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#9510 Changeset source from source osm file team enhancement normal 14.01 Core
#10752 Use name-suggestion-index team enhancement normal 15.02 Core
#5454 Limit number of WMS requests per a given amount of time team enhancement normal 15.08 Core imagery
#12522 Advanced preferences: display default entries consistently team enhancement normal 16.02 Core
#15437 Problems in mapping node in the selected area team defect normal 17.10 Core mappaint
#17244 Remove Norwegian Bokmal language? team task minor 19.01 Core
#7896 open file dialogue: files without extension not listed. team defect minor Core
#9515 Warn about resetting validator settings team defect minor Core validator
#9527 Allow "*/" in MapCSS comments team enhancement normal Core validator
#9546 Test for unnecessary layer number team enhancement normal Core validator
#9574 Case-insensitive matching doesn't work with prefix match team defect normal Core validator
#9585 Differentiate reltoolbox "create multipolygon" from core "create multipolygon" Zverikk enhancement normal Plugin reltoolbox
#9663 Download from overpass-api without meta ? team enhancement normal Core
#9666 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when I try to upload team defect normal Core
#9693 It is unclear how plugins should be downloaded team enhancement normal Core
#9694 unknown instead of missing as plugin state team enhancement trivial Core
#9734 Improve column number when reporting MapCSS parsing error team enhancement minor Core validator
#9776 Preference option to use ssl for all connections team enhancement normal Core
#9885 Read contact data from entities' web pages team enhancement normal Core
#9916 Please add warning when tiger tags are deleted team enhancement normal Core
#9926 DGI, DGFIP pieren defect normal Plugin cadastre-fr
#9970 Startup page mentions Java 7, but such a build wasn't yet released as "tested" team defect normal Core
#10066 [Patch] MapCSS parser: skip all whitespace team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#10087 Display object centroid team enhancement normal Core
#10090 KMZ only shows start and exit points Don-vip enhancement normal Plugin opendata
#10111 fixme icon is now really small team defect normal Internal mappaint style
#10128 "Overlapping Identical Landuses" should be "Overlapping identical landuses" team enhancement normal Core validator
#10147 Add tag keyboard shortcut (alt+a) is not working in edit relation window team enhancement normal Core
#10158 "No outer way for multipolygon" reported for relations that are not multipolygons team defect normal Core validator
#10236 imagerycache should also create database files for WMS services akks enhancement normal Plugin imagerycache
#10305 XML validator not properly working stoecker defect normal Trac
#10315 Make "Geotagged Images" window selectable during tags editing team enhancement normal Core
#10317 Add cycleway:both=* to standardstyle team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#10373 Update option team enhancement normal Core
#10399 no preset for sport=korfball team defect normal Core
#10414 Help with construction tagging team enhancement normal Plugin
#10482 Tab icons in preference menu too small dieterdreist defect normal Core
#10547 Easy way to download an area team enhancement normal Core
#10549 False positive: Style for outer way mismatches polygon skyper defect normal Core validator
#10556 Automaticaly fill second resent tags team enhancement normal Core
#10559 Smart Zoom Out team enhancement normal Internal mappaint style
#10568 [PATCH] Remove from default presets, amenities that objectify (mostly) women team enhancement normal Internal preset
#10569 [PATCH] Add childcare preset team enhancement normal Internal preset
#10570 Replace surface=earth by surface=dirt in validator team enhancement normal Core validator
#10604 Network communication should be asynchronous ToeBee defect normal Core notes
#10635 IllegalStateException: Latitude is out of range: 2.04425475656498 joshdoe defect normal Plugin proj4j
#10636 Strange movment of nodes with EPSG:3068 and plugin proj4j joshdoe defect normal Plugin proj4j
#10654 UnconnectedWays test should not try to connect footways to highways team defect normal Core validator
