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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1994 use built 1221: crashes when selecting an area framm defect major unspecified
#1997 fehler framm defect major unspecified
#1998 New color code gives NPE when preference dialog button is pressed framm defect major Core
#1999 Crash framm defect major unspecified
#2004 josm crashed while downloading/updating plugins. This was the first run of revision 1229. framm defect major unspecified
#2005 make menus (right panels) resizable framm enhancement major Core
#2007 Validator plugin can not be loaded. framm defect major unspecified
#2009 GPX Import framm defect major unspecified
#2011 Slippy Map Plugin can't be loaded framm defect major Plugin
#2015 moving layers in layer-window seem to be broken framm defect major unspecified
#2016 Moving layers up effects the opposite ce defect major Internal preset
#2017 build 1255 exception on startup framm defect major unspecified
#2025 [PATCH] ctrl+doubleclick will add two nodes framm defect major Core
#2029 layer initially not displayed according to stacking order framm defect major Core
#2030 [PATCH] URL truncation framm defect major unspecified
#2031 Error when downloading data from the OSM server framm defect major unspecified
#2032 Fehler kam direkt nach erster Benutzung framm defect major unspecified
#2047 Mappaint fails to draw way if starting node is invisible stoecker defect major Internal mappaint style
#2050 ewms plugin does not take JOSM projection setting into account framm defect major Plugin
#2051 Bug Report: Occurs when downloading data from OSM server framm defect major unspecified
#2053 Relation selection bug/misfeature framm defect major unspecified
#2054 [PATCH] JOSM allows manipulation of objects on hidden layers framm defect major unspecified
#2055 Zoom to layer extents not working for nodes framm defect major unspecified
#2056 Prevent changes when zoom level display is used team defect major Core
#2058 [1298] by ulfl breaks relation workflow: Currently selected objects are deselected when adding relation tags framm defect major Core
#2063 add an option to enable/disable feature 'auto zoom on selected relation' framm enhancement major Core
#2073 Changeset 1320 by stoecker breaks presets.xml framm defect major Core
#2075 API 0.6: don't upload more than 50K edits at once Gubaer defect major Core
#2079 Merge polygons framm enhancement major unspecified
#2081 Focus on new link buttons ce defect major Internal preset
#2082 in OS-default language but selected English framm defect major unspecified
#2083 [PATCH] JOSM does not remember window size/state. Ignores taskbar (on windows) when determining size framm defect major unspecified
#2085 Cursor focus on housenumber field when editing address data using template ce enhancement major Internal preset
#2086 When splitting a way, that is member of a turn restriction, the part that is not connected to the via-node is still part of the relation framm defect major unspecified
#2087 Open NMEA track failed framm defect major Core
#2089 mp3 support Don-vip enhancement major 17.06 Core audio
#2095 Fail to upload changes in relations framm defect major Core
#2118 Unknown bug framm defect major unspecified
#2120 plugin update mechanism broken? framm defect major unspecified
#2128 content of clipboard replaced by text on "welcome screen" framm defect major Core
#2131 [patch] add "untagged" pseudotarget in search framm enhancement major Core
#2139 fix link josm-tested.jar to version 1344 on download page framm defect major unspecified
#2142 define a color for gpx-elements framm defect major unspecified
#2143 define a color for gpx-elements framm defect major unspecified
#2144 API 0.6: JOSM ignores 409 conflict framm defect major Core
#2146 Cannot open NMEA files any more framm defect major Core
#2147 Cannot open NMEA files any more framm defect major Core
#2148 Absturz beim Laden neue Pluginversionen bzw. Plugins framm defect major Plugin
#2151 Crashed when pictures selecting pictures for import framm defect major Core
#2154 error after load new area framm defect major unspecified
#2163 cursor modifiers use only two colors under Linux systems team enhancement major Core
#2164 JOSM latest crashes memory problem framm defect major unspecified
#2166 WMS yahoo! (webkit) . JOSM runs out of memory when zooming. framm defect major Plugin
#2171 Some mnemonics in localized menus don't work framm defect major Core
#2178 JOSM (WMS) latest crashes memory problem framm defect major unspecified
#2186 Fehler bei Doppelklick auf Relation nach Wechsel von 1406 auf 1413 framm defect major Core
#2190 Error Message when double-clicking a relation framm defect major unspecified
#2193 changing relation admin_level 10 -> 11 framm defect major unspecified
#2194 Unerwarteter Fehler bei doppleklick auf multipolygon im Relationsfenster framm defect major unspecified
#2197 Tool windows catch keyboard commands framm defect major Core
#2204 Update of Plugins team defect major unspecified
#2206 Need alternative pan keystrokes team defect major Core
#2218 deep zoom unusable due to masses of strange lines malenki defect major Core
#2222 Add a configurable preference to allow user decide whether use "name" or "name:langcode" team defect major Core
#2223 When click in "Select, move and rotate mode", JOSM should not automatically switch to "Draw node mode" and add a new node team defect major Core
#2227 Copy between layers without move team enhancement major Core
#2228 Tablet doesen't respond to tapping on it's surface, and presing button will result in multiple click team defect major Plugin nearclick
#2231 error after configuration team defect major Core
#2234 Translation can cause JosmActions to illegally handle shortcuts team defect major Core
#2235 save your edits every x minutes team enhancement major Core
#2236 [patch] Cannot edit/delete memberships in relations for untagged ways team defect major Core
#2237 Initial data loading no longer zooms to bounding box team defect major Core
#2238 Calling Relation editor using properties dialog should update RelationList team enhancement major Core
#2240 [Patch] First segment of way sometimes not drawn xeen defect major Core
#2243 Better indication that nothing will be done in Draw mode team defect major Core
#2244 DirectUpload crashes when trying to send GPX team defect major Plugin
#2245 Speed up merge operation for large datasets (> 50k) dmuecke enhancement major Core
#2251 Fehler beim Zoom in Interaktiver Karte jpstotz defect major Core
#2252 josm-latest fails to start without .preferences file flo@… defect major Core
#2254 Do not report nodes outside the downloaded area team defect major Core validator
#2256 How does merging of downloaded data work? team defect major Core
#2260 Make JOSM's audio functions more visible team enhancement major Core audio
#2263 Shift+click in add mode no longer starts a new way team defect major Core
#2264 Area deselection is broken team defect major Core
#2267 java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: worker team defect major Core
#2268 Random connecting and disconnecting of points Zdeněk Pražák defect major Core
#2288 Some kind of layer would be very nice! team enhancement major Core
#2291 [PATCH] Teach WMSGrabber to understand formatting patterns in the WMS URL team enhancement major Plugin
#2297 JOSM Webstart fails at loading plugins team defect major Core
#2302 [PATCH] OsmPrimite shouldn't expose public fields team defect major Core
#2305 [PATCH] "More information about this feature" preset links don't work (but other links do) team defect major Core
#2306 [PATCH] AgPifoJ marks images (partially) incorrecly on the map team defect major Plugin
#2308 JOSM freezes after a few edits team defect major Core
#2309 [PATCH] Exception might get lost when ExecutorService is used team defect major Core
#2310 [PATCH] WMS plugin drawing extremely slow xeen defect major Plugin
#2311 Fehlermeldung bei plugin Editgpx team defect major Core
#2312 [PATCH] Lower memory usage using string interning team enhancement major Core
#2317 [patch] Displayed Angle (relative) doesn't work team defect major Core
#2321 wayend node near other highway dmuecke defect major Core validator
#2322 Regression in r2038 (patches "JOSM destroys its preferences, when disk is full") xeen defect major Core
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