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Closed tickets, changed/created in the last 10 days

Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Created Resolution
#22826 CSS colours should be matched case-insensitively [patch] Core defect team 2023-03-18 wontfix
#22767 Deleting Geotagged Image - does no longer automatically skip forward to the next image Core image mapping latest defect team 2023-02-24 fixed
#22830 Exception thrown when file name has Katakana in it Core defect team 2023-03-18 duplicate
#19809 File > Save: Not available after changing the state to/from "discourage upload" Core latest defect team 2020-09-17 fixed
#21116 [GitHub Patch][Needs reviewer] PT assistant: failed to locate image bus.png Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh 2021-07-14 fixed
#19750 IllegalArgumentException: null primitive in selection Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh 2020-09-02 fixed
#22815 incorrect warning "overlapping identical landuse" Core validator defect dieterdreist 2023-03-14 duplicate
#14596 InvalidPathException when clicking "Open file" due to a special filename Core defect bagage 2017-03-31 invalid
#22811 Map layer is not dirty after processing OSC that adds one node Core tested defect team 2023-03-13 fixed
#20768 OpenStreetMap OAuth2 support Core enhancement simon04 2021-04-15 fixed
#22603 [PATCH] Add PBF reading support to JOSM Core defect taylor.smock 2022-12-27 fixed
#22381 [PATCH] Error when trying to open a shape file Core defect team 2022-09-18 fixed
#22233 [PATCH][Github plugin](pt_assistant) plugin is able to lock up JOSM Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh 2022-07-21 fixed
#19480 [PATCH][GitHub Plugin] sort PT route members in relation causes ClastCastException in various places Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh 2020-07-03 fixed
#13163 [Patch] JCSCachedTileLoaderJobTest: Use unique cache key for every test case. Unit tests enhancement team 2016-07-17 fixed
#21965 [PATCH] Use <different> translation from KeyedItem Core enhancement team 2022-03-24 fixed
#18230 pt_assistant uses error code 3701 which is also used by RightAngleBuildingTest Plugin pt_assistant defect Biswesh 2019-10-17 fixed
#22773 Save always displays as succesful even when not (e.g. due to permissions), leading to data loss Core defect anonymous 2023-02-28 othersoftware
#13153 Should not warn to upload/save "modified" layers with 0 objects Core enhancement team 2016-07-15 fixed
#14361 Support for image/webp for WMTS satellite imagery? Core imagery defect team 2017-02-13 fixed
#22821 Unable to update plugins hosted on GitHub because of redirects Core defect team 2023-03-16 worksforme
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