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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1897 Error after first download framm defect minor Core
#1899 error occured after first Start of 1182 and updating two plugins framm defect major unspecified
#1900 after plugin reset JOSM begs me to open this ticket framm defect major unspecified
#1901 JOSM shows backtrace on fresh install (without plugins) in [1183] framm defect blocker Core
#1904 WMS-Plugin: When adjusted Map is moved, the visibility of tiles depends still on unmoved map team defect minor Core imagery
#1905 [PATCH] WMS-Plugin: Red error tiles do no automatically disappear and cannot be reloaded framm defect minor Plugin
#1907 waypoints-plugin: Opening GPX-File only with installed plugin results in empty layer framm defect minor unspecified
#1908 [PATCH] About dialog has no line breaks in plugin information view anonymous defect minor unspecified
#1909 java.lang.AbstractMethodError returning to main screen from settings framm defect major unspecified
#1911 Typo in original string framm defect trivial Core
#1913 speed coloring doesn't work anymore with >=1178 framm defect minor Core
#1914 [PATCH] Make the "rubber-band helper line" configurable in Preferences framm defect minor Core
#1915 Context sensitive help for JMenu uses translated string framm defect major unspecified
#1916 Deleting deactivated plugins under Windows not possible (file in use) framm defect major unspecified
#1917 Failure when drawing area. framm defect major unspecified
#1918 WMS Plugin - NPE maps no longer load since webkit-image changes framm defect minor Plugin
#1919 Grammatical error in string framm defect trivial Plugin
#1920 Doubled word in string defect trivial Core validator
#1921 Odd wording in singular version of sg/pl string. framm defect trivial Plugin
#1922 Typo in validator string defect trivial Core validator
#1928 Portcullis misspelled as porticullis framm defect trivial Core
#1929 Typo in DuplicateWayAction framm defect trivial Plugin
#1930 kebab or kebap? ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1931 String fixes framm defect minor Core
#1932 plugins require JOSM update but I run the most recent tested 1178 framm defect major Plugin
#1933 Capitalization of "Edit" line in presets.xml not unique ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1934 can not install plugins framm defect major unspecified
#1936 Lakewalker: Preferences drop down menu untranslated framm defect minor Plugin
#1939 null pointer exception framm defect major unspecified
#1940 Error in 'msgstr' during traduction defect minor Core validator
#1941 Crash when cancelling downloading plugins framm defect major unspecified
#1942 Uploading data with 0.6 results in NPE stoecker defect major Core
#1944 Fehler beim Starten von JOSM framm defect major unspecified
#1945 beim importieren von schleswig-holstein (geofabrik) ist ein fehler aufgetreten framm defect major unspecified
#1946 Plugin update not working as expected framm defect major Core
#1948 Start after updating plugins throws unknown exception framm defect major unspecified
#1949 Pasting lots of previewsly copied Streets results in error in the last revision (r1204) framm defect major Core
#1953 Changes lost during upload break (abort or server error) framm defect minor Core
#1954 [Patch?] WMS layer display caching broken framm defect minor Plugin
#1955 error message framm defect minor unspecified
#1956 Exception when chaning my password framm defect major Core
#1958 Some ways in the data/multipolygon.osm testfile appear selected with mappaint.multipoylgon=true ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#1959 download new map framm defect critical unspecified
#1960 to small memory framm defect blocker Core
#1962 two exceptions when downloading framm defect major unspecified
#1963 [PATCH] Show some context around found object by making bounding box larger framm defect minor Core
#1964 unable to open GPX file framm defect major unspecified
#1965 Plugins causing problems framm defect major unspecified
#1966 Got exception messagebox with the following description framm defect major unspecified
#1967 [Patch?] Supress "No Data Imported Message" in "Download OSM Data Along this track" xeen defect minor Core
#1969 Wrong Windows Foldername "OpenStrretMap" (in start menu) framm defect trivial unspecified
#1970 [PATCH] geometry mode selection problem framm defect trivial unspecified
#1971 slippymap layer on start always on top framm defect major unspecified
#1972 Error when try to download plugin Sluppy Map Chooser, JOSM 1210 framm defect major unspecified
#1974 unable to open GPX file framm defect major unspecified
#1975 Can't access to wms server url framm defect minor Plugin
#1976 Can't access to wms server url framm defect minor Plugin
#1979 [PATCH] bug: getMousePosition() fails when MToolkit is being used and window is moved framm defect major Core
#1980 Exception on trying to open preferences dialog framm defect minor Core
#1985 Proxy problem with NTLM, Windows and Java 1.6 framm defect major Core
#1986 [PATCH] Usertools cannot be compiled framm defect major Plugin
#1987 Exception after Upgrade from 1178 to 1212 framm defect major unspecified
#1989 Encordning wrong framm defect minor Core
#1990 JOSM 1221 crashes when selecting a building polygon framm defect critical Core
#1991 Repeated errors opening josm-latest (9 Jan) and inb opening gpx in it framm defect major Core
#1992 Error on converting gpx to data layer framm defect major Core
#1994 use built 1221: crashes when selecting an area framm defect major unspecified
#1995 Error by save Water-Area framm defect blocker unspecified
#1996 Edit existing Way framm defect blocker unspecified
#1997 fehler framm defect major unspecified
#1998 New color code gives NPE when preference dialog button is pressed framm defect major Core
#1999 Crash framm defect major unspecified
#2000 ID in selection lists isn't updated after upload until the user does something in the interface framm defect minor Core
#2002 Too many information warnings for named ways defect minor Core validator
#2004 josm crashed while downloading/updating plugins. This was the first run of revision 1229. framm defect major unspecified
#2006 build 1229 exception on startup framm defect minor unspecified
#2007 Validator plugin can not be loaded. framm defect major unspecified
#2009 GPX Import framm defect major unspecified
#2010 NullPointerException on every start framm defect minor unspecified
#2011 Slippy Map Plugin can't be loaded framm defect major Plugin
#2014 selection panel looks strange framm defect minor Core
#2015 moving layers in layer-window seem to be broken framm defect major unspecified
#2016 Moving layers up effects the opposite ce defect major Internal preset
#2017 build 1255 exception on startup framm defect major unspecified
#2018 [PATCH] Filter out bogus MapStatus mouse events framm defect minor Core
#2021 [PATCH] escape some single quotes inside tr() args framm defect minor Core
#2025 [PATCH] ctrl+doubleclick will add two nodes framm defect major Core
#2027 correct projection? framm defect minor Core
#2029 layer initially not displayed according to stacking order framm defect major Core
#2030 [PATCH] URL truncation framm defect major unspecified
#2031 Error when downloading data from the OSM server framm defect major unspecified
#2032 Fehler kam direkt nach erster Benutzung framm defect major unspecified
#2034 upload popups too big, buttons not accessible framm defect minor Core
#2042 Tried to update plugins in josm (maybe lack of root rights? xubuntu) framm defect trivial unspecified
#2047 Mappaint fails to draw way if starting node is invisible stoecker defect major Internal mappaint style
#2050 ewms plugin does not take JOSM projection setting into account framm defect major Plugin
#2051 Bug Report: Occurs when downloading data from OSM server framm defect major unspecified
#2053 Relation selection bug/misfeature framm defect major unspecified
#2054 [PATCH] JOSM allows manipulation of objects on hidden layers framm defect major unspecified
#2055 Zoom to layer extents not working for nodes framm defect major unspecified
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