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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2258 0.6 - put changeset comment textbox on the upload dialog team defect minor Core
#502 0 node framm defect major Plugin
#9570 {0.tag} not working anymore team defect normal 14.01 Core validator
#13581 10966 has forgotten GPX-Colours from previous tested team defect normal 16.10 Core
#2058 [1298] by ulfl breaks relation workflow: Currently selected objects are deselected when adding relation tags framm defect major Core
#2059 [1309] by stoecker breaks JOSM compilation under Java 61298 framm defect blocker Core
#11513 {1.key} not working in fixChangeKey team defect normal 15.05 Core validator
#3097 1 picture shift in AgPifoJ-Plugin team defect major Core image mapping
#15149 2 "Registered Toolbar Action" errors when creating a new preference file team defect trivial 17.08 Core
#359 412 precondition failed - Split and merge ignore relations? josm@… defect blocker Core
#3138 500 - Internal Server Error while downloading GPS-raw and OSM data team defect minor Core
#11521 503 Error when using Mapillary plugin nokutu defect normal Plugin mapillary
#6821 509 - "You have downloaded to much data" causes unhandled exception team defect major Core
#9656 6792 - Problem Upload delete way team defect blocker 14.02 Core
#389 ability required to start new way from existing node framm defect major Core
#6974 Ability to add custom search from search dialog team defect normal Core
#3744 Ability to choose layer in slippymap browser team enhancement minor Core
#8 ability to combine two (or more ways together) imi enhancement major unspecified
#12628 Ability to copy coordinates from History dialog team enhancement normal 16.04 Core
#3135 ability to copy id of selected object to copy-paste buffer team enhancement trivial Core
#4651 Ability to download incomplete relation from selection team enhancement normal Core
#7058 Ability to load gzipped NMEA files team enhancement normal 15.10 Core
#2329 Ability to shift-select in layers in layer dialog team enhancement minor Core
#13804 a bit more grouping in the validator tree Klumbumbus enhancement normal 16.10 Core validator
#720 about draw.rawgps.max-line-length cost of computation framm enhancement minor Core
#8584 About screen does not allow text copying team enhancement minor Core
#15722 AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThread") team defect normal 18.01 Core mappaint
#4272 Accessor not public team defect normal Core
#9806 Access OSM API via SSL by default team enhancement normal 14.03 Core
#9662 a converted gpx layer's name is changed by an attempt to save (save was cancelled) team defect trivial 14.02 Core
#459 A couple of interface changes framm enhancement trivial Core
#10741 Action add on button always show "+/-" Zverikk defect normal Plugin reltoolbox
#3449 action='modified' lost on file reopening team defect blocker Core
#3098 Actions disabled by drawing closed way team defect major Core
#8492 activating new layer before adding a number makes window useless Upliner defect normal Plugin reverter
#13218 Activating the building plugin results in error Don-vip defect critical Plugin buildings_tools
#5639 active osmb-plugin via panel team defect normal Plugin openstreetbugs
#10246 add 10 shops [PATCH] team enhancement normal 14.07 Internal mappaint style
#13949 add 2016 Orthophotos City Bern - WMS or TMS? team enhancement normal 16.12 Core imagery
#4602 Add a "always remember" to "Remove from dataset" dialog team enhancement normal 16.01 Core
#10489 Add additional attributes to GPX Export for Nodes team enhancement normal 14.09 Core
#15610 Add "additional tags" to preset "waste basket" team enhancement normal 17.12 Internal preset
#14236 Add addr:unit to Address tagging preset team enhancement normal 17.01 Internal preset
#15673 Add a direct tile link and/or a way to request the calculation of a tile (dirty) team enhancement normal 17.12 Core imagery
#14861 add a fix for the "Route should start and end with a stop_position" error giackserva enhancement normal Plugin pt_assistant
#3566 Add a i18n context supporting version of to marktr team defect normal Core
#4550 Add a "Join Node to Way" action in addition to "Join Way to Node" team enhancement normal 14.05 Core
#7168 Add a "jump to gap" functionality to the relation editor team enhancement normal Core
#3379 Add a link to$user in User pane team enhancement normal Core
#8329 Add alternate zoom slider button style The111 enhancement normal JMapViewer
