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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#2044 Auto-complete framm enhancement minor unspecified
#2045 [PATCH] Slow down connecting progress bar animation framm enhancement minor Core
#2046 [PATCH] to zoom to the last downloaded area framm enhancement minor Core
#2060 ant dependency fail: svn up && ant dist != svn up ant clean dist framm defect minor Core
#2064 [PATCH] TangoGPS log file import dmuecke enhancement minor Plugin dataimport
#2065 scale display corrupt for big scales team defect minor Core
#2066 use doubleclick for extended selection framm enhancement minor Core
#2067 Feature request: validation cancel button framm enhancement minor Core validator
#2071 panel size greatly unbalanced framm defect minor Core
#2088 [PATCH] Pasting link to download window broken xeen defect minor Core
#2090 Coding error reported on starting JOSM with 27 Jan 09 version and accessing Edit/Preferences framm defect minor unspecified
#2091 [PATCH] blue link for map features URL ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#2092 Turkish translation framm enhancement minor Core
#2093 [PATCH] Fix "Search" button in toolbar framm defect minor unspecified
#2094 [PATCH] Fix "Validate" button for "Toolbar preferences" framm defect minor unspecified
#2097 wrong scale display on very far zoom framm defect minor Core
#2098 [PATCH] different zoom steps on zooming in or out framm defect minor Core
#2099 plugin - validator - parse key noname framm enhancement minor Core validator
#2101 JOSM shouldn't start full-screen framm defect minor Core
#2112 [PATCH] define scale or zoom level by number framm enhancement minor unspecified
#2115 [PATCH] MOTD gets reloaded every time it is shown again; output is not cleaned correctly xeen defect minor unspecified
#2117 Gtk-critical framm defect minor Core
#2119 Undocked window stays on top of all other windows framm defect minor Core
#2121 [PATCH] josm should have gpl2-text framm defect minor Core
#2122 [patch] Disable preset menu items depending on selected object framm enhancement minor Internal preset
#2124 AgPifoJ plugin: images not located Christian Gallioz <christian.gallioz@…> defect minor Plugin
#2126 crashed with out of heap message framm defect minor unspecified
#2132 [PATCH] exception when using nodes: with non-numeric parameter framm defect minor Core
#2133 How to select/view points in a set of GPX file data framm enhancement minor Core
#2135 [PATCH] JOSM presets: updates from osm2go ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#2138 [PATCH] Can't drag and drop files onto startup screen xeen defect minor Core
#2140 [PATCH] JOSM error when moving way+nodes when it is part of relation with at least one node not downloaded framm defect minor unspecified
#2141 Problem displaying node[place=continent] .osm from xapi framm defect minor unspecified
#2149 Supply presets for created objects framm enhancement minor Core
#2150 startup says update wmsplugin, update-mechanism says "all plugins up to date" framm defect minor unspecified
#2155 Show Tag preview in tagging presets framm enhancement minor Core
#2156 Can't open the preferences under Mac OS X framm defect minor Core
#2157 Show row number in file open failure message team enhancement minor Core
#2158 Some Tools for better and faster editing anonymous enhancement minor unspecified
#2159 [PATCH] slippy_map_chooser doesn't remember where I am when switching fullscreen mode jpstotz defect minor Core
#2160 [PATCH] Allow bugreport text to be available also without Exception framm enhancement minor Core
#2162 starting JOSM directly from downoad results in message framm defect minor unspecified
#2165 When I delete all layers, there is a crash of the "ImageWayPoint" plugin. framm defect minor Plugin
#2168 [PATCH] karte geschlossen, karte neu laden lassen, ausnahmefehler xeen defect minor unspecified
#2169 Address preset mask should take over last opened address items framm enhancement minor Core
#2170 Add shortcut support to all actions without shortcuts team enhancement minor Core shortcuts
#2172 [PATCH] ReverseWayTagCorrector's role correction is broken framm defect minor Core
#2174 [PATCH] Select box for icons wrong framm defect minor Core
#2175 Do something about spam framm enhancement minor unspecified
