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#7433 Changed key combination in latest version team enhancement minor Core
#7584 New plugin to simulate holding down the "Ctrl" button in JOSM team enhancement minor Plugin
#7659 Nearmap imagery Upliner enhancement minor Core imagery
#7896 open file dialogue: files without extension not listed. team defect minor Core
#7930 make ct term retrieval non-modal/non-blocking team enhancement minor Core
#8056 Toilets preset, name ? operator ? team defect minor Internal preset
#8176 automatic source tag - depending on visible layers when adding feature team enhancement minor Core
#8183 Option to select request amount when upload data naoliv enhancement minor Core
#8275 remove addr:housename from autocompletion list team enhancement minor Internal preset
#8397 add same preset to different groups, e.g. shop=bicycle also in shop group (was: Misc presets changes) team enhancement minor Internal preset
#8437 Option to replace a word naoliv enhancement minor Core
#8589 Multiple windows, different zoom windows team enhancement minor Core
#8811 When an image loading "times out", use a simple error message in the console. (imagerycache) akks defect minor Plugin imagerycache
#9011 consider changing preset value of classic;skating to classic+skating team enhancement minor Internal preset
#9268 make option to display a notification at each autosave enabled by default team enhancement minor Core
#9399 render type of tree (type=broad_leaved/conifer/palm) in tags menu team enhancement minor Core
#9515 Warn about resetting validator settings team defect minor Core validator
#9734 Improve column number when reporting MapCSS parsing error team enhancement minor Core validator
#10819 josm-latest.jnlp on WikiStart stoecker enhancement minor Trac
#11171 no keyboard shortcut/access for the "search box for main menu" team enhancement minor Core
#11738 Blood donation team enhancement minor Internal preset
#12728 Print Plugin (31895) doesn't support pdf printing on OSX team enhancement minor Plugin print
#12787 Usage statistics for plugins, styles and validation rules stoecker enhancement minor Trac
#12809 After updating JOSM and plugins, a "you have encountered a bug in JOSM" message appears Upliner defect minor Plugin reverter
#12855 Rework crypting messages team enhancement minor unspecified
#13113 validator: remove leading zeros from numeric values team enhancement minor Core validator
#13867 css tweaks: distigush unvisited links from visited in .wikipage body stoecker enhancement minor Trac
#14744 Advanced Preferences add 'show only changed items' team enhancement minor Core
#14746 Lables cut off on the right team enhancement minor Core
#14770 Also show where exact point lies within icon team enhancement minor Core mappaint
#14771 Repeated hitting of "3" should keep on zooming on the selection team enhancement minor Core shortcuts
#14863 rename orthophotos? kolesar defect minor External imagery source
#15050 Right panel needs bold dividers team enhancement minor Core
#15818 [PATCH] Cosmetic code change in skorbut enhancement minor Core imagery
#15833 Standardize on "remove" vs. "delete" team enhancement minor Core
#15917 Any error upon adding custom imagery will result in getting the whole entry thrown away team enhancement minor Core
#15926 Add option to save .osm as .osm.gz by default team enhancement minor Core
#15927 List of services "{view}" links should open on user's home town, not the Netherlands jidanni enhancement minor Wiki content
#15951 Detect and delete obsolete cache/http* files team enhancement minor Core
#15952 In Imagery Preferences add a button to help find and delete obsolete entries team enhancement minor Core imagery
#15953 Some icons may be unnecessarily detailed team enhancement minor External imagery source
#16234 if a <node> is missing lat and lon attributes, it still passes the validator team enhancement minor Core validator
#16461 Can't uninstall JOSM using java web start team enhancement minor Core
#17101 Validation should cache older results team enhancement minor Core validator
#17244 Remove Norwegian Bokmal language? team task minor 19.01 Core
#99 Presets popup should be longer imi defect trivial Core
#422 Make it possible to view WMS imagery at 1:1 framm defect trivial Core
#515 Import mp format ? framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#676 support for ADPCM audio WAV framm enhancement trivial Core
#1191 Got an error on startup (unexpected error...) framm defect trivial Core
#1423 Command stack contains changes without effect framm defect trivial Core
#1527 Automatically copy link from the clipboard to download map data window framm enhancement trivial Core
#1550 [PATCH] PNGs should be optimized framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1581 translation for lang_de gate -> Tor framm defect trivial Plugin
#1582 [PATCH] Second MergeNodes Action to merge onto the other node framm enhancement trivial Core
#1825 Make icons in menus deactivatable. framm enhancement trivial Core
#1879 Search should be able to parse key=value framm defect trivial unspecified
#1969 Wrong Windows Foldername "OpenStrretMap" (in start menu) framm defect trivial unspecified
#2137 [PATCH] Select layer when right click on layers' list framm defect trivial Core
#2266 Use proper commit messages team enhancement trivial unspecified
#2292 Validator plugin / mtb related features ce defect trivial Internal preset
#2386 Implement shop=general ulfl enhancement trivial Internal mappaint style
#2465 Cancel in dialogues is "Abbrechen" frawe defect trivial Core
#2687 Timeout too high when connecting to OSM to download team defect trivial Core
#3220 Exception in Open GPX dialog bot47 defect trivial Core
#3411 Make JOSM remember last-opened file type across sessions team enhancement trivial Core
#3629 open file dialog - wrong rows headline Bürste defect trivial Core
#3791 [PATCH] nicer upload dialog team enhancement trivial Core
#4117 JOSM reports this error, but seems to continue just fine team defect trivial Core
#4375 authorise -> authorize Team enhancement trivial Core
#4471 [PATCH] colour -> color team defect trivial Core
#6305 Relations usability enhancement :) team enhancement trivial Core
#6866 loadAttributionText Throws NumberFormatException which gets swallowed by thread jhuntley defect trivial Core
#7784 OS unknown? team enhancement trivial unspecified
#9694 unknown instead of missing as plugin state team enhancement trivial Core
#11056 "should be uploaded" warning for opened data files where no new change were made team enhancement trivial Core
#13908 command line option "--language" needs to be evaluated at first team defect trivial Core
#13969 More descriptive actions in English please team enhancement trivial Core
#13970 td: align to top of the cell stoecker enhancement trivial Trac
#14551 Window title should be JOSM, not Java OpenStreetMap... team enhancement trivial Core
#14719 Add http://localhost:8111/exit team enhancement trivial Core remotecontrol
#14869 Merge all layers (into a new layer) team enhancement trivial Core
#14870 Add http://localhost:8111/help team enhancement trivial Core remotecontrol
#14875 Offer "revert" (from source) in layer's right click menu team enhancement trivial Core
#14881 Provide an open_file_and_switch_to_window remote command team enhancement trivial Core remotecontrol
#14936 frequent TLD from IANA changes team enhancement trivial Unit tests
#15053 Say how to delete objects from OPENSTREETMAP, not just how to delete from a LAYER team enhancement trivial Core
#15086 Implement "Open Recent Directory" team enhancement trivial Core
#15346 'Update Data' message disappears as soon as it appears team defect trivial Core
#15697 GPX created from data layer will result in adding survey as source with automatic source fill team enhancement trivial Core
#15928 Put fixed width columns on the left on List of services team enhancement trivial Wiki content
#15948 Show cached MOTD when starting offline team enhancement trivial Core
#15955 Imagery Preferences' "swirling arrows" refresh button.should not be placed on the map team defect trivial Core imagery
#15978 Overwritten imagery statistics on --debug team defect trivial Core imagery
#16545 Don't complain when merging way with with way in relation farin2 enhancement trivial Core
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