#10660 [PATCH] Add version to RemoteControl /version team enhancement normal Core remotecontrol
#10757 Default query for Download from Overpass API team enhancement normal Core
#10819 josm-latest.jnlp on WikiStart stoecker enhancement minor Trac
#10843 A plugin for mass tag editing team enhancement normal Core
#10888 ExtendedDialog does not revert the cursor team defect normal Core
#10959 Draw cycleway lanes in "Lane and Road attributes" style imagic enhancement normal External mappaint style
#11054 Tag and relation transit will be broken when splitting a way team enhancement normal Core
#11056 "should be uploaded" warning for opened data files where no new change were made team enhancement trivial Core
#11080 Make the RoadSigns plugin smarter bastiK enhancement normal Plugin roadsigns
#11081 Base signs and additional signs bastiK enhancement normal Plugin roadsigns
#11082 roadsigns and turn restriction relation bastiK enhancement normal Plugin roadsigns
#11084 combo box in roadsigns? bastiK enhancement normal Plugin roadsigns
#11107 .shp file, twice upload nodes places changes team defect normal Core
#11110 Filename in save dialog prefilled with path team defect normal Core
#2 Ability to delete GPX points before exporting imi enhancement minor Core
#4 Save/export only the marked subset of a map imi enhancement major unspecified
#7 pressing n does not toggle node mode anymore imi defect major unspecified
#10 Import of background images from disk imi enhancement minor Core
#12 Insert several lines for all selected nodes in a straight imi enhancement minor unspecified
#16 Ability for way to take on properties of a segment when way is created using existing segments imi enhancement minor unspecified
#17 Use of working threads to render imi defect minor unspecified
#18 Incremental loading of XML data from the server. Start displaying even when XML transfer is not finished. imi enhancement minor unspecified
#24 Mark a lat/long imi 1 minor unspecified
#42 Can't undo 'convert to data layer' imi defect critical unspecified
#54 Hide wrong GPS points imi enhancement major Core
#55 suggestion: draw lines between raw GPS points with distance tolerance imi enhancement minor Core
#57 Show grid of tiles for tiles@home or other renders imi enhancement major Core
#60 Enhance border between dialogs imi enhancement minor Core
#61 Allow dialogs to be resized imi enhancement minor Core
#62 Make layer dialog smaller imi enhancement minor Core
#65 Don't use "sub-buttons" on left side imi enhancement major Core
#80 bug with setting lines with space key imi defect major Core
#85 Fill in tag created_by with OSM user name (automatically) imi enhancement major Core
#88 Attempt to upload to dead osm server. No timeout. Cancel causes exception imi defect major Core
#91 URL not loading in JOSM 198 imi defect major Core
#99 Presets popup should be longer imi defect trivial Core
#105 disallow creation of self-intersecting and self-tangent ways imi enhancement critical unspecified
#107 Menu items should not vanish imi defect major Core
#108 draw not all lines between points imi enhancement minor unspecified
#115 Make some debug infrastucture imi enhancement major Core
#123 Plugin actions cannot be registered and put in the toolbar imi defect major Core
#127 Why was addSelectionChangedListener removed? imi enhancement minor unspecified
#128 Alt keyboard shortcut is a common window manager shortcut imi enhancement minor Core
#132 Only draw lines between GPS points no more than X seconds/meters apart imi enhancement minor Core
#144 Differentiate tagged and untagged nodes in JOSM imi defect major unspecified
#154 Bad load imi defect minor unspecified
#159 JOSM aborts with latest Sun JAVA SDK (, Linux/x86_64/Fedora Core 6/AMD Opteron) imi defect major unspecified
#161 Uoloading changes should retry on errors imi defect major Core
#169 JOSM reorders segments automatically (and wrongly) imi defect major unspecified
#171 Josm: Error while parsing: Couldn't read time format "2006-12-03T17:59:17+00:00" imi defect major unspecified
#187 Behaviour with connection problems josm@… defect major Core
#191 "Zoom to selection" should increase zoom level when repeatedly used josm@… enhancement minor Core
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