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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1480 Viewport is only shown gray if you try to zoom in framm defect major Core
#1481 railway=tram is not visible framm defect major Core
#1482 missing space in error message framm defect trivial Core
#1483 [PATCH] two slippy map plugin layers framm defect minor Plugin
#1484 slippy map plugin crash framm defect major Plugin
#1485 Add "operator" text box for post_box and telephone amenity dialogs ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#1487 validator: inner polygon of multipolygon relation is reported as untagged way framm enhancement minor Plugin
#1488 NPE on opening files on Windows framm defect major Core
#1491 msg "No data imported" gives really nothing framm enhancement major Core
#1495 change rendering style of "non connected nodes" framm enhancement minor Core
#1502 Remove unwanted GPX tracks from downloaded layer framm enhancement minor Core
#1507 Password field of preferences defective framm defect major Core
#1508 Typo in lang-de plugin framm defect trivial Plugin
#1509 Allow deselection of way/node with Shift+Click framm enhancement minor Core
#1511 exception IndexOutOfBounds framm defect major Core
#1514 validate plugin, doesn't start framm defect major Core
#1515 [PATCH] SelectionListDialog: Zoom to selection (via PopupMenu) framm enhancement major Core
#1516 At least lang-de does not show hint how to deselect a selection framm enhancement minor Core
#1517 Exception when moving a node at a junction of three ways framm defect major Core
#1518 Start with Validator-Plugin defect major Core validator
#1519 [PATCH] Fix NumberFormatException in NmeaReader framm defect major Core
#1520 NullPointerException while Closing Preferences framm defect critical Core
#1524 speed colouring lost when converting gpx forth-back to data framm defect minor Core
#1526 JOSM cannot deactivate validator plugin framm defect major unspecified
#1527 Automatically copy link from the clipboard to download map data window framm enhancement trivial Core
#1528 exception on downloading framm defect major Plugin
#1529 NullPointerException when Opening Waypoints from Garmin framm defect major Core
#1530 Wrong distance, if you zoom out framm defect major Core
#1531 opening gpx file framm defect major unspecified
#1532 JOSM NullPointerException on GPX import in r943 framm defect major unspecified
#1533 Fehlermeldung "unerwarteter Fehler" framm defect major unspecified
#1534 Print XML errors in presets during loading stage and not when using them framm enhancement minor Core
#1535 when loading gpx: java.lang.NullPointerException framm defect major unspecified
#1536 [PATCH] osmarender plugin does not create output framm defect major Plugin
#1540 NullPointerException after loading GPX file framm defect major unspecified
#1541 move WMS-Layer Button framm defect major Plugin
#1542 layer order and slippymap-plugin framm enhancement major Plugin
#1543 Fehlermeldung nach Laden einer *.gpx-Datei (bearbeitet und gespeichert mit Mapsource v14) framm defect major unspecified
#1544 AgPifoJ: PluginException while going through geo images (de: bei Durchblättern von Geofotos Fehlermeldung) Christian Gallioz <christian.gallioz@…> defect major Plugin
#1545 Enable status bar for current nodes/ways framm enhancement minor Core
#1546 view history from JOSM framm enhancement minor unspecified
#1548 Add default presets in toolbar menu framm enhancement minor Core
#1549 Audio data not cleared when menu removed. David Earl <david@…> defect minor Core
#1550 [PATCH] PNGs should be optimized framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1551 Use of Trac Roadmap framm defect major unspecified
#1552 Suggestion: Show object types for items in the presets menus framm enhancement trivial Core
#1553 lang-de: Tooltip für Zoom-Tool enthält falsche Tastaturbefehle framm defect minor Plugin
#1554 SlippyMap plugin: excaption and other oddities framm defect major Plugin
#1555 Downloaded GPS data is displayed in reverse framm defect major Core
#1556 Shortcut for zoom in does not work framm defect major unspecified
