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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2207 creating of a parallel way (like 'p'-key in potlatch) team enhancement minor Core
#2208 Color dialog should handle "Layer" colors separately team enhancement minor Core
#2209 Remember positions of different windows team enhancement minor Core
#2210 [PATCH] "History of Element" will open an OSM history page for element with id 0 team defect minor Core
#2211 [PATCH] relation dialog - saving changed roles doesn't work anymore xeen defect blocker Core
#2214 [PATCH] "Export to GPX" -> "Export options" presumes that osm-server.username is an E-Mail address team enhancement trivial Core
#2215 "Export to GPX" -> "Export options" -> "Add author information" will forget filled in values team defect minor Core
#2216 "Edit a Vending_machine" should be changed to "Edit a Vending machine" in presets/translations team defect minor Core
#2217 [PATCH] "Update Data" should display a "No data to update" dialog when no OSM layer is loaded team defect minor Core
#2218 deep zoom unusable due to masses of strange lines malenki defect major Core
#2221 Unexcepted Exception when typing into "Change values?" box with an input method on Mac OS X team defect critical Core
#2222 Add a configurable preference to allow user decide whether use "name" or "name:langcode" team defect major Core
#2223 When click in "Select, move and rotate mode", JOSM should not automatically switch to "Draw node mode" and add a new node team defect major Core
#2226 [Patch] Make the preset display in the selection dialog clickable team enhancement minor Core
#2227 Copy between layers without move team enhancement major Core
#2229 [patch] Problems compiling (ant) revision 1436 team defect minor Core
#2230 [PATCH] Catch Loose Status Line Collector Thread team defect trivial Core
#2231 error after configuration team defect major Core
#2232 [PATCH] make relation dialog show restriction type team enhancement trivial Core
#2233 [PATCH] "Draw mode" instable xeen defect blocker Core
#2234 Translation can cause JosmActions to illegally handle shortcuts team defect major Core
#2235 save your edits every x minutes team enhancement major Core
#2236 [patch] Cannot edit/delete memberships in relations for untagged ways team defect major Core
#2237 Initial data loading no longer zooms to bounding box team defect major Core
#2238 Calling Relation editor using properties dialog should update RelationList team enhancement major Core
#2240 [Patch] First segment of way sometimes not drawn xeen defect major Core
#2241 rubber-band helper line displayed after creating a single node team defect minor Core
#2242 <CTRL>+Klick in Slect mode should toggle team enhancement minor Core
#2243 Better indication that nothing will be done in Draw mode team defect major Core
#2245 Speed up merge operation for large datasets (> 50k) dmuecke enhancement major Core
#2246 Waypoints not displayed team defect minor Core
#2247 [PATCH] Search history should not contain repeated items team enhancement minor Core
#2249 [PATCH] Fix Draw Mode Cursor some more team defect minor Core
#2250 more problems by set new node team defect critical Core
#2251 Fehler beim Zoom in Interaktiver Karte jpstotz defect major Core
#2252 josm-latest fails to start without .preferences file flo@… defect major Core
#2253 Include the Icelandic translation among the launchpad translations synced to JOSM's i18n/po directory team enhancement minor Core
#2256 How does merging of downloaded data work? team defect major Core
#2258 0.6 - put changeset comment textbox on the upload dialog team defect minor Core
#2261 "Wireframe View" should be turned into a JosmAction team defect minor Core
#2263 Shift+click in add mode no longer starts a new way team defect major Core
#2264 Area deselection is broken team defect major Core
#2265 most icons only dummy-icons team defect critical Core
#2267 java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: worker team defect major Core
#2268 Random connecting and disconnecting of points Zdeněk Pražák defect major Core
#2269 Upload is broken team defect blocker Core
#2276 Insert coordinates by right-clicking team enhancement minor Core
#2279 [PATCH] Add option to full screen JOSM to View menu team enhancement minor Core
