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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#6063 NullPointerException testing OAuth in Applet team defect normal Applet
#6566 JOSM 4201 am MAC (10.6.8 mit aktuellstem JAVA) umax974@… defect normal Applet
#6613 JOSM 4223 interface bug with MacOS X padorange defect major Applet
#7510 5086 bug memory 13et@… defect normal Applet
#7611 java webstart edition needs only java 1.5? team defect normal Applet
#8656 JOSM doesn't start team defect major Applet
#10787 login problems team defect normal Applet
#1 Import of background images from an image server imi enhancement critical Core
#2 Ability to delete GPX points before exporting imi enhancement minor Core
#3 Different colors for tagged nodes/segments/ways imi enhancement trivial Core
#5 plural forms in imi defect trivial Core
#9 Update Icons imi enhancement minor Core
#10 Import of background images from disk imi enhancement minor Core
#11 remove selection and move mapmodes... pls discuss josm@… defect major Core
#13 Simplify data (drop dense nodes) imi defect major Core
#30 Hotkey for toggle Layer Visibility framm enhancement minor Core
#33 more unit tests, then remove the release-version and declare josm-latest as "always stable" imi enhancement minor Core
#38 Focus and initializing problems with progress bar imi defect minor Core
#39 Align nodes in circle bugfix imi defect minor Core
#40 A new patch to align nodes in a straight line imi enhancement minor Core
#41 Line from previous node to the cursor imi defect minor Core
#43 Data download dialog box breaks if not in focus imi defect major Core
#44 down/upload dialog box weirdness imi defect minor Core
#45 merge and exported gpx file doesn't validate </metadata> imi defect minor Core
#46 Adding nodes to ways creates separate segments imi defect major Core
#51 After cancelling a download, new downloads or uploads no longer works imi defect major Core
#52 Making the dialog windows dockable (again) imi enhancement minor Core
#53 Make icons in Layer list snapshots of actual layer content imi enhancement minor Core
#54 Hide wrong GPS points imi enhancement major Core
#55 suggestion: draw lines between raw GPS points with distance tolerance imi enhancement minor Core
#56 "Convert to data layer" should warn users imi enhancement major Core
#57 Show grid of tiles for tiles@home or other renders imi enhancement major Core
#60 Enhance border between dialogs imi enhancement minor Core
#61 Allow dialogs to be resized imi enhancement minor Core
#62 Make layer dialog smaller imi enhancement minor Core
#63 View/hide button for each layer imi enhancement minor Core
#64 Show color of layers imi enhancement minor Core
#65 Don't use "sub-buttons" on left side imi enhancement major Core
#66 Wrong GPS track lines imi defect major Core
#67 [patch/plugin] Help with drawing parallel ways framm enhancement minor Core
#68 Help with drawing boxes imi enhancement minor Core
#69 Toggle button for mappaint plugin. imi defect minor Core
#70 Bug redrawing a line imi defect minor Core
#71 tool inconsistency imi enhancement major Core
#72 Make GPX tracks editable imi enhancement major Core
#74 Auto zoom is hard to understand imi defect major Core
#75 dialogues on right side don't update imi defect major Core
#76 case sensitive searchin imi enhancement major Core
#77 editing of Keys as well as values imi enhancement major Core
#79 display bug when downloading incomplete ways imi defect minor Core
#80 bug with setting lines with space key imi defect major Core
#81 Showing incomplete ways with names imi defect minor Core
#82 JOSM shortcuts lose focus imi defect trivial Core
#83 Split Way tool greyed out after deleting data layer imi defect minor Core
#84 memory overflow loading/working with photos imi enhancement trivial Core
#85 Fill in tag created_by with OSM user name (automatically) imi enhancement major Core
#88 Attempt to upload to dead osm server. No timeout. Cancel causes exception imi defect major Core
#91 URL not loading in JOSM 198 imi defect major Core
#92 Combobox shows Spinbox instead of desired contents imi enhancement minor Core
#94 Dialogs such as 'road name'/'road number' should put cursor in input field imi defect minor Core
#95 Downloading from OSM imi defect major Core
#96 Downloading from OSM imi defect major Core
#97 Rename »Download from OSM« to »Download« imi enhancement trivial Core
#98 New toolbars, folder in toolbars imi enhancement minor Core
#99 Presets popup should be longer imi defect trivial Core
#103 gpx file can't be read (expected Element) imi enhancement major Core
#104 Patch for JOSM to support relative URL's in Markers imi enhancement major Core
#107 Menu items should not vanish imi defect major Core
#112 Near-click plugin for "selecting things with tablet pen" imi enhancement major Core
#113 SimplePaintVisitor.drawOrderNumber should be protected imi enhancement minor Core
#114 PleaseWaitRunnable keeps showing previous error message imi defect major Core
#115 Make some debug infrastucture imi enhancement major Core
#120 x-axis doesn't scale correct imi defect major Core
#121 Preferences folder in wrong location on Windows imi defect minor Core
#122 Properties dialog doesn't display <different> at the right times josm@… defect major Core
#123 Plugin actions cannot be registered and put in the toolbar imi defect major Core
#124 download and upload progress dialog boxes should remain over parent JOSM window imi enhancement trivial Core
#125 no osm download behind a HTTP proxy imi enhancement major Core
#126 If the OSM api returns the error message details, display those to the user imi defect major Core
#128 Alt keyboard shortcut is a common window manager shortcut imi enhancement minor Core
#129 Fix typo in "Download incomplete way" dialog imi defect trivial Core
#130 "translate" osm server errors into human readable strings imi enhancement minor Core
#131 Only draw lines between GPS points no more than X seconds/meters apart imi enhancement minor Core
#132 Only draw lines between GPS points no more than X seconds/meters apart imi enhancement minor Core
#134 Strange visual behaviour when looking at gpx files in the city of Halden, Norway imi defect major Core
#136 Patch for uploading hooks imi enhancement major Core
#138 Command Stack cleared even if upload fails imi defect minor Core
#139 Make area chooser support x,y and zoom level as used in slippy map imi enhancement minor Core
#142 failure downloading OSM data, still using API 0.3 imi defect major Core
#146 Measuring tool imi enhancement minor Core
#147 Propose possible values imi enhancement minor Core
#148 A method to remove downloaded data from RAM but without sending it for deletion framm enhancement major Core
#149 greyed-out / semi-transparent outside downloaded area framm enhancement minor Core
#151 dialog boxes shade (roll up) or maximize erratically imi defect major Core
#158 PropertiesDialog messes around with tag values imi defect major Core
#160 unable to use cyrillic chars for bookmark names imi defect minor Core
#161 Uoloading changes should retry on errors imi defect major Core
#162 tag suggestions are more work than before. imi enhancement minor Core
#163 Key/value auto-completion imi enhancement major Core
#164 Continuous selection imi enhancement major Core
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