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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#4134 Plugin osmarender malfunction report 80n enhancement normal Plugin
#9094 Separate string values in entrance preset from the highway service preset aceman defect normal 13.11 Internal preset
#11689 JOSM hangs when removing last data layer when validation layer is present aceman defect major 15.08 Core
#12580 Upload failure with Oauth - HTTP 401 Unauthorized achimbeckerstgt@… defect normal 16.02 Core
#7373 adding surface to all highways aighes enhancement normal Internal preset
#16092 Translating styles ak099 task normal External rule
#6168 [patch] Shortcut for selecting adjacent nodes akks enhancement major Core
#7380 "Angle snapping" repeated entry in Edit menu akks defect normal Core
#7449 Support shortcut schemas akks enhancement normal Core
#8412 Add tag and Edit tag dialogs: context menu akks enhancement normal Core
#8573 Full tile info can't be displayed if using imagerycache plugin akks defect major Plugin imagerycache
#8574 Realtion editing and delting wont work akks defect major Core
#8592 ImageryCache locks up JOSM when Bing attribution is loaded akks defect minor Plugin imagerycache
#8599 Remote command add_way does not close a way when the first and last node have same coordinates akks defect normal Core remotecontrol
#9100 ImageryCache crash after cleanStorage akks defect normal Plugin imagerycache
#10256 [Patch] "Highway link is not linked" warning for closed ways akks defect normal 14.07 Core validator
#10261 InfoMode plugin should honour the ISO time format and show time zone akks enhancement normal Plugin InfoMode
#10294 REGRESSION: 7319 breaks GPS display akks defect major 14.07 Core
#11312 [patch] imagerycache Plugin broken by recent changes in JOSM akks defect blocker 15.04 Plugin imagerycache
#11475 imagerycache Plugin broken by 8424 or 8425, now continuously crashes akks defect blocker Plugin imagerycache
#13464 Fast draw plugin does not enter map mode. akks defect critical Plugin FastDraw
#15438 InfoMode Plugin Uses Wrong Units for Measuring Distances akks defect normal Plugin InfoMode
#15482 NPE at FastDrawingMode.mouseMoved akks defect normal Plugin FastDraw
#3852 PicLayer plugin doesn't load alexanderg@… defect normal Plugin
#10812 [patch] Geo Tagged Images popup should show path alex.menk@… enhancement normal 14.12 Core image mapping
#7319 Exception in PicLayer with autoloaded calibration alv defect normal Plugin piclayer
#11437 TMS failed tiles make CPU load go up indefinitely; remove/readd layer doesn't help alv defect normal 15.05 Core imagery
#3206 Could not hide data-layer in josm v1917 andreasjacob@… defect minor Core
#5885 Going into Delete mode by pressing "d" doesn't change the Edit Toolbar andreas.perstinger@… defect minor Core
#2898 slippymap : background color turns to grey Andreas.Wallner.etm07@… defect critical Plugin
#177 validator: badly fixes single node segments in way anonymous defect major unspecified
#381 [PATCH] Don't allow creation of self-overlapping ways anonymous defect minor Core
#407 option to upload gpx files anonymous enhancement major Core
#637 [PATCH] JOSM allows duplicate members in relations anonymous defect major Core
#730 Wrong description anonymous defect minor Core
#809 Fehler beim Drehen des Weges anonymous defect minor Core
#1478 [Patch] Allow deletion of multiple keys anonymous enhancement minor Core
#1579 landuse:farmland or landuse:farm? anonymous defect minor Internal preset
#1908 [PATCH] About dialog has no line breaks in plugin information view anonymous defect minor unspecified
#1983 [PATCH #3] make pasting OSM download URL less fiddly anonymous enhancement minor Core
#2392 josm crashes when i want to load pictures into it with the AgPifoJ plugin anonymous defect major Plugin
#2416 Keyboard shortcuts broken anonymous defect major Core
#2552 Exception when clicking "ok" in preferences anonymous defect major Core
#2651 while uploading new/edited POIs in three different places in Germany this error occured anonymous defect major Core
#2655 NPE when attempting to combine ways anonymous defect major Core
#2704 java.lang.NullPointerException while downloading 88 tiles along GPS track anonymous defect major Core
#2744 Can' t download data: no protocol: / anonymous defect major Core
#2777 InvocationTargetException in PicLayer plugin anonymous defect major Plugin
