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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#4714 - team defect normal Core
#12120 - Marlok defect normal Core
#15045 ! team defect normal Core
#5666 ? team defect normal Core
#13837 ? team defect normal Core
#16027 ? team defect normal Core
#16774 ... team defect normal Core
#2116 0.6 - Changeset comment dialog blocked by upload progress dialog framm defect blocker Core
#1793 0.6 changeset dialog pops under progress dialog framm defect blocker Core
#735 0.6-Patch: version of new primitives created by cloning can become out-of-sync framm defect critical Core
#2258 0.6 - put changeset comment textbox on the upload dialog team defect minor Core
#502 0 node framm defect major Plugin
#9570 {0.tag} not working anymore team defect normal 14.01 Core validator
#13581 10966 has forgotten GPX-Colours from previous tested team defect normal 16.10 Core
#2058 [1298] by ulfl breaks relation workflow: Currently selected objects are deselected when adding relation tags framm defect major Core
#2059 [1309] by stoecker breaks JOSM compilation under Java 61298 framm defect blocker Core
#10935 15 sec delay on first Download and Upload A_Pirard defect normal Core
#12125 180 east/west team defect normal Core
#17282 19.01 release? stoecker task normal 19.01 Trac
#420 1. I load gpx file, then download map data from server. Then I get this error. framm defect major Core
#11513 {1.key} not working in fixChangeKey team defect normal 15.05 Core validator
#14809 1 minute, 3 nodes & I hit a bug michael2402 defect critical Core
#3097 1 picture shift in AgPifoJ-Plugin team defect major Core image mapping
#4410 2877 does not start Luebeck defect blocker Core
#7348 2.nd bug report as asked from josm... team defect normal Core
#12738 2nd + later terrace is missing addr:street key/value, whilst 1st terrace contains it team defect normal Plugin terracer
#15149 2 "Registered Toolbar Action" errors when creating a new preference file team defect trivial 17.08 Core
#6348 2 types of motorvehicle in josm Allroads defect normal Core
#5456 3 team defect normal Core
#4559 3009 fails to start team defect normal Core
#5025 3237 problems with relations Andreaz.Anderzzon@… defect major Core
#6000 3915 no Bing Background team defect normal Core
#16824 400 Bad Request Error with a WMS provider team defect normal Core imagery
#16445 404 Error at style URL kolesar defect normal External mappaint style
#359 412 precondition failed - Split and merge ignore relations? josm@… defect blocker Core
#1766 "412 Precondition failed"-upload-error when working with relations framm defect major unspecified
#1748 412 server error for relations is not flagged framm defect major Core
#6976 4487 - keine Verbindung zum Server anonymous defect major Core
#3138 500 - Internal Server Error while downloading GPS-raw and OSM data team defect minor Core
#11521 503 Error when using Mapillary plugin nokutu defect normal Plugin mapillary
#7510 5086 bug memory 13et@… defect normal Applet
#6821 509 - "You have downloaded to much data" causes unhandled exception team defect major Core
#16566 64bit vs 32 bit Java team defect normal Core
#9656 6792 - Problem Upload delete way team defect blocker 14.02 Core
#4636 6 Not localised strings in Russian version team defect normal Core
#6200 #7840981 (ещё редактируется) team defect minor Core
#11426 8339, update? download? windows installer registry team defect normal Installer Windows
#11589 8519 does not run team defect normal Core
#11596 8524 doesn't start at all team defect blocker Core
#13943 Abbruch Programm - Ausführung hängt pieren defect normal Plugin cadastre-fr
#16 Ability for way to take on properties of a segment when way is created using existing segments imi enhancement minor unspecified
#389 ability required to start new way from existing node framm defect major Core
#6974 Ability to add custom search from search dialog team defect normal Core
#7343 Ability to change layer by KEY conbination team enhancement normal Core
#3744 Ability to choose layer in slippymap browser team enhancement minor Core
#13990 Ability to collapse "rare" combinations in the presets team enhancement minor Internal preset
#8 ability to combine two (or more ways together) imi enhancement major unspecified
#4692 ability to copy and paste tags from one way to another team enhancement normal Core
#12628 Ability to copy coordinates from History dialog team enhancement normal 16.04 Core
#3135 ability to copy id of selected object to copy-paste buffer team enhancement trivial Core
#2 Ability to delete GPX points before exporting imi enhancement minor Core
#4651 Ability to download incomplete relation from selection team enhancement normal Core
#5146 Ability to have OR behavior with filters team enhancement normal Core
#13661 Ability to highlight by user id team enhancement normal Core mappaint
#7058 Ability to load gzipped NMEA files team enhancement normal 15.10 Core
#4904 ability to share OSM tile cache with FoxtrotGPS team enhancement minor Core imagery
#2329 Ability to shift-select in layers in layer dialog team enhancement minor Core
#7114 ability to upload/download pictures directly to/from team enhancement normal Plugin photo_geotagging
#13804 a bit more grouping in the validator tree Klumbumbus enhancement normal 16.10 Core validator
#13825 about copy paste problem in your latest version team defect normal Core
#8011 About dialog improvements team enhancement minor 18.05 Core
#720 about draw.rawgps.max-line-length cost of computation framm enhancement minor Core
#12195 About Rectified images From Imagery tool bar team defect normal Core imagery
#8584 About screen does not allow text copying team enhancement minor Core
#16564 AbstractWikidataActionApiTest is considered as a JUnit test floscher defect normal Plugin wikipedia
#7860 absturz team defect normal Core
#13675 Absturz team defect normal Core
#8112 Absturz bei Hochladen team defect normal Core
#14583 Absturz beim Auswählen des zu ladenden Kartenausschnitts Rub21 defect normal Plugin tofix
#15440 Absturz beim Beenden jBeata defect normal Plugin mapdust
#2148 Absturz beim Laden neue Pluginversionen bzw. Plugins framm defect major Plugin
#3944 Absturz beim Öffnen der Vorlage Café aus dem Menü Creando defect major Core
#12291 Absturz beim Schließen von JOSM mit Hinweis auf Plugin ImproveOSM jBeata defect minor Plugin ImproveOsm
#3769 Absturz beim Start team defect normal Core
#14227 Absturz beim Versuch das Pug-in CAD tools zu nutzen Anamaria.Rotariu defect normal Plugin cadtools
#10847 Absturz beim Zeichnen von zusammenhängenden Gebäuden. team defect normal Core
#13964 Absturz bei Nutzung des Hausnummern Plugins (aufruf über Taste "k") team defect normal Core
#9146 Absturz bei Zugriff auf Notes-Plugin team defect normal Plugin
#752 Absturz gerade framm defect critical Core
#6065 Absturz, wenn Remote-Controll während des Startens benutzt wird team defect minor Core
#14940 A bug in JOSM team defect normal Core
#15516 A bug with style updates team defect normal Core mappaint
#4590 Accent team defect normal Core
#10786 Accentued characters are lost (on Mac OS X with french keyboard layout) team defect normal Core
#7329 accès à la ville de Brest team defect normal Core
#15722 AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThread") team defect normal 18.01 Core mappaint
#4272 Accessor not public team defect normal Core
#9806 Access OSM API via SSL by default team enhancement normal 14.03 Core
#2213 access tags on nodes should be warned ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#3730 Access to repo team enhancement normal Plugin
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