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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#3 Different colors for tagged nodes/segments/ways imi enhancement trivial Core
#5 plural forms in imi defect trivial Core
#82 JOSM shortcuts lose focus imi defect trivial Core
#84 memory overflow loading/working with photos imi enhancement trivial Core
#97 Rename »Download from OSM« to »Download« imi enhancement trivial Core
#99 Presets popup should be longer imi defect trivial Core
#101 Tag validator imi enhancement trivial unspecified
#124 download and upload progress dialog boxes should remain over parent JOSM window imi enhancement trivial Core
#129 Fix typo in "Download incomplete way" dialog imi defect trivial Core
#135 Segment order numbers do not respect user's colour prefs imi defect trivial unspecified
#168 broken picture imi defect trivial Core
#206 Saving GPX file doesn't include all data josm@… defect trivial Core
#222 Select all text in the URL download text box when it receives input focus josm@… enhancement trivial Core
#276 Open geotagged jpg-files when given on command-line framm enhancement trivial Core
#279 GPX Import failed caused by Namespace Issue josm@… defect trivial Core
#338 URL framm defect trivial unspecified
#352 Direction of way is not shown josm@… defect trivial Core
#410 JOSM crashes when wrong keywords used in a tagging preset file framm defect trivial Core
#422 Make it possible to view WMS imagery at 1:1 framm defect trivial Core
#426 Download Dialog: Enable "OpenStreetmapData" per default framm enhancement trivial Core
#428 Downloading WMS data: Dialog still shows the texts of last data transfer framm defect trivial Core
#431 Error message if server cannot be contacted insufficient framm enhancement trivial Core
#459 A couple of interface changes framm enhancement trivial Core
#480 Proposals for some default settings in JOSM framm enhancement trivial Core
#503 right click on on layer title in layers box framm defect trivial Core
#515 Import mp format ? framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#529 Download progress bar framm defect trivial Core
#536 Broken link on all JOSM website pages framm defect trivial unspecified
#553 CombineWayAction does not reuse existing ids framm defect trivial Core
#567 draw boundaries around downloaded data framm defect trivial Core
#574 Lakewalker plugin missing framm defect trivial Plugin
#617 Presets for sports_centre and golf_course are "wrong". framm defect trivial Core
#643 Logo on homepage links to framm defect trivial unspecified
#645 Import organisation framm enhancement trivial Core
#676 support for ADPCM audio WAV framm enhancement trivial Core
#681 HTML brace in the info dialog of an GpxLayer framm defect trivial Core
#723 Adding a new way to an existing way framm defect trivial Core
#798 missing space in ui framm enhancement trivial Core
#1191 Got an error on startup (unexpected error...) framm defect trivial Core
#1234 [PATCH] Behavior when pressing Enter in URL download box xeen enhancement trivial Core
#1284 Presets are using exit instead of motorway_junction framm defect trivial Plugin
#1387 Search for empty tag e.g. name:- framm defect trivial Core
#1408 viaduct.png not found framm defect trivial Core
#1411 Template sets landuse=grass; drawn as untagged framm defect trivial Core
#1412 Missing translation framm defect trivial Plugin
#1414 Checkboxes framm defect trivial Core
#1423 Command stack contains changes without effect framm defect trivial Core
#1429 Patch for Presets menu: Man Made > Power Solar framm enhancement trivial Core
#1443 Relation editor: typo framm defect trivial Core
#1479 Treat .txt as NMEA too framm enhancement trivial Core
#1482 missing space in error message framm defect trivial Core
#1508 Typo in lang-de plugin framm defect trivial Plugin
#1527 Automatically copy link from the clipboard to download map data window framm enhancement trivial Core
#1550 [PATCH] PNGs should be optimized framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1552 Suggestion: Show object types for items in the presets menus framm enhancement trivial Core
#1557 Wrong value when using Preset->Waypoints->Services ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1581 translation for lang_de gate -> Tor framm defect trivial Plugin
#1582 [PATCH] Second MergeNodes Action to merge onto the other node framm enhancement trivial Core
#1602 [PATCH #2] ambiguous scale bar rendering (de: unklare Maßstab-Skala in JOSM) framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1603 Idea: Preset dialog enhancement idea ce enhancement trivial Internal preset
#1606 [PATCH] JOSM puts prefdialog in upper left corner framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1608 JOSM should have a better window icon framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#1624 [PATCH] use consistent line endings in GpxWriter framm enhancement trivial Core
#1627 [PATCH] Bugfix for plugin activation framm defect trivial unspecified
#1631 Logic error regarding null in audio code framm defect trivial Core
#1633 [Patch] Unglue does not unglue single node framm enhancement trivial Core
#1635 [PATCH] NullPointer in DirectUpload Plugin xeen defect trivial Plugin
#1638 [PATCH] Use "logo.png" as JOSM Application Icon. framm enhancement trivial Core
#1664 ApPifoJ: produces error when deleting last image Christian Gallioz <christian.gallioz@…> defect trivial unspecified
#1678 start page shows the contents twice! framm defect trivial unspecified
#1680 initial news layer receiving events framm defect trivial Core
#1707 library.png is missing framm defect trivial unspecified
#1721 Jump to Position framm enhancement trivial Core
#1745 null pointer exception framm defect trivial unspecified
#1758 waterway = riverbank missing from presets ce enhancement trivial Internal preset
#1783 Typo Datenbene -> Datenebene framm defect trivial Core
#1821 Typo in string framm defect trivial unspecified
#1825 Make icons in menus deactivatable. framm enhancement trivial Core
#1859 Typo in string framm defect trivial Plugin
#1879 Search should be able to parse key=value framm defect trivial unspecified
#1889 Menu AgpifoJ framm enhancement trivial Plugin
#1898 progress dialog for data upload to small framm enhancement trivial Core
#1911 Typo in original string framm defect trivial Core
#1919 Grammatical error in string framm defect trivial Plugin
#1920 Doubled word in string defect trivial Core validator
#1921 Odd wording in singular version of sg/pl string. framm defect trivial Plugin
#1922 Typo in validator string defect trivial Core validator
#1928 Portcullis misspelled as porticullis framm defect trivial Core
#1929 Typo in DuplicateWayAction framm defect trivial Plugin
#1930 kebab or kebap? ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1933 Capitalization of "Edit" line in presets.xml not unique ce defect trivial Internal preset
#1969 Wrong Windows Foldername "OpenStrretMap" (in start menu) framm defect trivial unspecified
#1970 [PATCH] geometry mode selection problem framm defect trivial unspecified
#2042 Tried to update plugins in josm (maybe lack of root rights? xubuntu) framm defect trivial unspecified
#2057 [PATCH] Skiing preset for type and difficulty ce enhancement trivial Internal preset
#2072 [PATCH] <html> tags in presets menu tooltip framm defect trivial Core
#2084 change landuse=grass to landuse=meadow ce defect trivial Internal preset
#2106 [PATCH] Download MOTD concurrently framm enhancement trivial unspecified
#2114 [PATCH] Improve Properties Dialog further xeen enhancement trivial unspecified
#2123 "route" is unknown key to validator framm enhancement trivial Core validator
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