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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1541 move WMS-Layer Button framm defect major Plugin
#1542 layer order and slippymap-plugin framm enhancement major Plugin
#1543 Fehlermeldung nach Laden einer *.gpx-Datei (bearbeitet und gespeichert mit Mapsource v14) framm defect major unspecified
#1544 AgPifoJ: PluginException while going through geo images (de: bei Durchblättern von Geofotos Fehlermeldung) Christian Gallioz <christian.gallioz@…> defect major Plugin
#1551 Use of Trac Roadmap framm defect major unspecified
#1554 SlippyMap plugin: excaption and other oddities framm defect major Plugin
#1555 Downloaded GPS data is displayed in reverse framm defect major Core
#1556 Shortcut for zoom in does not work framm defect major unspecified
#1558 Feature request: prohibit actions outside the bounding box framm enhancement major Core
#1563 OSGeo & Contours & everything opensource framm defect major unspecified
#1564 JOSM und Plugin Measurement framm defect major Plugin
#1566 Java Error when splash screen is clicked. framm defect major Core
#1567 virtual nodes rendering framm defect major unspecified
#1570 Lakewalker Plugin: Exception framm defect major Plugin
#1571 error after selecting a slippy map and downloading the data framm defect major unspecified
#1573 out of memory problem framm defect major unspecified
#1574 Slippy Map plugin crashes on r-click framm defect major Plugin
#1575 Need access to "current" relation framm enhancement major Core
#1583 Combine way does not work framm defect major Core
#1585 BeimRunterladen von OSM Daten abgestürzt framm defect major unspecified
#1586 [PATCH] support for regional names framm enhancement major unspecified
#1587 NPE while Trying to set user name and password in preferences framm defect major Core
#1594 Simplify Way deletes nodes that are connected to other ways, if you use it you will delete crossings framm defect major Plugin
#1595 Exception when attempting to run Lakewalker framm defect major unspecified
#1598 [PATCH] JOSM does not check if password dialog of upload is aborted framm defect major Core
#1599 possibly out of memory framm defect major unspecified
#1601 JOSM crashed framm defect major unspecified
#1604 Unvorhergesehener Fehler beim öffnen der Einstellungen (F12) framm defect major Plugin
#1605 Ich bekomme immer noch die Fehlermeldung "unerwarteter Fehler" wenn ich über den Dialog DAtei-Öffnen... versuche eine Datei zu öffnen framm defect major unspecified
#1609 josm reports this error every time it is started, but it seems to work quite normal afterwards. framm defect major unspecified
#1611 josm becomes unusable after cancelling a download framm defect major Plugin
#1614 [PATCH] amenity=bench should get the bench icon, not amenity=park_bench framm defect major Core
#1615 NullPointerException when deleting all layers framm defect major Core
#1616 osmarender plugin doesn't work -> no xml file framm defect major Plugin
#1620 Error when running "Fix" duplicate nodes with Validator Plugin framm defect major Core validator
#1622 [PATCH] Keyboard Configuration framm enhancement major Core
#1628 [PATCH] JOSM portable or specifying the JOSM home directory framm enhancement major unspecified
#1629 Translation of GPS-data layer framm enhancement major unspecified
#1630 Error in NMEA reader framm defect major unspecified
#1634 Cannot click on pictures framm defect major unspecified
#1637 NPE in DirectUpload anonymous defect major Plugin
#1641 JOSM doesn't allow for setting HTTP proxy user/password distrinct from OSM server user/password framm defect major Core
#1647 [PATCH] Export as GPX, XLS, ... dmuecke enhancement major unspecified
#1648 [PATCH] NMEA parser improvement framm enhancement major Core
#1649 [PATCH] fix the upload of updates for 0.6 api framm defect major Core
#1651 Crash. Display config change framm defect major unspecified
#1653 zoom to the previously shown area framm enhancement major Core
#1654 Plugin dialog has non-clickable weblinks framm defect major unspecified
#1658 Tags einfügen (STRG+Umsch+V) auch elementübergreifend framm enhancement major Core
#1659 IndexOutOfBounds on NMEA log import anonymous defect major Core
#1661 agpifoj crashes when setting timezone and offset to 0 Christian Gallioz <christian.gallioz@…> defect major Plugin
