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#10808 JOSM breaks "No U-Turn restriction" relations when 'via' is a 'way', and relation isn't fully downloaded team defect major Core latest
#20091 Downloading incomplete, deleted members leads to data inconsitency GerdP defect major Core latest
#20098 [Patch] Corrupted undo/redo stack after unsuccesful undo GerdP defect major Core
#12540 Ignore shops and amenities when reporting overlapping ways GerdP defect normal Core validator tested
#17196 [RFC] [Patch] Undo/Redo may change data in inactive layer GerdP defect normal Core
#19465 Make "Overlapping ways" less aggressive GerdP enhancement normal Core validator
#19792 [Patch] Error during conflict resolution after complex import operation GerdP defect normal Core
#19825 Advanced preferences table is empty w/o search text on Java 8 team defect normal Core
#20037 Overpass query wizard generates wrong query with "*=value" GerdP defect normal Core
#20089 Don't flag railway=rail crossing railway=yard GerdP defect normal Core validator
#20110 "Update multipolygon" strips natural=coastline from member ways GerdP defect normal Core
#20131 load_and_zoom returns OK even if area is too big Don-vip defect normal Core remotecontrol
#20165 Changset manager: Discussion tab: Problem with sorting by date team defect normal Core latest
#18533 changeset manager: tags tab: width of column (almost) not changeable team defect minor Core latest
#20129 [patch] Fix typos and misspellings in the code team enhancement minor Core latest

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#20163 Split way corrupts relation when splitting via way GerdP defect normal Core tested
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