#5498 Add amenity=clock into presets ce enhancement normal Internal preset
#14306 add amenity=internet_cafe team enhancement normal 17.02 Internal preset
#12431 Add amenity=swimming_pool to validator team enhancement normal 16.02 Core validator
#11823 Add a mini map team enhancement normal 15.09 Core
#15934 add a mouseover, "This map only shows the outline of the area where the selected imagery is valid" team enhancement trivial 18.02 Core imagery
#3782 add and create modes broken for ways hansendc defect critical Core
#7264 add and update revision in header line of translated page FraMauro enhancement normal Trac
#12731 Add an option to completely prevent upload of a layer : e.g. "never" to upload=true/false team enhancement normal 17.03 Core
#2063 add an option to enable/disable feature 'auto zoom on selected relation' framm enhancement major Core
#7352 add a paste-tags button in the relation editor team enhancement minor Core
#10723 Add approved man_made=bunker_silo to presets team enhancement normal 14.11 Internal preset
#1577 add a preference to set the font size for icon names framm enhancement minor Core
#5201 add a pref for the SELECTION_HISTORY_SIZE constant team enhancement normal Core
#9000 add a preset for entrance=* team enhancement normal Internal preset
#11062 Add a preset for natural=rock Klumbumbus enhancement trivial 15.02 Internal preset
#4113 Add a preset search engine to JOSM team enhancement normal Core
#11346 Add areasize and waylength team enhancement normal 15.04 Core validator
#9524 add artwork_type tag into artwork preset team enhancement trivial 14.01 Internal preset
#6744 add a style for place=isolated_dwelling team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#3385 Add auto-completion to changeset tag completion team defect minor Core
#10129 add automatic fix for "natural water used for swimming pool" team enhancement normal 14.06 Core validator
#10342 add barrier=chain icon [patch] team enhancement normal 14.08 Internal mappaint style
#9758 Add barrier=swing_gate to preset team enhancement minor 14.05 Internal preset
#10418 Add bicycle=use_sidepath team enhancement normal 14.08 Internal preset
#11471 add billiards preset team enhancement normal 15.05 Internal preset
#5677 Add Bing Maps logo and copyright team enhancement critical Core imagery
#6532 Add bounding box support to WMS/TMS URL specification; Change imagery source format from csv to xml stoecker enhancement normal Core
#11019 Add "brand" to bicycle_repair_station team enhancement minor 15.02 Internal preset
#14395 Add building attached to road as a validation warning team enhancement normal 17.03 Core validator
#10605 Add building=cowshed team enhancement normal 14.10 Internal preset
#9337 add building=dormitory to presets team enhancement normal 13.12 Internal preset
#8999 add building=hospital,warehouse,retail team enhancement normal Internal preset
#13515 Add building=ruins and natural=shingle Klumbumbus enhancement normal 16.10 Internal preset
#9149 add building=shed to Building preset team enhancement normal 13.11 Internal preset
#9208 add building=supermarket to presets, consider building=supermarket as a building team enhancement normal 15.05 Internal preset
#7042 Add "call relation editor" to right click menu of validator and properties toggle dialog. team enhancement minor 14.05 Core
#15357 add cemetery=grave and historic=tomb team enhancement normal 17.10 Internal preset
#10758 Add changeset attributes in remote control team enhancement normal Trac
#15888 Add changeset link to upload confirmation popup team enhancement normal 18.02 Core
#4090 Add changeset:* search option to JOSM's search engine team enhancement normal Core
#3684 Add "chunked" upload mode team enhancement normal Core
#9138 add collection_times to post_box preset team enhancement minor 13.11 Internal mappaint style
#15560 Add compatibility with Java 10 team enhancement normal 18.03 Core
#11924 Add compatibility with Java 9 team enhancement major 17.08 Core
#3022 Add confirmation dialog if adding way twice in a relation team enhancement major Core
#14032 add created_by information to history view team enhancement normal 16.12 Core
#15517 add cuisine=friture team enhancement normal 17.11 Internal preset
#9023 Add "customers" tag in Road Restrictions preset team enhancement normal Internal preset
#14034 Add "dairy" to shop team enhancement normal 16.12 Internal preset
#10699 Add DE:1026-39 to roadsigns plugin bastiK enhancement normal Plugin roadsigns
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