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Context for F1 is given from the screen element under the mouse pointer and not from an open dialog box.

Main Menu > Help

The help menu has the following items:

source:/trunk/images/dialogs/search.png Search menu items Ctrl+Space Opens a dialog to search for all submenu items from JOSM and its plugins
source:/trunk/images/clock.png Status Report Displays the status report with useful information mainly for developers
source:/trunk/images/bug.png Report bug Creates a new pre-filled ticket
source:/trunk/images/help.png Help F1 (see below) Shows Main Help page
source:/trunk/images/logo_32x32x8.png About Shift+F1 Displays the About JOSM... dialog with Info, Readme, Revision, Contribution, License and Plugins information

The F1 key invokes the help topic for the element under the mouse pointer on screen. So mentioning the key in the menu does not reflect its actual function.

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