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#17365 please use explicit revision numbers in externals team defect normal Core
#17398 Validator matches without quotes are supposed to be case insensitive but are case sensitive team defect normal Core validator
#17416 Add hotkey for toggling visibility of currently active layer team enhancement normal Core
#17462 [webhosting enhancement] provide bsdiff of josm-snapshot jars for low bandwidth connections team enhancement normal Wiki content
#2 Ability to delete GPX points before exporting imi enhancement minor Core
#10 Import of background images from disk imi enhancement minor Core
#12 Insert several lines for all selected nodes in a straight imi enhancement minor unspecified
#16 Ability for way to take on properties of a segment when way is created using existing segments imi enhancement minor unspecified
#17 Use of working threads to render imi defect minor unspecified
#18 Incremental loading of XML data from the server. Start displaying even when XML transfer is not finished. imi enhancement minor unspecified
#24 Mark a lat/long imi 1 minor unspecified
#55 suggestion: draw lines between raw GPS points with distance tolerance imi enhancement minor Core
#60 Enhance border between dialogs imi enhancement minor Core
#61 Allow dialogs to be resized imi enhancement minor Core
#62 Make layer dialog smaller imi enhancement minor Core
#108 draw not all lines between points imi enhancement minor unspecified
#127 Why was addSelectionChangedListener removed? imi enhancement minor unspecified
#128 Alt keyboard shortcut is a common window manager shortcut imi enhancement minor Core
#132 Only draw lines between GPS points no more than X seconds/meters apart imi enhancement minor Core
#154 Bad load imi defect minor unspecified
#191 "Zoom to selection" should increase zoom level when repeatedly used josm@… enhancement minor Core
#207 highlight layer josm@… enhancement minor Core
#208 Not a defect, a productivity improvement josm@… defect minor Core
#224 Automatic error report generated after deleting layer imi defect minor unspecified
#227 extracting libosm to use it in multiple projects josm@… enhancement minor Core
#351 Edit Relation dialog is always on top josm@… defect minor Core
#434 jump directly to a marked validator error framm enhancement minor Plugin
#452 CSV import and data layers framm enhancement minor Core
#489 Splitting very long way in several pieces framm enhancement minor Core
#552 When two ways cannot be physically merged, offer the option to merge tags. framm enhancement minor Core
#556 crash when accidentally deleting slippy map layer framm defect minor Plugin
#561 align nodes: align to the two ends rather than the average framm enhancement minor Core
#591 Properties Add dialog has misspelled residential framm defect minor Core
#598 WMS YAHOO plugin don't close firefox in ubuntu 7.10 after fetch the images framm defect minor Plugin
#600 Modeless adding of nodes framm enhancement minor Core
#608 Move threshold should be made configurable framm enhancement minor Core
#618 Rendering highway with tramtracks framm enhancement minor Core
#621 keyboard shortcuts suggestions framm enhancement minor Core
#634 namefinder not works framm defect minor Plugin
#635 "No data imported" in JOSM does not let WMS Landsat image be downloadable framm enhancement minor Core
#647 Exception while start. Exclamation mark in folder name framm defect minor Core
#648 exception when requesting large area framm defect minor Core
#714 mouse buttons: middle button should pan, right button should popup menus framm enhancement minor Core
#733 faster scrolling framm enhancement minor Core
#1047 created_by should be updated on every change framm enhancement minor Core
#1450 validator plugin has to be removed manually framm defect minor Plugin
#1470 regression: can't edit visible parts of unselected layers framm defect minor Core
#1502 Remove unwanted GPX tracks from downloaded layer framm enhancement minor Core
#1589 [PATCH] A Halfway Decent OS X Integration framm enhancement minor Core
#1596 bei "Datei öffnen" kommt Fehler (immer noch) framm defect minor unspecified
#1666 unexpected behaviour of "add node crosses" when used on a way that shares itself with area framm defect minor unspecified
#1668 Memory Leak (1042) framm defect minor Core
#1950 virtual nodes & "double ways" framm enhancement minor Core
#2036 add scale (like 1:25000) if DPI of screen is known framm enhancement minor unspecified
#2060 ant dependency fail: svn up && ant dist != svn up ant clean dist framm defect minor Core
#2117 Gtk-critical framm defect minor Core
#2133 How to select/view points in a set of GPX file data framm enhancement minor Core
#2155 Show Tag preview in tagging presets framm enhancement minor Core
#2158 Some Tools for better and faster editing anonymous enhancement minor unspecified
#2184 Selecting tool roundbox is drawing too slow fatbozz defect minor unspecified
#2202 tool for creating tunnel and bridges in relations framm enhancement minor Core
#2213 access tags on nodes should be warned ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#2246 Waypoints not displayed team defect minor Core
#2248 Sac_scale ce enhancement minor Internal preset
#2314 Add orthogonal drawing mode team enhancement minor Core
#2326 keyboard shortcut under MacOS X team defect minor Core
#2388 Incorporate Simplify from UtilsPlugin into JOSM team enhancement minor Core
#2412 Add SSL support for map download team enhancement minor Core
#2415 OpenJDK / IcedTea issues sward defect minor Core
#2438 Assign a Node/Way/Relation to a Relation When You Know the Relation ID team enhancement minor Core
#2472 usability issue with WAV files team defect minor Core
#2508 [Patch]OsmPrimitive - realEqual - refactoring team defect minor Core
#2519 do not allow multiple identical wms layers team enhancement minor Core imagery
#2573 hang if out memory when importing images team defect minor Core
#2665 History is cleared even when upload does not success team defect minor Core
#2684 error window after clicking on some thumbnail image team defect minor Core
#2724 [PATCH] Validate GPX team enhancement minor Core
#2771 bridge and tunnel presets default to no layer team enhancement minor Core
#2799 Add new library (Apache Commons Lang) dmuecke enhancement minor Core
#2909 Use OpenLayers from at*.html team enhancement minor Core imagery
#2910 Install*.html locally team enhancement minor Core imagery
#2934 Area paint tool team enhancement minor Plugin
#2940 Select only one node after split node action team enhancement minor Core
#2945 Wrong placement of "access" traffic signs ulfl defect minor Internal mappaint style
#2952 option to choose which node survives merging operation team enhancement minor Core
#3039 Presents in different Languages team enhancement minor Core
#3121 Change preset string "Second Name" to "Alternative name" team defect minor Core
#3134 Download errors not displayed jttt defect minor Core
#3240 "unchecked cast" and "unchecked call" warnings when compiling JOSM team defect minor Core
#3310 Changing the gps datum by clicking on the status bar team enhancement minor Core
#3438 GraphView plugin uses highway:steps for motorcars vidalfree@… defect minor Plugin graphview
#3551 Copy relation membership for ways team enhancement minor Core
#3713 File Open dialog on Windows Vista and 7 (64 bit) has button images missing team defect minor Core
#3880 Use the Einstein icon for Advanced Preferences instead of the new icon team defect minor Core
#4026 Lakewalker creates 2-node way when tracing lake at 65.0811,-21.6933 team defect minor Plugin lakewalker
#4180 Specify maximum heap size in JNLP team enhancement minor Core Webstart
#4387 Potlatch-Style Drawing broken xeen defect minor Core
#4783 Update Data should warn if one of the bounds has grown beyond 50k items mk408 enhancement minor Core
#4838 create jython plugin for Josm team enhancement minor Plugin
#4904 ability to share OSM tile cache with FoxtrotGPS team enhancement minor Core imagery
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