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#20126 Migrate GitHub mirroring script to server team task normal Trac
#20130 Use mapcss rules instead of CrossingWays java code to find overlapping areas GerdP enhancement normal Core validator
#20148 MacOS release Stereo defect normal Installer MacOS

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#20133 Set macOS icon on macOS startup Stereo enhancement normal Installer MacOS latest

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#18866 Transform Potlatch2 mappaint style icons to SVG team enhancement normal Core
#19724 Add compatibility with Java 16 team enhancement normal Core
#19875 Inactive Map Paint styles cause bad performance team defect normal Core
#20024 No warning when multipolygon preset is applied to multipolygon team defect normal Core
#20046 Update start page link macOS download link Stereo task normal Installer MacOS
#20100 UI problems with route layers team defect normal Core
#20146 Trigger macOS re-build on github when changeset marked at tested stoecker enhancement normal Installer MacOS
#20160 [patch] [rfe] British National Grid projection EPSG:27700 team enhancement normal Core latest
#20257 macOS build process fixes and improvements team defect normal Installer MacOS
#20326 Preset Railway=milstone uses wrong combination for distance tag team defect normal Internal preset
#20338 Approval feature 'diplomatic' team enhancement normal Internal preset
#20341 [Patch] Support more image formats team enhancement normal Core image mapping
#20346 [PATCH] Fix the definition of EPSG:3346 team defect normal Core latest
#20351 validator doesn't accept healthcare:speciality=urology team defect normal Core validator tested

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#18372 Notes description does not fit in box (sometimes) team defect normal Core notes tested
#19956 [RFC] [Patch] Double check if error still exists before executing autofix GerdP defect normal Core validator
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