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#20188 NPE at FancySourceEntryTableCellRenderer.getTableCellRendererComponent team defect normal Core latest
#20289 [Patch] Unglue Node shows confusing "Where should the tags of the node be put" for node with converted_by=* tag GerdP defect normal Core
#20311 NPE at josm.actions.DownloadAlongAction.actionPerformed() team defect normal Core latest
#20313 Relation editor: Changes of "uninteresting" tags in mapview not recognized. GerdP defect major Core latest
#20325 Update Multipolygon removes tags instead of moving them to relation GerdP defect major Core tested
#20335 [PATCH] NPE in changeset manager team defect normal Core latest
#20353 Not quite fitting translation for craft=locksmith in German team enhancement trivial Core tested
#20360 [Patch] Splash screen: Automatically focus beginning of line team enhancement minor Core
#20253 Weird area shading at a corner GerdP defect minor Core mappaint tested
#20293 Relations containing same members is not an error team defect normal Core validator
#20318 Asking to tag segregated=no on highway=footway bicycle=yes is pointless team defect normal Core validator
#20330 Crossing landuse=residential and natural=water should not produce a warning GerdP defect normal Core validator
#20337 False positive: [dog:conditional] team enhancement minor Core validator latest
#20342 Validator results not cleared GerdP defect minor Core validator latest
#20351 validator doesn't accept healthcare:speciality=urology team defect normal Core validator tested
#20392 Add validator rule for shoulder team enhancement normal Core validator tested
#20286 barrier=cycle_barrier icon is very hard to see team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#20326 Preset Railway=milstone uses wrong combination for distance tag team defect normal Internal preset
#20338 Approval feature 'diplomatic' team enhancement normal Internal preset
#20339 Bad translation in French (but amazing) Don-vip defect minor Internal preset
#20395 ConcurrentModificationException: Revert can't revert 833386 GerdP defect normal Plugin reverter
#20328 [PATCH] Fix Potlatch imagery xml generation stoecker defect normal Trac
#20332 Ubuntu packages does not declare all required dependencies mdk defect normal Ubuntu package
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