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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#9701 NPE in ToggleDialog team defect critical 14.02 Core
#9769 Conflation Plugin error on conflate joshdoe defect critical Plugin conflation
#9777 ssl + OAuth and notes does not work ToeBee defect critical Core notes
#9789 Не загружает данные на сервер team defect critical Core
#9899 No warning about pending uploads on exit ToeBee defect critical Core notes
#9936 Unexpectd Error in Pic Layer Plugin TomaszStelmach defect critical Plugin piclayer
#9939 old Java-Version team defect critical Core
#9962 WMS Service dont work since this version team defect critical 14.05 Core imagery
#10049 direct download plugin not working team defect critical Plugin DirectDownload
#10094 building tools Upliner defect critical Plugin buildings_tools
#10156 combine ways: conflicts not shown team defect critical 14.10 Core
#10204 validator bug "wrong roundabout" on cycleway roundabouts team defect critical 14.06 Core validator
#10336 OpenSSL CCS vulnerability (CVE-2014-0224) team defect critical unspecified
#10436 Does not connect to server due to SSL key > 1024 team defect critical Core
#10521 Genshi error on uploading of files to wiki. stoecker defect critical Trac
#10562 Uploading with command Line team enhancement critical Core
#10665 Version 7643 problems with Plugin 'continuous download' Gnonthgol defect critical Plugin continuosDownload
#10948 Error when extracting PBF files. Don-vip defect critical Plugin pbf
#11075 Error starting josm team defect critical Core
#11204 This plugin doesn't work and never has been working (on selected architectures?) team defect critical Plugin videomapping
#11209 Keyboard input stops working after a few minutes team defect critical Core
#11308 Underlying unable to download maps from the server - reports an error team defect critical Core
#11311 Can not download the source map. team defect critical Core
#11318 Download new data not working team defect critical Core
#11424 AttributeError: 'org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MapView' object has no attribute 'recalculateCenterScale' team defect critical Core
#11579 JOSM latest doesn't start. josm-latest of yesterday and josm-tested did work team defect critical 15.08 Core
#11647 Regression: relation list empty team defect critical 15.08 Core
#11704 Short cut key to create a circle using a single way anonymous enhancement critical Plugin ext_tools
#11717 Bing layer hides data layer team defect critical Core
#11878 Terracer plugin causes unexpected exception. Can't upload. team defect critical Plugin terracer
#11978 Exception on Split Way jezevec defect critical Core
#12022 GNOME AtkWrapper causing LOTS of UI issues/exceptions with OpenJDK8 on Debian/Ubuntu team defect critical Core
#12073 "sort values" results in exception team defect critical 15.11 Core
#12097 NoClassDefFoundError when importing GeoTiff image maps2xplane@… defect critical Plugin geotools
#12153 Changing sorting order in Tags/Memberships window and clicking in one tag, edits the wrong tag team defect critical 15.12 Core
#12262 NPE when trying to open specific turn restriction in relation editor Don-vip defect critical 15.12 Core
#12279 JOSM hangs when opening a large file team defect critical 16.01 Core mappaint
#12405 Glue function doesn't work for nodes and ways Don-vip defect critical 16.02 Core
#12616 Random repositioning of nodes team defect critical 16.04 Core
#12759 specify maxspeed for each lane team enhancement critical Core
#12913 Imagery presets not accesible from stoecker defect critical Trac
#12966 continuosDownload doesn't work anymore danidoedel defect critical Plugin continuosDownload
#12995 NPE after activating a WMS imagery source team defect critical 16.06 Core imagery
#13051 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException w/ ZoomToAction team defect critical Core
#13095 Exception on closing layers team defect critical 16.06 Core
#13149 josm 10526 trojan? team defect critical Installer Windows
#13218 Activating the building plugin results in error Don-vip defect critical Plugin buildings_tools
#13301 Imagery offset not functioning team defect critical Core
#13322 The error happen when i try to fix error of geometry team defect critical 16.08 Core
#13338 SSLException in Mapillary plugin on activation of large area Don-vip defect critical Plugin mapillary
#13374 No nodes drawn even on highest zoom level team defect critical 16.08 Core mappaint
