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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#1964 unable to open GPX file framm defect major unspecified
#1974 unable to open GPX file framm defect major unspecified
#2056 Prevent changes when zoom level display is used team defect major Core
#2095 Fail to upload changes in relations framm defect major Core
#2148 Absturz beim Laden neue Pluginversionen bzw. Plugins framm defect major Plugin
#2163 cursor modifiers use only two colors under Linux systems team enhancement major Core
#2171 Some mnemonics in localized menus don't work framm defect major Core
#2228 Tablet doesen't respond to tapping on it's surface, and presing button will result in multiple click team defect major Plugin nearclick
#2369 validate directions of oneway roads team enhancement major Core validator
#2374 josm error team defect major Core
#2417 Add search presets team enhancement major Core
#2434 patch to allow empty comments in changeset [patch attached] team defect major Core
#2450 Instruction set empty after failed upload team defect major Core
#2452 geo-reference video team enhancement major Plugin videomapping
#2504 created_by can not be set for new objects team defect major Core
#2514 JOSM crash team defect major unspecified
#2588 uploading ulfl defect major Installer Windows
#2618 changes always set as private - no upload possible team defect major Core
#2735 [PATCH] WMSPlugin can't request arbitrary large areas from WMS servers when selecting "Download visible tiles" team defect major Core imagery
#2838 wish: message when selected unsupported gps-file team enhancement major Core
#2878 crash: "Java2D Queue Flusher" team defect major Core
#2889 JOSM cannot import image h4ck3rm1k3 defect major Core
#2896 Error-Deadlock anonymous defect major Core
#2982 [PATCH] Tag:landuse=wood not implemented in JOSM dave-stfu enhancement major Internal preset
#2997 modify plugin-description team enhancement major Core
#3002 Save -> NPE anonymous defect major Core
#3028 error 403 on Ubuntu 9.04 Zimmermann-je@… defect major Core
#3035 upload problem: OsmTransferException SocketException: Socket closed team defect major Core
#3037 [PATCH] Invalid maxspeed values... team enhancement major Core validator
#3075 Deleting relation tags doesn't erase the deleted row team defect major Core
#3108 Error raised trying to save a recently created relation team defect major Core
#3115 copy from one layer to another doesn't copy relation team enhancement major Core
#3152 Tag filter on layers team enhancement major Core
#3271 crash while trying to open relation team defect major Core
#3682 Validator doesn't detect crossing ways and way end node near other highway team defect major Core validator
#3766 Allow customizing vertical toolbar team enhancement major Core
#3929 OutOfMemoryError while opening .OSM file team defect major Core
#3999 Relation editor 'download all elements' ignores references of members to other relations team defect major Core
#4316 Document image mapping methods team enhancement major Trac
#4595 validator: preferences: ignore warnings including id:0 team enhancement major Core validator
#4760 Drag map using left button team enhancement major Core
#4812 Fault when opening preferences team defect major Core
#4895 Einführungs einer JOSM-Version team enhancement major Core
#5037 WMS Plugin team defect major Core imagery
#5054 Support bounding box based XAPI request in download dialog team enhancement major Core
#5224 One Way roads shown as wrong dirrection once reversed (r) unless highlighted team defect major Core
#5556 geometry mode is not working as expected team defect major Core
#6499 trac: submiting a comment leads to description change stoecker defect major Trac
#6710 Add a button to take paternity of selected items framm enhancement major Plugin licensechange
#7904 Webstart blocked by OS X Mountain Lion team defect major Core Webstart
#8361 Change default key from "teryt:rm" to "teryt:terc" in Edit Relation. team defect major Core
#8477 Focus on geo position from wiki page simon04 enhancement major Plugin wikipedia
#12197 JOSM is changing the IDs team defect major Core
#13962 apply vertical-align: middle; for icons stoecker enhancement major Trac
#15360 wrong "area style on outer member" error team defect major Core validator
#15782 Presets loading is very slow with Java 9+ / WebStart team defect major Core Webstart
#2076 middlemouse-info should work in all visible layers dieterdreist enhancement normal Core
#2840 Make High resolution Yahoo available for WMSPlugin team enhancement normal Core imagery
#3144 relation dialog doesn't handle inner/outer relations properly delta_foxtrot2 defect normal Core
#3335 WMS team defect normal Core imagery
#3357 Create node on intersection team defect normal Plugin
#3388 wms-plugin problem anonymous defect normal Core imagery
#3415 shop=groceries not in presets ce defect normal Internal preset
#3542 Plugins/Intersect way team defect normal Plugin
#3554 Plugin multipoly: Auto Multipolygon doesent work anymore josm defect normal Plugin
#3558 JOSM displays an error when the API request didn't yield any data team defect normal Core
#3582 'Select all users data' generates an error team defect normal Plugin
#3615 Key "plus" not Zooming Map team defect normal Core
#3621 link to older version as long as there are tickets with 'blocker'-priority team enhancement normal Core
#3630 Pressing 'A' team defect normal Plugin
#3656 "Create node at intersection" issue team defect normal Plugin
#3706 Display timestamps for selected data team enhancement normal Core
#3720 Add check for "too close nodes" (<3m) within highways team enhancement normal Core validator
#3721 Default to GTK look and feel on Linux systems anonymous enhancement normal Core
#3727 webkit-image sometimes goes amok on Windows team defect normal unspecified
#3754 Unable to connect ways when they're really close together due zoom level restrictions avarab@… defect normal Core
#3758 Program Error after downloading data team defect normal Core
#3788 [PATCH] plugins/agpifoj/ cannot find symbol setErrorMessage team defect normal Core image mapping
#3814 Select User Data team defect normal Core
#3825 Error team defect normal Core
#3842 Validator: closed coastline is not always an island team defect normal Core validator
#3846 Unerwarteter Fehler beim Oeffnen von Unterpunkten zu dem Nutzer-Menue team defect normal Core
#3911 Undo move deselects elements team enhancement normal Core
#3945 waydownloader doesn't work team defect normal Plugin
#3954 Message à l'ouverture team defect normal Core
#3969 Draw buildings doesn't work team defect normal Core
#3971 Add class to handle NearMap's maximum zoom level, based on JMapViewer's AbstractOsmTileSource class for NearMap in JOSM framm enhancement normal Core imagery
#4021 WMS load visible tiles does not work stoecker enhancement normal Core
#4051 moving a way doesn't in all cases offer automatic undo. team defect normal Core
#4052 Please do not link testing to unstable version team defect normal unspecified
#4053 stable version stoecker enhancement normal Core
#4065 Zoom out team enhancement normal Core
#4067 Error when editing role of a relation element Raymond defect normal Core
#4152 Make double-clicking on an object edit it team enhancement normal Core
#4157 (PATCH on hold) EHPE support anonymous enhancement normal Core
#4186 new display of streets ulfl enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#4239 Add source to Presets? ce enhancement normal Internal preset
#4243 doubleclicking a relation should open its properties team enhancement normal Core
#4245 Problem with the plugin AgPifoJ team defect normal Plugin
#4284 Einstellungen speichern __nicht__ möglich team defect normal Core
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