#1662 Exception bei GPSLive Track Aufzeichnung Ubuntu 8.04 Laptop geschlossen framm defect major unspecified
#1663 Nullpointer after lakewalker framm defect major unspecified
#1669 [PATCH] "Duplicate" destroys content of clipboard framm defect major Core
#1670 GPX points Downloaded into one layer framm defect major Core
#1671 Default width of line edits in josm user settings to long framm defect major unspecified
#1672 JOSM preferences scrolling disables scroller for plugin framm defect major unspecified
#1673 Remapping keys in configuration have no effect framm defect major Core
#1677 plugin-preferences selection does not survive Update-clicking framm defect major unspecified
#1679 NullPointerException when downloading with 'places' plugin framm defect major Plugin
#1681 after testing extrude mode I deleted these test input, moved to an existing object, tried to mark it and CRASH framm defect major unspecified
#1682 I wanted to correct some map problems with the validator plugin and it crashed framm defect major unspecified
#1683 org.xnap.commons.i18n.I18nFactory.getI18n isnt included framm defect major unspecified
#1684 Simple template support for relations ce enhancement major Internal preset
#1685 josm-latest installed, validator updated, load data, crash framm defect major unspecified
#1686 Unable to find translation for German framm defect major unspecified
#1687 WOTD framm enhancement major Core
#1688 josm does not display any gui with ratpoison framm defect major unspecified
#1689 josm menus only work on screen 0 with xinerama enabled anonymous defect major unspecified
#1690 JOSM-latest & OpenStreetBugs - NullPointerException framm defect major Plugin
#1693 zebra crossing tag incomplete ce defect major Internal preset
#1694 josm force to work in English framm defect major unspecified
#1695 Unknown exception when pasting coordinates into bounding box download dialog framm defect major unspecified
#1696 crash after plug-in update try framm defect major unspecified
#1697 Crash when changing from another task to JOSM framm defect major Core
#1698 Mnemonics for zooming are incorrect framm defect major unspecified
#1699 German translation missing framm defect major unspecified
#1704 Plugin DirectUpload: exception "NoClassDefFoundError: javax/swing/GroupLayout$Group" Subhodip Biswas <subhodipbiswas@…> defect major Plugin
#1710 beim laden aus osm framm defect major unspecified
#1711 Trying to download maps from server defect major Core validator
#1718 since version 1065 there are some plugins not selectable/no function anymore framm defect major unspecified
#1719 preset menu is not shown completely framm defect major Internal preset
#1722 Splash screen covers program messages framm defect major unspecified
#1724 Es gibt Problem mit dem Zeichnen von Wegen framm defect major unspecified
#1726 shall solve conflicts, but list of conflicts is empty anonymous defect major Core
#1730 Configuration option on how to display GPS coordinates framm enhancement major unspecified
#1733 Lakewalker: StackOverflowError framm defect major Plugin
#1741 double click on error child tree framm defect major unspecified
#1742 crash anytime (OpenStreetBugs plugin) framm defect major Plugin openstreetbugs
#1743 Move on Map (OpenStreetBugs plugin) framm defect major Plugin
#1744 yellow hatched "there be dragons" unusable with multipe data layer framm defect major Core
#1746 bad visualisation for boundaries of downloaded data ulfl enhancement major Internal mappaint style
#1748 412 server error for relations is not flagged framm defect major Core
#1749 Geotagged: Crashed right after load everything tjabo@… defect major Core
#1750 NPE in measurement plugin framm defect major Plugin
#1751 Josm displays no feedback when downloading plugins framm defect major Core
#1753 JOSM should cache OSM data between instances framm enhancement major unspecified
#1755 Geotagged picture view can only be opened once framm defect major Core
#1756 Changeset 1078 breaks "Draw boundaries of downloaded data" framm defect major unspecified
#1760 Plugin DirectUpload: exception (de: Fehler bei direktem Track-Hochladen mit Plugin) framm defect major Plugin
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