#2177 Add via ways to restriction handling framm defect minor Core
#2180 Error in loading plugins framm defect minor unspecified
#2181 Reset color button in color preferences framm enhancement minor Core
#2182 Clicking restriction relation symbol should select relation framm enhancement minor Core
#2183 Optimize i18n to save space framm enhancement minor Core
#2184 Selecting tool roundbox is drawing too slow fatbozz defect minor unspecified
#2185 [PATCH] Various cleanup framm defect minor Core
#2187 [PATCH] Useless space in RelationEditor xeen defect minor Core
#2188 validator Crash on check defect minor Core validator
#2191 Validator plugin should check for double nodes in way enhancement minor Core validator
#2195 [PATCH] Werkzeug "Überlappende Flächen verbinden" erzeugt Fehlermeldung xeen enhancement minor unspecified
#2196 [PATCH] Shutdown Getting Started Threads framm defect minor unspecified
#2198 Orthogonalise 180 degrees framm enhancement minor Core
#2201 Validator reports "ss" in "Strasse" enhancement minor Core validator
#2202 tool for creating tunnel and bridges in relations framm enhancement minor Core
#2205 Keyboard handling of map chooser hardcoded (not in hotkey handler) team defect minor Core shortcuts
#2207 creating of a parallel way (like 'p'-key in potlatch) team enhancement minor Core
#2208 Color dialog should handle "Layer" colors separately team enhancement minor Core
#2209 Remember positions of different windows team enhancement minor Core
#2210 [PATCH] "History of Element" will open an OSM history page for element with id 0 team defect minor Core
#2213 access tags on nodes should be warned ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#2215 "Export to GPX" -> "Export options" -> "Add author information" will forget filled in values team defect minor Core
#2216 "Edit a Vending_machine" should be changed to "Edit a Vending machine" in presets/translations team defect minor Core
#2217 [PATCH] "Update Data" should display a "No data to update" dialog when no OSM layer is loaded team defect minor Core
#2224 barrier = cycle_barrier ist not allowed an there is no template team defect minor Core validator
#2225 [PATCH] WMS-Plugin creates cache-files that exceed the filename or path length limit of windows xeen defect minor Plugin
#2226 [Patch] Make the preset display in the selection dialog clickable team enhancement minor Core
#2229 [patch] Problems compiling (ant) revision 1436 team defect minor Core
#2239 Help link team defect minor unspecified
#2241 rubber-band helper line displayed after creating a single node team defect minor Core
#2242 <CTRL>+Klick in Slect mode should toggle team enhancement minor Core
#2246 Waypoints not displayed team defect minor Core
#2247 [PATCH] Search history should not contain repeated items team enhancement minor Core
#2248 Sac_scale ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#2249 [PATCH] Fix Draw Mode Cursor some more team defect minor Core
#2253 Include the Icelandic translation among the launchpad translations synced to JOSM's i18n/po directory team enhancement minor Core
#2257 [PATCH] update information=* usage ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#2258 0.6 - put changeset comment textbox on the upload dialog team defect minor Core
#2259 display housenumbers instead of icons ulfl enhancement minor Internal mappaint style
#2261 "Wireframe View" should be turned into a JosmAction team defect minor Core
#2270 Icons missing ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#2271 WMS plugin: Remember WMS offset team enhancement minor Core imagery
#2272 remote control crash team defect minor Plugin
#2275 [PATCH] DirectUpload bigger & resizeable window wanted team enhancement minor Plugin
#2276 Insert coordinates by right-clicking team enhancement minor Core
#2278 [PATCH] DirectUpload plugin has untranslatable "Description" and "Tags" tooltips team defect minor Plugin
#2279 [PATCH] Add option to full screen JOSM to View menu team enhancement minor Core
#2281 inheritance and colors Landwirt defect minor Internal mappaint style
#2286 [PATCH] --[no-]fullscreen option should be called --[no-]maximize team defect minor Core
#2287 [PATCH] Prefer new node when selecting after unglue team enhancement minor Core
#2289 Copy the Definition of a Relation team enhancement minor Core
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