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#337 josm does not start josm@… defect blocker Core
#806 Fehler beim Laden der BBox framm defect blocker Core
#807 Fehler beim Löschen eines Nodes framm defect blocker Core
#808 Fehler bei strg+z framm defect blocker Core
#1089 Click in "Download from OSM" dialog destroys clipboard content in linux framm enhancement blocker Core
#1765 Changeset 1084 breaks lakewalker framm defect blocker Plugin
#1793 0.6 changeset dialog pops under progress dialog framm defect blocker Core
#1822 WMS server hang framm defect blocker Plugin
#1960 to small memory framm defect blocker Core
#2116 0.6 - Changeset comment dialog blocked by upload progress dialog framm defect blocker Core
#2985 wmsplugin 16442 not working with JOSM 1788 team defect blocker Core imagery
#3428 Uploading from new layer gives "Expected states are IN_TASK but current state is INIT" exception team defect blocker Core
#3932 [NPE] In mappaint, after downloading from OSM Ldp defect blocker Core
#4965 wms plugin does not work (red exception tiles) team defect blocker Core imagery
#5131 The validator call before uploading a data set fails... team defect blocker Core validator
#5225 Yahoo Sat will not load if using josm-latest.jar saved on Desktop team defect blocker Core imagery
#6407 Error message when just clicking a node team defect blocker Core
#6612 contourmerge doesn`t work in 4223 rev team defect blocker Plugin contourmerge
#7139 JOSM freezes, shortcuts changed team defect blocker Core
#11221 Node lines can't draw team defect blocker Core
#19153 rev.16239 crashed, many bugs team defect blocker Core
#20506 Can't download map along a given route team defect blocker Core
#225 Exeption while starting up josm@… defect critical Core
#270 Segment numbers are shown as blocks josm@… defect critical Core
#735 0.6-Patch: version of new primitives created by cloning can become out-of-sync framm defect critical Core
#1473 Crash on preferences display framm defect critical Core
#1706 crash after opening josm framm defect critical unspecified
#2250 more problems by set new node team defect critical Core
#2490 I cannot resolve conflict with the new api. Error 400 appears when I try to upload. stijn@… defect critical Core
#2765 Crash when downloading GPS datapoints in London team defect critical Core
#2783 slippymap inverse longitude latitude team defect critical Plugin
#3459 JOSM crashes during relocating nodes again and again Atalanttore defect critical Core
#3882 validator locksup on upload team defect critical Core
#3967 Relation editor generates conflicts team defect critical Core
#4013 crash reading *.gpx file s.wolff@… defect critical Core
#4092 connecting ways: conflicts with value=left/right not show at all team defect critical Core
#4356 josm locked up temporarily after some edits and "unselect" team defect critical Core
#4438 conflict: undeleting a previous delete way only recovers nodes but not the way itself skyper defect critical Core
#4657 [PATCH] Webkit-image-GTK patch sos20 defect critical Core imagery
#4776 Validator randomly marks wrong nodes as untagged and unconnected anonymous defect critical Core validator
#5338 PicLayer plugin doesn't work team defect critical Plugin piclayer
#6055 bug plugin mergecontour team defect critical Plugin contourmerge
#8814 Trac bug: time out uploading attachment (critical) stoecker defect critical Trac
#9789 Не загружает данные на сервер team defect critical Core
#9939 old Java-Version team defect critical Core
#16043 Windows installer gives me version 13367 instead of 13478 team defect critical Installer Windows
#17862 Cant open JOSM map team defect critical Core
#18923 PowerShell Virus found in JOSM "josm-15628-tested.jar" team defect critical Installer Windows
#46 Adding nodes to ways creates separate segments imi defect major Core
#86 Needs confirm dialog when exit with unsaved data imi defect major unspecified
#89 Some options in preferences to be accessible more easily imi enhancement major unspecified
#95 Downloading from OSM imi defect major Core
#133 wmsplugin: simplify the downloading of nodes from the server imi enhancement major Plugin
#151 dialog boxes shade (roll up) or maximize erratically imi defect major Core
#153 josm throws exceptions in blank area's? imi defect major unspecified
#164 Continuous selection imi enhancement major Core
#167 mappaint: nodes with highway=something are invisible josm@… defect major Plugin
#204 validator: Press Validate button causes execption josm@… defect major Plugin
#217 delete selection imi enhancement major unspecified
#238 The scale (in the top left corner) in josm is wrong josm@… defect major Core
#247 Place name finder not working today (5.9.7) josm@… defect major Plugin
#257 Connection Reset at every Upload josm@… defect major Core
#281 Unknown error imi defect major unspecified
#369 I was downloading OSM data for adding to and editing imi defect major unspecified
#370 error downloading OSM data imi defect major unspecified
#373 Error, always when displaying data with latest JOSM josm@… defect major Core
#386 JOSM crashes in mappaint josm@… defect major Plugin
#394 Exception while downloading data framm defect major Core
#400 error when downloading osm data framm defect major Core
#403 this happens after downloading the map when using my bookmark (first start of the 0.5api josm) framm defect major Core
#413 Failure after downloading data framm defect major Core
#415 invalid address for bug reports framm defect major Core
#420 1. I load gpx file, then download map data from server. Then I get this error. framm defect major Core
#425 crash after using the mappaint-plugin while downloading from the server framm defect major Core
#433 Unexpected exception when downloading map from server framm defect major Core
#437 Exception when saving framm defect major Core
#442 NPE on relationship editor framm defect major Core
#449 josm-latest from 25-oct fails at startup, not even gets launched. framm defect major Core
#451 Crash after download bookmark framm defect major Core
#460 Remove split member of relation throws an error framm defect major Core
#482 Merging OSM layers very slow anonymous defect major Core
#485 Can't search for tags which contain colons framm defect major Core
#498 editing relation in josm crashes framm defect major Core
#514 JOSM will not start - Unsupported major.minor version framm defect major Core
#522 save or export to gpx format fails and josm pops up an bug report box framm defect major Core
#523 Unable to download data framm defect major Core
#525 Opened JOSM. Downloaded data for pre-saved area. Error arose during download. framm defect major Core
#532 Josm occationally becomes unuseable - "can't add more ways mode" framm defect major Core
#578 Support Moving without right mouse button requirement framm enhancement major Core
#583 Unattended uploads not possible framm defect major Core
#585 Unexpected Exception when running JOSM on Apple Macbook from sleep mode framm defect major Core
#588 A Window pops up, that there is an error, i saw nothing unusual before framm defect major Core
#611 Downloading OSM data for bbox results in error framm defect major Core
#625 Opened a GPX file from Tracky v3.2 after replacing <rtept> tags with <wpt> framm defect major Core
#632 after load a IR-Image the plugin crashed framm defect major Plugin
#656 Java exception when trying to get user info framm defect major Plugin
#660 WMS-Server-Configuration changes/deletes wrong entry framm defect major Plugin
#680 Clicked on "View" menu item and then selected "OsmaRender" framm defect major Core
#702 Problem while merging "Data Layers" framm defect major Core
#719 Crash on MacOS X after Hibernate framm defect major Core
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