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#9265 geotagged images broken on Mac OSX new macosx team normal
#12150 Undocked panels jump around desktops (MacOS) when second display is used new macosx team normal
#12719 Zoom out with minus key doesn't work on OSX new keyboard zoom out macosx team normal
#13431 Preferences don't always save (OS X) new template_report macosx preferences team normal
#14337 OSX: zooms in and out when right click to pan new template_report macosx zoom pan javabug sierra team normal
#14531 Command line plugin takes two lines on macOS window new template_report macosx Hind normal
#14657 Zoom Menu on Mac OS-X is not working when called with keyboard shortcuts new zoom mac keyboard shortcut macosx team normal
#14741 Application is called "MainApplication" in the MacOS menu bar, instead of JOSM reopened MacOS regression Polarbear-j normal 17.05
#12856 Keyboard shortcuts on MacBook not all working new keyboard shortcut macosx team minor
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