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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#6835 Deleting wrong named page DiGro defect normal Trac
#7949 No access to LAUNCHPAD DiGro defect major unspecified
#8623 wiki: Use internal links instead of duplicating attachments DiGro enhancement normal Trac
#16902 Fatal: failed to locate image 'display.???' after not enough space on the disk diogobaptista98@… defect major Core
#5227 problem with columbus audio-files in josm dk31519 defect normal Plugin
#5576 Rename of WMS links Dmitry <DJTerentjev@…> defect normal Core imagery
#3584 Yahoo Sat incorrectly loads images dmitry.olyenyov@… defect normal Core imagery
#1647 [PATCH] Export as GPX, XLS, ... dmuecke enhancement major unspecified
#2064 [PATCH] TangoGPS log file import dmuecke enhancement minor Plugin dataimport
#2245 Speed up merge operation for large datasets (> 50k) dmuecke enhancement major Core
#2321 wayend node near other highway dmuecke defect major Core validator
#2331 MacOS X interactive download map dmuecke defect major Core
#2440 JOSM API 0.5 file import not working properly dmuecke defect major Core
#2594 [PATCH] problem with "unsaved changes" dmuecke defect minor Core
#2672 [PATCH] java.lang.NullPointerException at org.openstreetmap.josm.plugins.measurement.MeasurementLayer.calcDistance( dmuecke defect major Plugin
#2703 [PATCH] server capabilities check before upload dmuecke defect minor Core
#2721 error in german translation of validator plugin dmuecke defect trivial Core validator
#2739 Error while parsing example.gpx: Content is not allowed in prolog. dmuecke defect major Core
#2755 [PATCH] data error caused by duplicate node fix applied outside of the downloaded area dmuecke defect major Core validator
#2762 Invalid data on upload dmuecke defect major Core
#2799 Add new library (Apache Commons Lang) dmuecke enhancement minor Core
#2802 [PATCH] java.util.regex.PatternSyntaxException: Unexpected internal error dmuecke defect minor Core
#2850 [PATCH] unhandled Exception when trying to download data while offline dmuecke defect minor Core
#2866 Adding new WMS server dmuecke defect major Core imagery
#2950 tcx import is broken in version 1788 dmuecke defect major Core
#2951 Can not import CSV file Columbus dmuecke defect major Plugin
#2965 [PATCH] Way download throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException and rais "Unerwateter Fehler" window dmuecke defect minor Plugin
#3005 Upload to OSM API failed dmuecke defect major Core
#3045 [PATCH] waydownloader: NullPointerException in duplicateNode() dmuecke defect minor Plugin
#3048 [PATCH] wish: fileselct per default *.osm-selection dmuecke defect major Core
#3059 Validator does not detect crossing building dmuecke defect major Core validator
#3116 NullPointerException when creating a relation without the data layer selected dmuecke defect major Core
#3165 [PATCH] moving map on a macbook withouth external mouse dmuecke defect major Core
#3191 [PATCH] NPE in RemoteControl if no data layer loaded dmuecke defect minor Plugin
#3205 [PATCH] arange orthogonal not working dmuecke defect minor Core
#3256 deleting the data layer not includes the validator layer dmuecke defect minor Core validator
#3298 WMS -Warn if URL is not correct dmuecke enhancement normal Core imagery
#3306 [PATCH] Restriction "no-u-turn" dont work when "via-way" has wrong orientation dmuecke defect minor Core
#3318 [PATCH] josm opens modal error dialog for every block that fails to download dmuecke defect normal Core
#3325 WMSPlugin needs to be updated for new DiskAccessAction dmuecke defect normal Core imagery
#3425 [PATCH] Import Audio gives excessive warnings (only one is necessary) dmuecke defect normal Core
#3437 Klick auf "Ansicht->Osmarender" führte zum Absturz dmuecke defect normal Plugin
#3448 exception error in wms plugin dmuecke defect major Core imagery
#3531 Validator - false positives in "way end node near other way" dmuecke defect normal 14.01 Core validator
#5209 [patch] SelectionListDialog performance issues doctau@… defect normal Core
#2089 mp3 support Don-vip enhancement major 17.06 Core audio
#4161 [patch] Major slowdown in recent versions Don-vip defect major Core
#6343 [Patch needs review] Relation windows don't remember their last position Don-vip defect normal Core
#6373 Uploading deleted nodes that are still referenced by relations leads to unfixable editor state Don-vip defect normal 14.02 Core
#6940 Import does not work Don-vip defect normal Plugin imagery-xml-bounds
