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#5017 [Patch needs review] new check: ways tagged with bridge=yes but without highway team enhancement major Core validator
#5025 3237 problems with relations Andreaz.Anderzzon@… defect major Core
#5030 Im trying to open file team defect major Core
#5037 WMS Plugin team defect major Core imagery
#5054 Support bounding box based XAPI request in download dialog team enhancement major Core
#5058 Fetching user info (click refresh to get open changesets) does block team defect major Core
#5064 Tag Editor plugin corrupts tag keys and values Aleksandr Dezhin defect major Plugin tageditor
#5066 All plugins are downloaded in case of JOSM update team defect major Core
#5068 fuzzer plugin: "Child Script have returned invalid data" pert defect major Plugin fuzzer
#5069 Yahoo imagery is shown incorrectly scaled pushkinsv@… defect major Core imagery
#5120 moving tags from outer way to MP-relation bilbo defect major Core multipoly
#5193 josm got very slow recently team defect major Core
#5195 Exception when touching relations anonymous defect major Plugin addrinterpolation
#5197 Combining relation members corrupts relation (SVN 3358) team defect major Core
#5221 [PATCH] Conflict manager no longer automatically purges deleted objects team defect major Core
#5224 One Way roads shown as wrong dirrection once reversed (r) unless highlighted team defect major Core
#5231 Exception on update data. team defect major Core
#5247 unexpected error while drawing a way richlv defect major Core
#5301 background color changes when zooming in ulfl defect major Internal mappaint style
#5309 too many files in tile cache team defect major 15.04 Core imagery
#5316 Requesting too many nodes silently fail team defect major Core
#5337 internal data structure broken in case of using clipboard team defect major Core
#5341 Moving 400 ways takes more than 20 seconds (WAS: JOSM freezes moving 400 ways) team defect major Core
#5343 josm freezes after downloading an area via a remote link vsandre defect major Core
#5344 CycleMap Tiles not shown in download map dialogue team defect major Core
#5348 WMS dependency on RemoteControl plugin bomm defect major Core imagery
#5369 cancel-Button below download progressbar does nothing, but the 'x' closes window team defect major Core
#5372 Improve mappaint style switch team enhancement major Core
#5380 multipolygon plugin sets shortcut to "m" bilbo defect major Core multipoly
#5398 JOSM throwed exception while starting team defect major Core
#5401 JOSM throws an exception when started with Java 5 team defect major Core
#5414 Sorted uploads team enhancement major Core
#5417 Failed to parse date team defect major Core
#5418 [Patch awaiting end of stabilization phase] select "download referrers" by default team enhancement major Core
#5447 svn upload team defect major Plugin
#5457 [patch] make it easier to select ways and nodes, if there are multiple primitives under the cursor anonymous enhancement major Core
#5459 can't save map as .gpx format Lynton defect major Core
#5484 Resuming chunks upload creates duplicates ? team defect major Core
#5491 open plugin list - more team defect major Core
#5503 exception turn restrictions anonymous defect major Plugin turnrestrictions
#5510 Trailing white space in Service URL leads to error team defect major Core imagery
#5518 dialog boxes don't go away after switching to virtual screen within awesome wm team defect major Core
#5539 No Plugins after upgrade team defect major Plugin
#5540 crash by multiple houses zerebubuth@… defect major Plugin terracer
#5556 geometry mode is not working as expected team defect major Core
#5577 [PATCH] Add nodes on intersections action team enhancement major Core
#5609 Unable to move node under another one Nakor defect major Core
#5621 No warning about false chosen projection team defect major Core
#5634 junctionchecking plugin crashes when deleting a layer joerg defect major Plugin junctionchecking
#5638 Too many plugins installed, thus they aren't visable in "Tools" because list is too long for the monitor team defect major Core
#5678 Layer panel should not take focus when pressing layer icons team defect major Core
#5690 Exception when the bug id in the "bug details" tab is clicked team defect major Plugin mapdust
#5695 Warning "There is no MapDust Bug in your visible area" is shown twice team defect major Plugin mapdust