#2282 Unexpected error when using ctrl-shift-x (Draw lines between raw gps points) with no data loaded team defect trivial Core
#2283 Download raw gps along this track team enhancement normal Core
#2285 [PATCH] Changeset [1480] removed JOSM_EXTERN from WikiReader which is still used by HelpAction team defect blocker Core
#2286 [PATCH] --[no-]fullscreen option should be called --[no-]maximize team defect minor Core
#2287 [PATCH] Prefer new node when selecting after unglue team enhancement minor Core
#2288 Some kind of layer would be very nice! team enhancement major Core
#2289 Copy the Definition of a Relation team enhancement minor Core
#2290 josm-latest is unable to start team defect blocker Core
#2294 "National_Park" in presets should be "National Park" team defect minor Core
#2295 "News about JOSM" link in About dialog is out of date team defect minor Core
#2297 JOSM Webstart fails at loading plugins team defect major Core
#2299 Java WebStart doesn't work under OpenJDK 6 (java.lang.NoSuchMethodException JOSM.main) team defect blocker Core
#2300 Disable plugin dialog is confusing team defect minor Core
#2301 Java WebStart can't load any plugins team defect minor Core
#2302 [PATCH] OsmPrimite shouldn't expose public fields team defect major Core
#2305 [PATCH] "More information about this feature" preset links don't work (but other links do) team defect major Core
#2308 JOSM freezes after a few edits team defect major Core
#2309 [PATCH] Exception might get lost when ExecutorService is used team defect major Core
#2311 Fehlermeldung bei plugin Editgpx team defect major Core
#2312 [PATCH] Lower memory usage using string interning team enhancement major Core
#2313 Draw Action handling draw start wrong xeen defect minor Core
#2314 Add orthogonal drawing mode team enhancement minor Core
#2315 Selection support using middle mouse button team enhancement minor Core
#2316 Improve Inactive Presets handling team defect minor Core
#2317 [patch] Displayed Angle (relative) doesn't work team defect major Core
#2322 Regression in r2038 (patches "JOSM destroys its preferences, when disk is full") xeen defect major Core
#2323 Cant upload .. compileced from svn with ant on Mac OS X team defect major Core
#2324 paste tags doesn't work from nodes to ways team defect major Core
#2325 webkit-image compilation under MacOS X team defect major Core
#2326 keyboard shortcut under MacOS X team defect minor Core
#2329 Ability to shift-select in layers in layer dialog team enhancement minor Core
#2330 opening preferences raises a null pointer exception with Java1.5 team defect major Core
#2331 MacOS X interactive download map dmuecke defect major Core
#2332 MacOS X interactive download map team defect major Core
#2333 Relation Download via JOSM team enhancement major Core
#2334 Papierkorb klicken bis alle Layer weg sind. team defect major Core
#2338 Crash after selection of 1 node and 4 ways (not reproduceable) team defect major Core
#2339 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError for usertools, wmsplugin and validator team defect major Core
#2340 Error occured whilst entering points - first use of this version of JOSM team defect major Core
#2341 Combine MessageOfTheDay team defect major Core
#2344 zooom to layer fails if only single waypoint in GPX layer team defect major Core
#2345 [PAtch] Draw Mode Reactivated after applying preset to node xeen defect minor Core
#2346 Changing track and points coloring via Layers context menu team enhancement major Core
#2347 NoSuchMethod exception with svn 1520 team defect major Core
#2349 Zoom to map when downloading new area team defect minor Core
#2351 Drop-down box too small in menu Add key/value team defect minor Core
#2352 Help -> Help -> Error team defect major Core
#2353 Wrong relation upload order results in 512 Precondition Failed team defect minor Core
#2354 WMS & Usertools cant load after start of JOSM team defect critical Core
#2355 JOSM 1504 no login satart defect major Core
#2358 [PATCH] Boolean test for case sensitive flipped in search history team defect minor Core
#2359 Saving a gpx -> java.lang.ClassCastException in GpxWriter.writeAttr team defect major Core
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