#3111 Josm fails to load photos anonymous defect major Plugin
#3387 Unsaved changes when changer are made, but then undoed anonymous defect normal Core
#3412 [patch] Check for name not equal to any name:* anonymous enhancement normal Core validator
#3419 Graphview doppelt vorhanden anonymous defect normal Core
#3866 Benutzerdefinierte Ansicht der GPX Wegpunkte anonymous defect normal Core
#4179 JOSM hangs when playing a voice file anonymous defect critical Core
#4233 Openstreetbugs: Offline Mode anonymous enhancement normal Plugin
#4460 cannot install plugins anonymous defect major Core
#4545 tables in josm gets blank anonymous defect major Core
#4936 Openstreetbugs: anonymous defect normal Core
#5022 Can not start osmarender anonymous defect normal Plugin
#5067 Latest JOSM crashed while uploading anonymous defect blocker Core
#5195 Exception when touching relations anonymous defect major Plugin addrinterpolation
#5424 No plugins anonymous defect normal Plugin
#5457 [patch] make it easier to select ways and nodes, if there are multiple primitives under the cursor anonymous enhancement major Core
#5503 exception turn restrictions anonymous defect major Plugin turnrestrictions
#5525 Error when adding a node in the middle of a way anonymous defect normal Core
#5757 [patch] Getting rid of not existing files in "Open Recent" anonymous enhancement normal Core
#5994 josm (tested) crashes at start anonymous defect normal Core
#6004 Dialog was already created execeptiom anonymous defect normal Core
#6511 IllegalArgumentException on application start anonymous defect normal Core
#6530 Plugin undelete funktioniert nicht mehr anonymous defect critical Plugin undelete
#6810 NPE anonymous defect major Core
#7186 Imagery max zoom default should be higher anonymous defect normal Core
#7929 You can't add new tag anonymous defect normal Core
#8081 Improved support for tagging in Serbia anonymous enhancement normal Internal preset
#8239 Relations route anonymous defect blocker Core
#9564 NPE in Storage$PrimitiveIdHash.getHashCode anonymous defect normal 14.11 Core
#10392 the menus are incomplete on small displays (netbooks) anonymous defect major 14.08 Core
#11660 WMTS Runtime Exception anonymous defect normal 15.08 Core
#12118 error without any reason anonymous defect normal 15.11 Core
#12894 JOSM does not start with Java 9b116 anonymous defect normal 16.06 Core
#13139 IllegalStateException: Dialog not created yet. Invoke createInstance() first anonymous defect major 17.03 Core
#13333 crash anonymous defect normal 16.08 Core
#13398 JsonParsingException with Mapillary plug-in anonymous defect normal Plugin mapillary
#13485 [PicLayer] IllegalArgumentException: Cannot paint layer, it is not registered anonymous defect normal Plugin piclayer
#14558 wmts layer don't work since last JOSM update anonymous defect normal 17.03 Core imagery
#14763 Colorfulness adjustment anonymous defect normal 17.05 Core imagery
#15427 NPE at ExifReader.readAxis anonymous defect normal 17.10 Core
#5387 lack of reprojection and server configuration difficulties (WAS: Wallonie WMS server and JOSM : compatibility and features) A_Pirard defect critical Plugin proj4j
#10934 JOSM>Imagery menu order and contents - Don't use hidden country grouping in menu A_Pirard defect normal 15.01 Core imagery
#14894 ImportImage plugin does not display a georeferenced image in the correct position ar2988-os@… defect normal Plugin importimage
#14574 "zoom to downloaded data" is done despite being deselected when downloading to a new layer aseerel4c26 defect trivial 17.03 Core
#16145 Validator URL checker issues a false positive for URLs aseerel4c26 defect minor 18.04 Core validator
#5980 JOSM crashed during loading a bigger area from OSM. Atalanttore defect major Plugin fixaddresses
#15173 Add OpenTopoMap as Imagery source Atalanttore enhancement normal External imagery source
#2429 Unable to upload/download 0.6 data after cancelling upload avarab@… defect critical Core
#3018 [PATCH] Make sure tools menu entries (and actions) are deactivated when no layer avarab@… defect major Core
#3061 [PATCH] Add search to plugin preferences avarab@… enhancement major Core
#3414 "child selected" is slooow avarab@… defect major Core
#3834 New "Update plugins" dialog is confusing avarab@… defect normal Core
#5915 [TRAC] Provide a more comprehensive "Related to current user" ticket query / report ax defect normal Trac
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