#5707 Going back from FullScreen triggers NPE team defect major Core
#5719 requesting version history can't be cancelled, blocks josm temporarily team defect major Core
#5734 [PATCH] Preset "power pole" sets power=tower ce defect major Internal preset
#5740 New "Open Recent" isn't showing any files that have been opened in JOSM team defect major Core
#5752 validator: warning window on upload is broken team defect major Core
#5758 Fehler beim BING SAT ! team defect major Installer Windows
#5764 DataIntegrityProblemException when fixing deleted nodes in validator team defect major Core validator
#5766 conflict-management: deleted relation on server not shown as "deleted" team defect major Core
#5774 Empty value in preset definition no longer removes tag team defect major External preset
#5798 Error message if Mapdust service is unavailable jBeata defect major Plugin mapdust
#5799 changing key F11 to cadastre-grab does not work team defect major Core
#5807 Empty nodes at South Pole and empty relations created team defect major Core
#5809 Ctrl+Alt+click doesn't let you cycle through objects to be selected fsteggink defect major Core
#5812 lower imagery resolution than possible zufallsprinzip@… enhancement major Core
#5840 Imagery: SlippyMap/TMS works only with PNG tiles, no more JPG Shernott defect major Core
#5847 Swedish translation of search dialog is wrong team defect major Core
#5861 [Patch] Multiple ways in "via" for turn restrictions trigger "error" when validator is run when it shouldn't team defect major Core validator
#5869 history of last edits in download-dialog team enhancement major 17.07 Core
#5872 Turn Restriction icons are now missing on ways when there is a restriction tagged team defect major Core
#5891 JOSM crashes when loading area at 42.7101142, 42.7126653, 23.2672976, 23.2712390 near Sofia, Bulgaria Fips defect major Core
#5893 Null Pointer Exception while loding custom presets at start - JOSM hangs on splash screen team defect major Core
#5902 Route Relation visibility Problem team defect major Core
#5904 svn rev 3851 hangs at startup team defect major Core
#5919 [TRAC]: Give a warning when submitting data without a valid username or email-address stoecker defect major Trac
#5920 Regression: remotecontrol: option for "new layer" missing team enhancement major Core remotecontrol
#5959 IncompatibleClassChangeError when starting JOSM rev:3902 team defect major Core
#5963 [patch] Relation editor fails to detect closed path team defect major Core
#5968 Window recenters when adding node to way framm defect major Core
#5980 JOSM crashed during loading a bigger area from OSM. Atalanttore defect major Plugin fixaddresses
#5999 Exception when turning on Bing background imagery team defect major Core
#6001 Unable to add Bing imagery layer team defect major Core
#6019 preset list not scrollable team defect major Core
#6029 Plugin RoadSigns has a shortcut conflict with the "History" Menu bastiK defect major Plugin roadsigns
#6039 highway=road when tagged looks like boundary=administrative team defect major 14.01 Internal mappaint style
#6040 JOSM doesn't display mappaint colours and style for newly created multipolygons (any more) team defect major Core
#6044 preferences_backup overwritten when preferences gets damaged team defect major 16.01 Core
#6048 PicLayer captures Alt+B shortcut team defect major Plugin piclayer
#6049 Auto-update of old bookmarks Upliner enhancement major Core imagery
#6052 Regression: Preset tooltyps no longer working team defect major Core
#6057 Single quotes in tagging presets not working due to tr() usage team defect major Core
#6068 Problem mit PicLayer team enhancement major Plugin piclayer
#6109 Right Click "Flush Tile Cache" doesn't work anymore team defect major Core
#6115 After deleting MapDust layer, can't create a new MapDust layer unless JOSM is restarted jBeata defect major Plugin mapdust
#6123 piclayer crashes when loading .cal file saved by earlier piclayer version team defect major Plugin piclayer
#6158 MapDust plugin crashing after deleting a layer. jBeata defect major Plugin mapdust
#6168 [patch] Shortcut for selecting adjacent nodes akks enhancement major Core
#6195 Validator issue when filter is on team defect major Core validator
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