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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2147 Cannot open NMEA files any more framm defect major Core
#2151 Crashed when pictures selecting pictures for import framm defect major Core
#2164 JOSM latest crashes memory problem framm defect major unspecified
#2186 Fehler bei Doppelklick auf Relation nach Wechsel von 1406 auf 1413 framm defect major Core
#2197 Tool windows catch keyboard commands framm defect major Core
#2206 Need alternative pan keystrokes team defect major Core
#2218 deep zoom unusable due to masses of strange lines malenki defect major Core
#2227 Copy between layers without move team enhancement major Core
#2234 Translation can cause JosmActions to illegally handle shortcuts team defect major Core
#2236 [patch] Cannot edit/delete memberships in relations for untagged ways team defect major Core
#2238 Calling Relation editor using properties dialog should update RelationList team enhancement major Core
#2240 [Patch] First segment of way sometimes not drawn xeen defect major Core
#2244 DirectUpload crashes when trying to send GPX team defect major Plugin
#2245 Speed up merge operation for large datasets (> 50k) dmuecke enhancement major Core
#2252 josm-latest fails to start without .preferences file flo@… defect major Core
#2254 Do not report nodes outside the downloaded area team defect major Core validator
#2256 How does merging of downloaded data work? team defect major Core
#2260 Make JOSM's audio functions more visible team enhancement major Core audio
#2264 Area deselection is broken team defect major Core
#2291 [PATCH] Teach WMSGrabber to understand formatting patterns in the WMS URL team enhancement major Plugin
#2297 JOSM Webstart fails at loading plugins team defect major Core
#2302 [PATCH] OsmPrimite shouldn't expose public fields team defect major Core
#2305 [PATCH] "More information about this feature" preset links don't work (but other links do) team defect major Core
#2306 [PATCH] AgPifoJ marks images (partially) incorrecly on the map team defect major Plugin
#2308 JOSM freezes after a few edits team defect major Core
#2309 [PATCH] Exception might get lost when ExecutorService is used team defect major Core
#2310 [PATCH] WMS plugin drawing extremely slow xeen defect major Plugin
#2312 [PATCH] Lower memory usage using string interning team enhancement major Core
#2317 [patch] Displayed Angle (relative) doesn't work team defect major Core
#2322 Regression in r2038 (patches "JOSM destroys its preferences, when disk is full") xeen defect major Core
#2325 webkit-image compilation under MacOS X team defect major Core
#2327 Plugin "Input Mask" hampelratte enhancement major Plugin seamapeditor
#2330 opening preferences raises a null pointer exception with Java1.5 team defect major Core
#2331 MacOS X interactive download map dmuecke defect major Core
#2333 Relation Download via JOSM team enhancement major Core
#2337 Editgpx crash team defect major Plugin
#2338 Crash after selection of 1 node and 4 ways (not reproduceable) team defect major Core
#2341 Combine MessageOfTheDay team defect major Core
#2344 zooom to layer fails if only single waypoint in GPX layer team defect major Core
#2347 NoSuchMethod exception with svn 1520 team defect major Core
#2350 Null pointer exception in WMS plugin xeen defect major Plugin
#2352 Help -> Help -> Error team defect major Core
#2359 Saving a gpx -> java.lang.ClassCastException in GpxWriter.writeAttr team defect major Core
#2366 Visualise width of streets and ways (given by Key:width) ulfl enhancement major Internal mappaint style
#2368 failing import geotagged jpg (Nokia device) team defect major Core
#2380 Unexpected Exception RussNelson defect major Core
#2383 Problems with Help team defect major unspecified
#2387 oneway=no shown with arrow ulfl defect major Internal mappaint style
#2392 josm crashes when i want to load pictures into it with the AgPifoJ plugin anonymous defect major Plugin
#2394 Exception when opening OSM-Wiki from JOSM Help team defect major Core
#2400 menu order help and routing team enhancement major Plugin
#2406 Paste Tags should prompt for user to merge conflicts team enhancement major Core
#2407 Openstreetbugs: Add a possibility to write a comment, when an issue gets closed hampelratte enhancement major Plugin
#2409 WISH: surface - concrete for tracks ce enhancement major Internal preset
#2410 remotecontrol - not download data from server with every request framm enhancement major Core remotecontrol
#2411 [ICONS] different select icons and "show add-node mouse-icon in select mode over red plus" xeen defect major Core
#2416 Keyboard shortcuts broken anonymous defect major Core
#2420 [Patch] Saved OSM file can contain API version 'null' team defect major Core
#2421 [PATCH]Exception when open GPX file with negative HDOP team defect major Core
#2425 [PATCH] change default projection to marcator team enhancement major Core
#2428 WMS Plugin doesn't work across projections properly team defect major Core imagery
#2430 [PATCH] java.util.ConcurrentModificationException team defect major Core
#2432 save-as new file foo.osm failed team defect major Core
#2435 integrate comment into the upload window team enhancement major Core
#2440 JOSM API 0.5 file import not working properly dmuecke defect major Core
#2442 [PATCH] Set focus on the commit message in the upload dialog team enhancement major Core
#2443 [PATCH] Add a upload message stack to upload dialog hampelratte enhancement major Core
#2451 Uploading doesn't work team defect major Core
#2457 [PATCH] Don't change image when resizing window jttt defect major Core
#2462 connected nodes in blue team enhancement major Core
#2467 Attachment spam on wiki page? team defect major unspecified
#2470 streetlamp.png icon missing from standard Mappaint-Style team defect major Core
#2473 Search does not work when searching for value containing literal quote team defect major Core
#2475 Routing ignores construction tag franpd defect major Plugin routing
#2478 Upload fails with error 422 team defect major Core
#2479 Better multilayer support team enhancement major Core
#2486 Error while upload new OSM data team defect major Core
#2491 Allow arbitrary key-value pairs in changesets team enhancement major Core
#2501 sunch osm file and osm server team enhancement major Core
#2505 Cant add separator in Preferences team defect major Core
#2507 [Patch] Bug when merging two semantically equal version of a primitive team defect major Core
#2516 railway=disused makes secondary road almost invisible ulfl defect major Internal mappaint style
#2517 Usability enhancement for JOSM: Feature request: keep property input box open after input of value pair for input of new value pair team enhancement major Core
#2530 Plugin list update broken with newest Trac version team defect major Core
#2537 Intersect Way plugin contain no manifest. JOSM cant be started team defect major Plugin
#2538 null pointer exception on all uploads team defect major Core
#2545 JOSM has problems with files from XAPI framm defect major Core
#2547 [patch] Audio/picture markers no longer working team defect major Core
#2552 Exception when clicking "ok" in preferences anonymous defect major Core
#2567 unexpected error at upload team defect major Core
#2568 No warning upon exiting JOSM with unsaved data after failed upload team defect major Core
#2574 Cannot run josm either with standalone java or Mozilla daniel.kelly@… defect major Core
#2575 [PATCH] JOSM doesn't draw lines between GPS points when "All" is selected in preferences team defect major Core
#2578 NPE on zero node ways team defect major Core
#2593 JOSM lag team defect major Core
#2596 No read texts deep125 defect major Core
#2597 Size of upload dialog team defect major Core
#2599 Relation editor is broken team defect major Core
#2608 Before upload deep125 defect major Plugin
#2609 Provide merge support for ways and relations team enhancement major Core
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