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#2779 [PATCH] Add "Info about Element" (bount to Ctrl+I) to link to /browse/{node,way,relation}/:id on the OSM server team enhancement major Core
#2780 [PATCH] make hdop color more configurable team enhancement major Core
#2781 [PATCH] AlignInCircle fails and aligns nodes in a flat curve team defect major Core
#2782 nullpointerexception when downloading osm data around track jttt defect major Core
#2784 Import audio using modified times (time stamps) does not work david@… defect major Core
#2785 version information in Startup broken team defect major Core
#2786 GPX marker display via audio setting team defect trivial Core
#2787 exception when switching image richlv defect major Core
#2788 Relation Autovervollständigen team enhancement minor Core
#2789 [PATCH] Relation Sortieren der Einträge team enhancement minor Core
#2795 JOSM does not display way team defect major Core
#2796 JOSM does not display way team defect major Core
#2797 SlippyMap Downloader improvements team enhancement major Core
#2798 German presets links missing team enhancement minor Core
#2799 Add new library (Apache Commons Lang) dmuecke enhancement minor Core
#2802 [PATCH] java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error dmuecke defect minor Core
#2804 move selection broken [was: Auswahl verschieben] team defect blocker Core
#2805 dragged nodes go out of sight/solar system team defect blocker Core
#2810 View not repainted after moving nodes/way team defect blocker Core
#2812 Josm crashes at call; BS: Suse Linux 11.0, up to date WolfgangH defect major Core
#2814 Nodes cannot be moved, then crash team defect major Core
#2815 NullPointerException during data merging team defect major Core
#2816 crash when updating data AndDiehl defect major Core
#2817 latitude/longitude swapped team defect major Core
#2818 error when retrieving map data Gubaer defect major Core
#2819 created_by dropped on changesets team defect minor Core
#2820 NoMethodError uploading a deleted former relation member anonymous defect major Core
#2823 Audio import does still not work team defect major Core
#2824 Validator crashes, plugin loading not possible team defect critical Core
#2825 josm-tested will happily download plugins that cannot be used team defect major Core
#2826 Exception when trying to import image(s) team defect major Core
#2827 Error when I try to import images. team defect major Core
#2831 Corrupted preferences on JOSM? team defect trivial Core
#2832 UmmergeNode or BreakNode team defect major Core
#2833 House number editor team enhancement major Core
#2834 java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 25 phobie defect minor Core
#2836 [PATCH]Download of plugins fails on JOSM 1738 jttt defect blocker Core
#2837 wish: area selection when no window define team defect major Core
#2838 wish: message when selected unsupported gps-file team enhancement major Core
#2839 wish: message when selected unsupported gps-file team enhancement major Core
#2841 plugin - Aktualisierung; Fehlermeldung team defect major Core
#2842 JOSM crash after edit preferences team defect major Core
#2844 Nullpointer crash on adding plugins team defect major Core
#2845 Make josm.../newticket link in crash dialogue clickable team enhancement major Core
#2846 Download from OSM generates rounded lat/lon team defect minor Core
#2847 [patch] extented action to create circles team enhancement major Core
#2848 Bug #2836 results in deletion of previously working plugins team defect minor Core
#2849 [PATCH] Preferences dialog leaks memory team defect minor Core
#2850 [PATCH] unhandled Exception when trying to download data while offline dmuecke defect minor Core
#2851 Proxy caching problem team defect major Core
#2854 NullPointerException when trying to install a plugin with Rev. 1738 team defect major Core
#2855 Unhandled broken network connection/TCP reset conditon team defect minor Core
#2857 Investigate reducing JOSM download size (from 5.0 MB) team enhancement minor Core
#2858 plugin update impossible team defect major Core
#2859 Improve plugin handling for older versions team enhancement major Core
#2860 editing in relation editor with ENTER bugs team defect minor Core
#2865 SOCKS Proxy Support team enhancement minor Core
#2867 java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: eastNorth team defect minor Core
#2869 Improve wording for "Remove" actions in relation editor team enhancement minor Core
#2870 Download members in Edit relation should download relations those members participate in team enhancement minor Core
#2871 Pressing "tab" in the "Edit relation" members section should jump to next field with a possible input team enhancement minor Core
#2872 Reduce default size of dialog boxes team defect minor Core
#2873 Beim Herunterladen Fehler team defect major Core
#2874 NullPointerException when using "zoom to selection" team defect major Core
#2876 Cancel for Download members team enhancement minor Core
#2878 crash: "Java2D Queue Flusher" team defect major Core
#2882 Explain messages provided by OSM API and provide online help team enhancement major Core
#2886 Make slippymap downloader hint text translatable team enhancement minor Core
#2888 Check for deleted elements should ignore incomplete elements team defect major Core
#2889 JOSM cannot import image h4ck3rm1k3 defect major Core
#2890 can't get new password if forgot it team defect blocker Core
#2892 [PATCH] Add shortlink support to download dialog team enhancement minor Core
#2896 Error-Deadlock anonymous defect major Core
#2897 error report team defect minor Core
#2899 Download vom Server geht nicht team defect major Core
#2900 Saving and reopening of downloaded gpx segments displays distorted data team enhancement normal Core
#2901 Relation editor producing errors team defect major Core
#2902 [PATCH] Update should work for all installed instead of all loaded plugins team defect trivial Core
#2903 missing handling of http error 500 from trackpoint download team defect minor Core
#2904 Transient (and harmless?) exception when starting JOSM in java.awt.image.ColorModel team defect minor Core
#2905 [new PATCH] Add option to disable the new "Move elements" dialog Gubaer enhancement major Core
#2908 Relation list is not updated when deleting a datalayer team defect minor Core
#2911 Provide at least one empty row in the tag editor for the relation editor team enhancement minor Core
#2913 Upload dialog enters scrolling-mode when JOSM isn't maximized team defect major Core
#2914 Re-edits in relation-editor impossible team defect major Core
#2915 relation-editor: relation-only edit does not trigger uploadable change team defect major Core
#2917 [PATCH] Download to new layer if Datalayer isn't active Gubaer defect minor Core
#2918 After some time josm unusable team defect major Core
#2920 unable to upload data jessidee86 defect major Core
#2922 [Patch] Improve visibility of preset entry in properties dialog team enhancement minor Core
#2923 Info/History dialog (C-i / C-h) links to, not just team defect minor Core
#2924 Add msgctxt support to JOSM translations so that translators aren't limited when translating two distinct things that happen to be equivalent in English team defect major Core
#2925 Double-clicking on relation in relation dialog doesn't open it for editing team defect minor Core
#2926 Exception on loading GPX-file futti@… defect major Core
#2927 [PATCH] Mouse jumps to table cell on opening the relation editor team defect minor Core
#2928 [PATCH] Adjust button order of the new resolve conflict dialog to the JOSM standard team defect trivial Core
#2929 Relation Editor: Cancel button does not cancel edits team defect major Core
#2930 Relation Editor: Impossible to add elements AFTER the last line team defect major Core
#2931 Problem mit Audiosynchronisierung team defect minor Core
#2932 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException with "Download from OSM along this track" team defect major Core
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