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Hvis du vil vide hvordan du installerer prædefinitioner, så se "Tagging Presets" tab in Preferences > Map Settings
Hvis du ønsker at udvide prædefinitionerne med dine egne, så se - TaggingPresets
Hvis du ønsker at udvide listen nedenfor - følg vejledningen under listen

JOSM prædefinitioner

presets|kort beskrivelse|forfatter|beskrivelse|version|Flere detaljer?

Opret nye prædefinitioner

Se TaggingPresets for en forklaring af syntaksen og flere oplysninger hvis du ønsker at oprette dine egne prædefinitioner.

  • In order to add a new wiki based preset, simply create a new wiki page similar to the existing wiki presets.
    • i.e. go to (Change the URL so it matches the name of your preset. Change only the last part after ...Presets/.)
    • click 'create this page'
    • add content similar to existing preset wikis, e.g. Presets/OneClick
    • don't forget to enclose your preset code by a code block (#!preset needs to be on a new line after {{{):
      • {{{
      • #!preset
      • ...
      • }}}
    • save the wiki page
    • after a few minutes the new wiki preset will show up in the list and in JOSM automatically
    • for automatic version adjustment you should use two internal variables:
      • [[revision]] - is the latest version number of the wiki page
      • [[date]] - is the date of the last edit
      • e.g. "1.[[revision]]_[[date]]" converts to e.g. 1.13_2014-02-24
  • New externally hosted preset URLs can be entered when editing this page. (JOSM wiki based Presets (see above) is the preferred method.)
    • Note: Only URLs with file-extension (e.g. *.mapcss, *.xml, *.zip, *.php) are supported.

See Styles for a description how the JOSM wiki helps to create own styles or presets and how attached files and icons are handled.

Updating presets in JOSM

Once a preset was updated in the wiki (or another external source) it can take up to 10 days until the preset gets updated in JOSM automatically. To immediately force an update you can do the following steps:

  • Open the Preferences
  • Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
  • Open the Advanced Preferences
  • Search for keys starting with: mirror. (or mirror. for other external sources)
  • Select the preset you want to update
  • Click on Reset at the bottom of the window
  • Click on OK to save the changes (and to close the preference window)
  • Restart JOSM

Presets managed in JOSM wiki

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