#1557 Wrong value when using Preset->Waypoints->Services ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1558 Feature request: prohibit actions outside the bounding box framm enhancement major Core
#1559 foot=designated ignores highway=* ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#1560 [PATCH] Add splash screen during startup framm defect minor Core
#1561 JOSM throws exception opening a specific full relation framm defect blocker unspecified
#1563 OSGeo & Contours & everything opensource framm defect major unspecified
#1564 JOSM und Plugin Measurement framm defect major Plugin
#1566 Java Error when splash screen is clicked. framm defect major Core
#1567 virtual nodes rendering framm defect major unspecified
#1568 exception during conflict resolving xeen defect minor Core
#1569 untagged "inner" members of multipolygons are reported untagged way warning by validator framm defect minor Plugin
#1570 Lakewalker Plugin: Exception framm defect major Plugin
#1571 error after selecting a slippy map and downloading the data framm defect major unspecified
#1572 [PATCH] OpenLayers framm defect minor Plugin
#1573 out of memory problem framm defect major unspecified
#1574 Slippy Map plugin crashes on r-click framm defect major Plugin
#1575 Need access to "current" relation framm enhancement major Core
#1576 Certain images with 1-bit-alpha channel lose their transparency team defect minor 14.09 Core
#1577 add a preference to set the font size for icon names framm enhancement minor Core
#1579 landuse:farmland or landuse:farm? anonymous defect minor Internal preset
#1580 [PATCH] Create circle action framm enhancement minor Core
#1581 translation for lang_de gate -> Tor framm defect trivial Plugin
#1582 [PATCH] Second MergeNodes Action to merge onto the other node framm enhancement trivial Core
#1583 Combine way does not work framm defect major Core
#1584 Typo in lang-de framm defect minor Plugin
#1585 BeimRunterladen von OSM Daten abgestürzt framm defect major unspecified
#1586 [PATCH] support for regional names framm enhancement major unspecified
#1587 NPE while Trying to set user name and password in preferences framm defect major Core
#1588 Various cleaning up framm defect minor Core
#1589 [PATCH] A Halfway Decent OS X Integration framm enhancement minor Core
#1590 livegps and surveyor have broken keyboard shortcuts framm defect minor Plugin
#1591 Menu item "Wireframe" behaves differently framm defect minor Core
#1592 r1000 breaks JOSM, lots of undefined symbol errors during compilation framm defect blocker unspecified
#1593 bug in open a permalink framm defect blocker unspecified
#1594 Simplify Way deletes nodes that are connected to other ways, if you use it you will delete crossings framm defect major Plugin
#1595 Exception when attempting to run Lakewalker framm defect major unspecified
#1596 bei "Datei öffnen" kommt Fehler (immer noch) framm defect minor unspecified
#1597 Align Nodes In Rectangle does not work in default projection framm enhancement minor unspecified
#1598 [PATCH] JOSM does not check if password dialog of upload is aborted framm defect major Core
#1599 possibly out of memory framm defect major unspecified
#1600 PATCH - Fixed spelling in UnGlue Way action framm defect minor Core
#1601 JOSM crashed framm defect major unspecified
#1602 [PATCH #2] ambiguous scale bar rendering (de: unklare Maßstab-Skala in JOSM) framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1603 Idea: Preset dialog enhancement idea ce enhancement trivial Internal preset
#1604 Unvorhergesehener Fehler beim öffnen der Einstellungen (F12) framm defect major Plugin
#1605 Ich bekomme immer noch die Fehlermeldung "unerwarteter Fehler" wenn ich über den Dialog DAtei-Öffnen... versuche eine Datei zu öffnen framm defect major unspecified
#1606 [PATCH] JOSM puts prefdialog in upper left corner framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1607 [PATCH] Only draw a reasonable amout of arrows on GPS traces framm enhancement minor Core
#1608 JOSM should have a better window icon framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1609 josm reports this error every time it is started, but it seems to work quite normal afterwards. framm defect major unspecified
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