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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#6063 NullPointerException testing OAuth in Applet team defect normal Applet
#2 Ability to delete GPX points before exporting imi enhancement minor Core
#10 Import of background images from disk imi enhancement minor Core
#54 Hide wrong GPS points imi enhancement major Core
#55 suggestion: draw lines between raw GPS points with distance tolerance imi enhancement minor Core
#57 Show grid of tiles for tiles@home or other renders imi enhancement major Core
#60 Enhance border between dialogs imi enhancement minor Core
#61 Allow dialogs to be resized imi enhancement minor Core
#62 Make layer dialog smaller imi enhancement minor Core
#65 Don't use "sub-buttons" on left side imi enhancement major Core
#80 bug with setting lines with space key imi defect major Core
#85 Fill in tag created_by with OSM user name (automatically) imi enhancement major Core
#88 Attempt to upload to dead osm server. No timeout. Cancel causes exception imi defect major Core
#91 URL not loading in JOSM 198 imi defect major Core
#99 Presets popup should be longer imi defect trivial Core
#107 Menu items should not vanish imi defect major Core
#115 Make some debug infrastucture imi enhancement major Core
#123 Plugin actions cannot be registered and put in the toolbar imi defect major Core
#128 Alt keyboard shortcut is a common window manager shortcut imi enhancement minor Core
#132 Only draw lines between GPS points no more than X seconds/meters apart imi enhancement minor Core
#161 Uoloading changes should retry on errors imi defect major Core
#187 Behaviour with connection problems josm@… defect major Core
#191 "Zoom to selection" should increase zoom level when repeatedly used josm@… enhancement minor Core
#194 Add new view: tableview josm@… enhancement major Core
#195 segment description lost when converting selected segments to ways josm@… defect major Core
#207 highlight layer josm@… enhancement minor Core
#208 Not a defect, a productivity improvement josm@… defect minor Core
#210 JOSM + Ubuntu Feisty + Beryl == completely white window josm@… defect major Core
#213 Add removeToggleDialog to MapFrame josm@… enhancement major Core
#227 extracting libosm to use it in multiple projects josm@… enhancement minor Core
#351 Edit Relation dialog is always on top josm@… defect minor Core
#409 Disregard the readonly in tagging presets framm defect major Core
#422 Make it possible to view WMS imagery at 1:1 framm defect trivial Core
#439 Store altitude information in maps framm enhancement critical Core
#448 is not possible to add node imi defect major Core
#452 CSV import and data layers framm enhancement minor Core
#468 JOSM consumes memory framm defect major Core
#489 Splitting very long way in several pieces framm enhancement minor Core
#504 Unwanted minimizing under fluxbox framm defect major Core
#533 item type doesn't allow comma separated values framm defect major Core
#552 When two ways cannot be physically merged, offer the option to merge tags. framm enhancement minor Core
#561 align nodes: align to the two ends rather than the average framm enhancement minor Core
#562 show GPX track points as circles to indicate tolerance framm enhancement major Core
#564 Data upload doesn't recover from error framm defect critical Core
#569 NPE when downloading using a bookmark framm defect major Core
#575 Make time stamps of GPX tracks available for viewing framm enhancement major Core
#591 Properties Add dialog has misspelled residential framm defect minor Core
#597 josm crashed framm defect major Core
#600 Modeless adding of nodes framm enhancement minor Core
#608 Move threshold should be made configurable framm enhancement minor Core
#610 crash in download idalog framm defect major Core
#618 Rendering highway with tramtracks framm enhancement minor Core
#621 keyboard shortcuts suggestions framm enhancement minor Core
#623 JOSM doesn`t download nested relations framm defect critical Core
#635 "No data imported" in JOSM does not let WMS Landsat image be downloadable framm enhancement minor Core
#641 CVS Import team defect major Core
#647 Exception while start. Exclamation mark in folder name framm defect minor Core
#648 exception when requesting large area framm defect minor Core
#653 Moving the audio marker back to the waypoint causes an excepetion framm defect major Core
#664 Make JOSM vertical surveying framm enhancement major Core
#670 Unexpected Exception on audio syncronization framm defect major Core
#676 support for ADPCM audio WAV framm enhancement trivial Core
#686 Josm crash framm defect major Core
#714 mouse buttons: middle button should pan, right button should popup menus framm enhancement minor Core
#722 Attempted to open GPX file created by KMLtoGPX framm defect major Core
#733 faster scrolling framm enhancement minor Core
#757 Bei Menueauswahl: Anzeigen/Drahtdarstellung erfolgt Fehler framm defect major Core
#759 Endlosschleife der Dialogbox bei unerwarteter Fehler framm defect major Core
#764 Exception while saving as framm defect major Core
#796 Empty dialog in Ubuntu: Modal Window "Upload These Changes" not usable after "Data with errors, upload anyway" framm defect major Core
#802 Error framm defect major Core
#810 Null pointer exception when app resized by remote desktop framm defect major Core
#815 [PATCH] spherical computation of angles framm defect major Core
#820 endless loop framm defect major Core
#968 Unreadable view of downloaded gps tracks if lines are turned on framm defect major Core
#984 out of memory bugs framm defect major Core
#1047 created_by should be updated on every change framm enhancement minor Core
#1119 error in valitator plugn framm defect major Core
#1163 Exception on startup framm defect major Core
#1191 Got an error on startup (unexpected error...) framm defect trivial Core
#1193 Bug while loading GPS-dots framm defect blocker Core
#1407 "try again" Button at out of memory framm enhancement critical Core
#1423 Command stack contains changes without effect framm defect trivial Core
#1426 problem with upload framm defect major Core
#1444 Join node to way doesn't move node framm enhancement major Core
#1468 simplify handling of overlapping selection framm enhancement major Core
#1470 regression: can't edit visible parts of unselected layers framm defect minor Core
#1488 NPE on opening files on Windows framm defect major Core
#1491 msg "No data imported" gives really nothing framm enhancement major Core
#1502 Remove unwanted GPX tracks from downloaded layer framm enhancement minor Core
#1515 [PATCH] SelectionListDialog: Zoom to selection (via PopupMenu) framm enhancement major Core
#1527 Automatically copy link from the clipboard to download map data window framm enhancement trivial Core
#1582 [PATCH] Second MergeNodes Action to merge onto the other node framm enhancement trivial Core
#1583 Combine way does not work framm defect major Core
#1589 [PATCH] A Halfway Decent OS X Integration framm enhancement minor Core
#1668 Memory Leak (1042) framm defect minor Core
#1670 GPX points Downloaded into one layer framm defect major Core
#1673 Remapping keys in configuration have no effect framm defect major Core
#1687 WOTD framm enhancement major Core
#1763 Include a version number in the user agent string framm defect major Core
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