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#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception team defect major Core
#9911 Join areas internal error team defect normal Core
#11232 Validator should complain about "highway=*; construction=yes" team enhancement normal Core validator
#15158 Feature request Tag2Link: ref:bag Klumbumbus enhancement normal Core tag2link
#15637 multi-values are not handled properly by autofilters team defect normal Core
#17820 Render oneway:bicycle=no like cycleway=opposite team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#18440 Heads up: Maxar implementing new anti-scraping techniques Don-vip enhancement normal Core imagery
#18566 [Patch] Download object: member of relations always downloaded GerdP defect normal Core
#18577 [Patch] Update opening_hours.js simon04 enhancement normal Core validator
#18599 Use for SPARQL queries stoecker enhancement normal Core tag2link
#18628 [Patch] Autofilter: display active rule/key simon04 enhancement normal Core
#18633 extend the template for ferry route team enhancement normal Internal preset
#18639 [Patch] Update to overpass-wizard 0.0.9 simon04 enhancement normal Core
#18642 Core validator: "uncommon short key" is a correct, "de facto" key ("to" and "from") team defect normal Core validator
#18654 [Patch] Separate unique identifiers per primitive type Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#18659 [Patch] change car=* to motorcar=* in the charging_station preset Don-vip enhancement normal Internal preset
#18663 copy key/value from more than 1 object produces more than one copy of it in the clipboard team defect normal Core
#18667 adding lane details to cycleway:right breaks tag preset team enhancement normal Internal preset
#18674 Add missing name of New York to data/boundaries.osm team enhancement normal Core
#18678 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.actions.DownloadAlongWayAction.createTask with locked=true in osm header Don-vip defect normal Core
#18679 [Patch {in progress, awaiting feedback}] Autofilter: extract numeric value from number+unit simon04 enhancement normal Core
#18690 Obtain source from current layers: geoimage layer should use untranslated text like all other layer types Klumbumbus defect normal Core
#18708 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ShowStatusReportAction simon04 defect normal Core
#18722 Mapillary json exception Don-vip defect normal Core geojson
#18723 Use for Utils.getJavaLatestVersion Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#18725 Adjust output of SyncEditorLayerIndex to reduce workload when URLs change team enhancement normal Unit tests
#18729 support regional taginfo instances from Geofabrik Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#18730 [PATCH] BBox should allow adding a latlon with some extra space Don-vip enhancement normal Core
#18644 Get rid of useless JCS warnings during startup simon04 defect minor Core imagery
#18701 [Patch] Simplify MultiFetchServerObjectReader implementation GerdP enhancement minor Core
#18702 [Patch] DrawingPreference: swap "OSM Data" with "GPS Points" simon04 enhancement minor Core
#18711 Bold Font for Tab Subtitles in Preferences Dialog GUI Don-vip enhancement minor Core latest
#18677 Add "download" and "locked" status to osm data layer info Don-vip enhancement trivial Core
#18699 Spelling and Specification request: "Automatically obtain source from current layers" team enhancement trivial Core validator
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