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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14462 Add "edit" to context menu in relations list simon04 enhancement normal Core
#16497 [Patch] relative path in .joz session file simon04 enhancement normal Core
#16874 keep the id for the POI if unglueing team enhancement normal Core
#17067 duplicate settings for display of hatching area team defect normal Core mappaint
#17160 JOSM sends audio markers (from gpx) to custom internet browser team defect normal Core audio latest
#17167 Gap in filling closed areas near first/last node GerdP defect normal Core mappaint latest
#17169 Missing MessageFormat arguments in OptionParser team defect normal Core
#17170 [Patch] Migrate TagInfoExtract.groovy to Java simon04 enhancement normal Core
#17174 Add 22000 as a valid voltage value team enhancement normal Internal preset tested
#17180 NPE when unglueing a node team defect normal Core latest
#17181 IAE at OsmIdSelectionDialog.setupDialog team defect normal Core
#17182 No able to view node from history Don-vip defect normal Core
#17183 Validator doesn't show errors when panel is not open GerdP defect normal Core validator
#17186 Suspicious code in team defect normal Core
#17192 [Patch] Show actual path to preferences.xml and other directories used by JOSM GerdP enhancement normal Core
#17197 JOSM crashes when a filter removes something from the selection and you are still adding data GerdP defect normal Core shortcuts
#17199 Validator complains about "width" tags team defect normal Core validator tested
#17202 InputMapUtils: display Ctrl+Enter in action tooltips simon04 enhancement normal Core
#14856 multipolygon relations for waterways, do not show relation type team enhancement minor Core
#15817 [Patch for size units] Imagery Preferences: show Limit and Current Usage all on one page simon04 enhancement minor Core imagery
#15918 Confusing English texts simon04 enhancement minor Core
#17185 Save As "Validation Error Files (*.xml) stores osm data instead of errors team defect minor Core
#15569 warning text in Preferences -> Connection Settings should be revised due to HTTPS being the default team enhancement trivial Core
#17159 Don't sort map_size values team enhancement trivial Internal preset latest

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#17171 [PATCH] update preset wiki languages team enhancement normal Internal preset
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