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#17090 graphic errors after doing some actions protoxenus@… defect Core 5 hours ago
#16473 Exception when typing in Hindi contrapunctus defect Core 3 days ago
#17073 Freeze on startup anonymous defect Core 5 days ago
#17061 IAE at TileCoordinateConverter.getPixelForTile Klumbumbus defect 18.12 Core imagery 7 days ago
#17048 High DPI on Windows 10 gpermant@… task Core 8 days ago
#15170 [Patch] SimplifyWayAction optimizations. shinigami enhancement Core 10 days ago
#16955 Error when using WMS backgrounds anonymous defect Core 5 weeks ago
#16951 Validation doesn't detect duplicate nodes shared between a taxiway and a runway b-jazz defect Core validator 5 weeks ago
#14083 Horizontal scrolling with mouse doesn't work Klumbumbus defect Core 8 weeks ago
#16669 NPE at Rect.getBoundingBox anonymous defect Plugin importvec 4 months ago
#16008 Right-click imagery menu opens almost all the time when dragging the map Aroche defect Core 6 months ago
#13903 Turn restriction validator finds error where there isn't one if from way is oneway=yes but with exceptions Stereo defect Core validator 14 months ago
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