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Ticket Summary Owner Type Milestone Component Modified
#23804 Can't authenticate ogor defect Core 43 minutes
#23800 WMS username/password login anonymous defect Core imagery 4 hours
#23793 I CANNOT UPLOAD tmaqelepo@… defect Core 18 hours
#23780 Unable to connect with josm et OAuth 2.0 alainporet@… defect Core 6 days
#23787 GUI gets really slow / session save fails anonymous defect Core 7 days
#23538 Some 'OAuth 2' access tokens work, while others do not Rub21 defect Core 5 weeks
#23722 Josm cannot be installed in Ubuntu 24 LTS without warnings… defect Core 5 weeks
#23570 Xubuntu jammy -- Error apt update anonymous defect Ubuntu package 5 weeks
#23714 "Upload selection" not enabled after revert richlv defect Plugin reverter 6 weeks
#23680 Make jump to coordinates accept unsplit coordinates felagund enhancement Core 6 weeks
#22503 JOSM claims that TMS URL change requires restart richlv defect Core imagery 7 weeks
#23686 JsonException: I/O error while auto-detecting the encoding of stream anonymous defect Plugin MapRoulette 8 weeks
#23684 JOSM editing my map anonymous defect Core 8 weeks
#23671 parallelize layer loading on session restore anonymous enhancement Core 2 months
#23669 Error while activating MapWithAI angoca defect Core 2 months
#23639 building, utils and map with ai plugins not installing anonymous defect Core 3 months
#23614 Scripting Problem anonymous defect Plugin scripting 3 months
#22669 IAE when replacing polygon geometry anonymous defect Plugin utilsplugin2 3 months
#23593 garden:style anonymous defect Internal preset 4 months
#23498 my mouse pointer has disappeared when I'm in the data window manu@… defect Core 4 months
#23504 Connection reset. anonymous defect Core 5 months
#23492 Unable to access buttons to move image in PicLayer django07 defect Plugin piclayer 5 months
#23488 can't access imagery through preference changed bing[1,22]: anonymous defect Core imagery 5 months
#23484 When hitting "Upload All Changes" button the upload proceeds without the Upload window showing before SekeRob defect Core 5 months
#23479 Error when trying to create new way in parallel way mode anonymous defect Core 5 months
#23452 DataIntegrityProblemException after usage of utilsplugin2.selection.NodeWayUtils Peter Agenga defect Core 5 months
#23464 Layer Boundary for task will not be removed automaticly when you want to remove a finished task after uploading mappings. watergeus defect Core 5 months
#23458 Hitting Plus Twice in Turn Lanes Throws an Error anonymous defect Plugin turnlanes 5 months
#22677 [PATCH][RFC] Give hints as to what tags are being matched (was remove man_made=communications_tower) SherbetS enhancement Internal preset 5 months
#11175 [Patch] "Ways with same position" gives errors that are not Sylves defect Core validator 6 months
#23369 JOSM crashes during large uploads jmarchon defect Core 7 months
#20898 [WIP patch] Warn when nodes are 'merged' on geojson import ljdelight enhancement Core geojson 8 months
#23168 Autosave layers in a more automatic way or make deleting of the workin layers more difficult agvg enhancement Core 8 months
#23301 IAE: EastNorth is invalid in ParallelWays.changeOffset anonymous defect Core 8 months
#23303 Magnetic declination is not considered for drawing the image arrows on photos rexendor@… defect Core image mapping 8 months
#23300 Unable to open JOSM Pavans defect Core 8 months
#23261 Plugin MapWithAI initialization may wait forever marcello@… defect Plugin mapwithai 8 months
#23263 NegativeArraySizeException in ProtobufParser.readNextBytes malynpolissia@… defect Core 9 months
#23192 Do not warn "House number without a street" when there is addr:substreet anonymous defect Core 9 months
#23222 java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: josm-tested.jar anonymous defect Core 9 months
#23223 Unable to finish merging two layers aubreybachant@… defect Core 9 months
#23188 Need adding/correction of value couplings:type=UNI related to fire_hydrants SekeRob defect Core 10 months
#23141 Une erreur inattendue est survenue vincent.becker@… defect Core 11 months
#17849 macos: erratic extra window behaviour richlv defect Core 11 months
#20430 The OSM server '' reported a bad request. Error message(untranslated): Placeholder node not found for reference -102307 in way -106846 sharcrash defect Core 11 months
#22827 Settings in Mac Menu Bar is displayed only in English matheusgomesms enhancement Core 16 months
#22828 Error while searching MichaelFS defect Core 16 months
#22803 " Primitive must be part of the dataset" bug popup sometimes mnalis defect Core 16 months
#9819 [PATCH] stricter checking for highways crossing waterways without bridges reichg defect Core validator 17 months
#22752 JosmRuntimeException: Join areas internal error - findBoundaryPolygons anonymous defect Core 17 months
#22662 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset when opening the crossings template popup info@… defect Core 17 months
#22409 IOE: Unable to make protected javax.print.attribute.EnumSyntax[] sun.print.Win32MediaSize.getEnumValueTable() accessible anonymous defect Plugin print 17 months
#22670 CPU spins at max when Find Dialog opened (no repro, memory dump available) watmildon defect Core 18 months
#22659 The "Jump to position" tool does not refresh after first use severin.menard defect Core 18 months
#22645 NPE: Cannot invoke "java.util.Collection.iterator()" because "objects" is null RubenKelevra defect Core 18 months
#22581 Node thrown to lat=0 on ungluing it from ways santamariense defect Core 19 months
#19378 Assigning a letter key to a shortcut sometimes puts the letter in the next dialog robchafer@… defect Core 20 months
#21654 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset: {Node) while editing restaurant with preset andre-sa defect Core 20 months
#22436 Change set source lists all backgrounds viewed from launch of JOSM SekeRob enhancement Core 20 months
#22495 Warning when using a relation restriction:bicycle=give_way anonymous defect Core validator 20 months
#22308 [Patch] Add option to toggle layer read-only status to popup menu Woazboat enhancement Core 21 months
#22028 Relation with external id 'XXX' refers to a missing primitive with external id 'YYY' sano defect Core 2 years
#22043 MultiMonitor Setup - doesn't store the settings of the windows mrgenie defect Core 2 years
#21994 barrier=chain icon is absolutely massive anonymous defect Internal mappaint style 2 years
#21979 Validator for crossing highway/waterway doesn't activate if the highway isn't edited. SherbetS defect Core validator 2 years
#19505 [WIP patch] adjust Netbeans configuration vladimir.kokovic@… enhancement Core 2 years
#21961 IllegalStateException: Component must have a valid peer when JOSM is maximized (F11) Jese-MX defect Core 2 years
#21888 "NoSuchFileException" error message when saving the ".osm" file after the "Save as" command instead of saving. What can be done? zsoltd defect Core 2 years
#21879 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be included in more than one Dataset protoxenus@… defect Core 2 years
#21739 Barrier=gate not possible to be tag on way pl71 enhancement Internal preset 2 years
#20376 [WIP Patch] New - Adding validation information to MapStatus – middle-mouse click feature information viewer mzagorski enhancement Core 3 years
#20864 Orphaned building parts JsfasdF252 enhancement Core validator 3 years
#18376 HiDPI font problems with 3840x2160 screen (Linux) helge.hafting@… defect Core 3 years
#17853 relation.nameOrder not working anonymous defect Core 4 years
#10782 Download/restores objects in parallel naoliv enhancement Plugin undelete 4 years
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