#6960 Download GPX traces with Ctrl+L Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#6982 broken TMS url leads to exceptions Don-vip defect normal Core
#7026 autocompletion stopped working for changeset comments Don-vip defect normal Core
#7028 Dragging map is extremely slow when large GPX file is loaded Don-vip defect major Core
#7101 Undoing a node addition causes an exception in r4623 Don-vip defect critical Core
#7110 Adding a node to multipolygon causes an exception Don-vip defect critical Core
#7113 NPE after Split Way - Undo Don-vip defect major Core
#7118 Deleting a way in Draw mode leads to ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException Don-vip defect normal Core
#7131 Multipolygon is not displayed correctly Don-vip defect normal Core
#7162 undoing multipolygon changes causes exception Don-vip defect normal Core
#7173 Unexpected Exception when purging a way in a Multipolygon Don-vip defect major Core
#7194 Fail to update a way loaded from osmChange that have been deleted after Don-vip defect normal Core
#7195 Area fill of multipolygon not moved back when multipolygon move is canceled Don-vip defect normal Core
#7541 Preferences changeListener broken, triggered multiple times when switching to a net-yet-created pref tab Don-vip defect normal Core
#7573 opendata: NullPointerException Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#7607 Opendata plugin does not build Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#7684 upload=false prevents merging Don-vip defect normal Core
#7695 Don't invite to upload data which has not been downloaded Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#7714 Opendata: import KML failed Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#7787 Opendata plugin uses Java 7 API in dependent libraries Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#7855 conflict dialog: CCE selecting a way Don-vip defect normal Core
#7961 Adding sources & links Don-vip defect normal Plugin tag2link
#7962 Problem with <source /> tag in the wiki. Don-vip defect normal Plugin tag2link
#7976 Get downloaded gpx areas Don-vip enhancement normal 14.09 Core
#7978 Merging nodes is broken. Don-vip defect critical Core
#7982 plugins crashing with r5466 Don-vip defect major Core
#7984 Conflict between opendata plugin and ImportImagePlugin Don-vip defect major Plugin opendata
#7995 Buildin plugin crash after starting draw building when i click second point to create it Don-vip defect major Core
#7999 Change r5464 broke display of texts for marker layer Don-vip defect normal Core
#8006 [Patch] Download remote marker layer Don-vip defect minor Core
#8168 preset combo boxes - text is cut off Don-vip defect normal Core
#8209 External jar for plugins. Log4j in two plugins cause crash. Don-vip defect major Core
#8248 picture displayed with switch longitude/latitude Don-vip defect major Plugin geotools
#8276 wireframe: hidden segments in selection preview highlighting Don-vip defect normal Core
#8305 Validator bugs with new addr:* tests Don-vip defect normal Core validator
#8307 update data: do not check for additional imagery fo every BBOX separately Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#8309 while opening shapefile with opendata Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#8313 exception downloading area Don-vip defect major Core
#8314 "house number too far from street": useless selection and always positiv for incomplete objects Don-vip defect normal Core validator
#8403 Show combined length of selected ways in status bar Don-vip enhancement minor Core
#8428 Buttons in side windows missing Don-vip defect normal Core
#8433 NPEs when opening relation editor or selecting in list from selection toggle dialog's context menu with active filter of relation list Don-vip defect normal Core
#8469 French opendata Don-vip defect normal Plugin opendata
#8518 Incorrect automatic tag correction when reversing a way Don-vip defect normal Core
#8530 NPE when loading external preset "Step properties" with JOSM >= 5783 Don-vip defect normal Core
#8547 Wrong Lenght of way (minus 1) is displayed in status line Don-vip defect normal Core
#8561 Replace 'warning, you will need to restart' alert after plugin installation with confirmation box Don-vip enhancement minor Core
#8567 Ошибка в JOSM Don-vip defect normal Core
#8609 Merging existing revert-changeset information to empty dataset fails Don-vip defect normal Core
#8610 [Patch] getAreaText corrupts some area values Don-vip defect normal Core
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