core enhancement team new 2016-12-20
#13467 [Patch] Add a new DataSelectionListener and use it to manage the selection. Core enhancement team new 2016-08-26
#14287 Not capturing all elements when using ∈ Core validator defect team new 2017-01-25
#8460 Validator checks for Public Traffic Proposal relations Core validator enhancement team new 2013-02-25
#14553 Mapillary plugin gestartet Plugin mapillary defect floscher new 2017-03-22
#14552 GPX <trkpt> just show as corners. No way to see node details. Core latest enhancement jidanni needinfo 2017-03-22
#14527 Add Tag - last entry disabled for partial dataset Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#14526 SequenceCommand doesn't rollback properly in case of subcommand error. Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#13993 NPE in tofix plugin when adding new layer Plugin tofix defect Rub21 reopened 2016-11-17
#13922 Option to not zoom to the new downloaded data Core enhancement team reopened 2016-11-06
#14528 [Regression] Joining two closed ways results in a mess instead of one merged way Core defect team new 2017-03-16
#9400 validate source:maxspeed Core validator enhancement Don-vip assigned 2013-12-06
#13932 Move some specific tests to country/regional rules Core validator enhancement Don-vip assigned 2016-11-08
#13415 [Patch draft] Introduce ILatLon and make Node implement it. Core enhancement michael2402 needinfo 2016-08-22
#13604 IllegalArgumentException: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered (OsmDataLayer) Core mappaint defect team reopened 2016-09-09
#14485 [Patch] MapCSS sorting speed Core mappaint enhancement team new 2017-03-07
#13999 New MapCSS test that uses reference images Unit tests enhancement team reopened 2016-11-17
#13309 Caching and notifying preferences Core enhancement michael2402 reopened 2016-08-10
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu Core enhancement team new 2016-08-25
#14543 Combining ways to reflect where the highway type changes from motorway to trunk. Core defect team new 2017-03-20
#13118 [Patch] wms imagery should probe for WMS Version or allow to set it Core imagery defect simon04 new 2016-07-07
#13044 ShapeTools: Layer listener removed twice Plugin shapetools defect team new 2016-06-24
#13845 josm crashed while exiting Plugin czechaddress defect team new 2016-10-24
#14433 Just like wikipedia, wikimedia_commons tag should open Commons Plugin tag2link enhancement Don-vip new 2017-03-01
#13693 Listener cadastre_fr.WMSAdjustAction was not registered before or already removed. Plugin cadastre-fr defect pieren new 2016-09-24
#14545 Open edited pbf file fails Plugin pbf tested defect Don-vip new 2017-03-20
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