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#8509 [Patch] Background uploading Core latest enhancement team new 2013-03-13
#15563 Pt_assistant PaintVisitor class is missing Plugin pt_assistant defect darya new 2017-11-17
#15562 enhancement: visualize coastline like water areas Core mappaint latest enhancement team new 2017-11-17
#15554 tageditor plugin crashed on restart after updating Core latest defect team new 2017-11-15
#14652 Remove Let's Encrypt certificate Core enhancement team new 2017-04-14
#15560 Add compatibility with Java 10 Core enhancement team new 2017-11-17
#15310 The Great Deprecation Cleanup Core enhancement team new 2017-09-15
#15559 overpass turbo query crash Core defect team new 2017-11-16
#15558 Previous changeset comment stays in old state Core defect team new 2017-11-15
#15557 JOSM would not load task from OSM Core defect team new 2017-11-15
#15555 RejectedExecutionException: Task java.util.concurrent.FutureTask rejected from josm.gui.progress.swing.ProgressMonitorExecutor Core remotecontrol defect team new 2017-11-15
#15556 disable add foot=yes and bicycle=yes when insert barrier=gate Internal preset defect team new 2017-11-15
#15550 Note tooltip needs automatic line break Core notes defect team reopened 2017-11-13
#15490 NoClassDefFoundError when try run script Plugin scripting tested defect Gubaer new 2017-10-27
#15549 Unexpected exception Plugin shapetools defect team new 2017-11-13
#15535 Freeze on macOS / Java 9 when you attempt to move node along a line using Extrusion tool Core tested defect team new 2017-11-08
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