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#15767 Deadlock in unit tests team defect major Unit tests
#15783 SecurityException prevents JOSM to start with Java 9 / WebStart team defect major Core Webstart
#15483 [RFC][PATCH] Small improvements in default style team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#15554 plugin(s) crashed on restart after updating team defect normal Core latest
#15675 Power transformers on pole validation rule team enhancement normal Core validator
#15709 Big image memory leak team defect normal Core image mapping
#15710 unify new layer checkbox text team enhancement normal Core
#15713 Add mod-tile-features="true" in the Maps XML team enhancement normal Core imagery
#15716 ImageryOffsetDialog doesn't close pressing Esc team defect normal Core imagery latest
#15722 AccessControlException: access denied ("java.lang.RuntimePermission" "modifyThread") team defect normal Core mappaint
#15725 Remove location=kiosk from possible values for power substation's location=* francois.lacombe enhancement normal Internal preset
#15730 WMS with embedded HTML in layer Abstract tag causes fault team defect normal Core imagery
#15733 TokenMgrError after starting validating frans S defect normal Core validator
#15740 Layers don't move up/down correctly if multiple layers are selected team defect normal Core
#15742 [PATCH] PluginHandler.installDownloadedPlugins: check downloaded plugin is valid *before* we delete any existing one team enhancement normal Core
#15746 Validator wrong message, "area is unnecessary for leisure" team defect normal Core validator
#15755 Unprocessed HTML in search error box team defect normal Core latest
#15765 NPE at MoveAction.actionPerformed team defect normal Core latest
#15766 Lag when drawing ways with many nodes team defect normal Core tested
#15718 Validator wrong message, missing tag - sport without physical feature dieterdreist defect trivial Core validator latest
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