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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#15330 Imagery randomly stops loading Core imagery latest defect team new 2017-09-20
#15331 InterruptedException Plugin mapillary defect floscher new 2017-09-20
#15198 JOSM freezes after showing popup for unsuccesfull search Core defect team reopened 2017-08-27
#15229 modular structure for JOSM core Core enhancement team new 2017-09-03
#15326 Increase timeout when testing IPv6 connectivity Core enhancement team new 2017-09-19
#15324 Button to sort stops in PT route relation Core enhancement team new 2017-09-19
#15314 Investigate why Wikidata "fetch IDs" doesn't work behind TR firewall Plugin wikipedia defect simon04 new 2017-09-15
#14465 "Open in browser" should support multiple objects Plugin tag2link enhancement Don-vip new 2017-03-05
#15320 IAE: Parameter 'data' must not be null Plugin reltoolbox defect Zverikk new 2017-09-18
#15318 Regression: Cut-nodes are not highlighted Plugin contourmerge latest defect Gubaer new 2017-09-17
#14120 Remove methods deprecated during gsoc-core Core defect michael2402 assigned 2016-12-15
#15310 The Great Deprecation Cleanup Core enhancement team new 2017-09-15
#9297 detect nodes with unneeded railway=level_crossing Core validator enhancement team new 2013-11-09
#15182 Standalone JOSM validator Core validator enhancement Don-vip assigned 2017-08-23
#14705 Download window should use standard layers icon Core enhancement team new 2017-04-25
#15316 JOSM crashes when reverting CS 47770943 Plugin reverter defect Upliner new 2017-09-16
#15311 landuse=salt_pond not rendered as area Internal mappaint style latest defect team new 2017-09-15
#14092 Should not suggest to downgrade the classification of some roundabouts Core validator enhancement team new 2016-12-06
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