#13464 Fast draw plugin does not enter map mode. akks defect critical Plugin FastDraw
#13534 NPE in FiltersDownloader.downloadFiltersInfoList Nipel-Crumple defect critical Plugin rasterfilters
#13631 IAE: Listener CommandLine.(XXX)Action was not registered before or already removed Hind defect critical Plugin commandline
#13636 panning is very slow at high zoom <1m michael2402 defect critical 16.10 Core mappaint
#13648 Rex plugin needs update team defect critical Plugin rex
#13809 Jenkins build hangs / JOSM deadlock (AudioPlayerTest / NotificationManager.processQueue) team defect critical 17.04 Core
#13896 IAE: Listener improveway.ImproveWayAccuracyAction was already registered kolesar defect critical Plugin ImproveWay
#13993 NPE in tofix plugin when adding new layer Rub21 defect critical Plugin tofix
#14044 JOSM won't start due to expired certificate team defect critical Core
#14049 Error, when deleting Building team defect critical 16.12 Core validator
#14100 gmail partly blocks emails sent from trac as spam stoecker defect critical Trac
#14122 Fehler tritt bei jedem Versuch auf einen Bereich zur Bearbeitung zu laden. Keine Bearbeitung möglich! team defect critical Core mappaint
#14185 Crash during the startup loading team defect critical 17.01 Core
#14316 Old comment field value used instead of the one entered team defect critical Core
#14353 Data not downloaded - java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException team defect critical 17.02 Core
#14512 Error when I add the Bing layer Rub21 defect critical Plugin tofix
#14604 NPE at DownloadOsmTask$AbstractInternalTask.searchPrimitivesToUpdate team defect critical 17.04 Core remotecontrol
#14641 JOSM can't communication OSM Server an upload all change martinmbaihaqi defect critical Core
#14765 screen freezes while uploading data michael2402 defect critical 17.05 Core
#14809 1 minute, 3 nodes & I hit a bug michael2402 defect critical Core
#14821 JVM crash on Windows 10 Creators Update when opening a file chooser team defect critical Core
#14903 [Patch] fix #13631 Hind defect critical Plugin commandline
#14992 InternalError: HTHEME is null team defect critical Core
#15008 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset team defect critical 17.12 Core
#15193 Nodes are not filtering out team defect critical 17.08 Core
#15207 NPE at PlatformHookOsx.invoke when opening preferences Don-vip defect critical 17.08 Core
#15257 Mapillary not loading in some blocks after the latest JOSM update floscher defect critical Plugin mapillary
#15270 Load error jBeata defect critical Plugin ImproveOsm
#15343 InaccessibleObjectException when launching via Java 9 Webstart Don-vip defect critical 17.09 Core
#15389 Interpolation team defect critical Plugin addrinterpolation
#15416 House Number Tagging Tool produces wrong tags oliver@… defect critical Plugin HouseNumberTaggingTool
#15457 JOSM menu bar not accessible/shown in macOS 10.13 team defect critical Core
#15535 Freeze on Java 9 when you attempt to move node along a line using Extrusion tool team defect critical 17.11 Core
#15577 Password dialog does not support copy and paste team enhancement critical Core
#15616 is unreadable team defect critical External imagery source
#15714 IPv6 network trouble in Orange network (FR) anonymous defect critical Core
#15753 Latest release of geochat plugin reverted API upgrades Zverikk defect critical Plugin geochat
#15851 InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty (Ubuntu 18.04) jukey defect critical Core
#15914 Bad and missed joke about Musk on start screen team defect critical Core
#15947 ClassNotFoundException: Atalanttore defect critical Core
#16043 Windows installer gives me version 13367 instead of 13478 team defect critical Installer Windows
#16153 offset bug team defect critical Core
#16281 Connection problem: "the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty." team defect critical Core
#16383 IllegalStateException with Reverter plugin Upliner defect critical Plugin reverter
#16622 Plugins are no longer correctly updated Zverikk defect critical 18.08 Core
#17162 Japanese translation replaced by Korean team defect critical 19.01 Core
#17241 Launchpad translation template out of date Don-vip task critical 19.01 Core
#17257 endless (?) loop after zoom out team defect critical Plugin continuosDownload
#17478 Cadastre team defect critical Core
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