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#15883 [PATCH] Zoom on element when double-clicking on elements of upload window needinfo enhancement normal Core latest
#15818 [PATCH] Cosmetic code change in needinfo enhancement minor Core imagery
#15774 [PATCH] Change emergency=fire_hydrants in defaultpresets.xml according to approved proposal new enhancement normal Internal preset
#15711 [PATCH] Vizualize imagery layers with non-zero offsets new enhancement normal Core imagery
#15707 [PATCH] NoSuchElementException HashMap$HashIterator.nextNode new defect normal Core
#15630 [PATCH] MinimapDialogTest: add tests covering "show downloaded area" functionality new enhancement minor Unit tests
#15574 [patch] [experimental] make large jpeg loading work through the use of JNI bridge to turbojpeg system library new enhancement normal Core image mapping latest
#15334 [Patch] Use BasicArrowButton in MapFrame new enhancement minor Core
#15170 [Patch] SimplifyWayAction optimizations. new enhancement normal Core
#15107 [Patch] Check runways,aerodromes for missing tags in validator new enhancement normal Core validator
#14835 [patch] Tag Editor default focus is not set or not respected new defect normal Plugin tageditor tested
#14666 [patch] Autoresize Tags/Memberships table to fit content? new defect normal Core
#14021 [patch] Expand tooltip for "Upload selection" new enhancement minor Core tested
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new enhancement trivial Core latest
#13386 [Patch draft] Make imagery support multiple map views new enhancement normal Core imagery
#13369 [PATCH] tag2link strings are not translated new defect normal Plugin tag2link
#13275 [Patch] Use parallel stream for StyledMapRenderer, MultipolygonBuilder? new enhancement normal Core
#13165 [Patch needs work] Validator did not warn about overlapping multipolygons new defect normal Core validator latest
#13118 [Patch] wms imagery should probe for WMS Version or allow to set it new defect normal Core imagery
#12459 [patch needs rework] layer color resets to default when renaming layer new defect normal Core tested
#12415 [patch] temporary layer did not use use antialiasing new defect normal Core
#12281 [Patch] Clean up massive code duplication from OSMRecPlugin plugin new enhancement normal Plugin
#12037 [Alpha patch] Feedback on valid/invalid Overpass Turbo queries new enhancement normal Core
#11910 [Patch in discussion] Adding imagery_used to changeset tags new enhancement normal Core latest
#11844 [PATCH] Show time estimation when geotagging many photos at once new enhancement normal Plugin photo_geotagging
#11417 [PATCH] update dump station preset: add freshwater fill tag new enhancement minor Internal preset
#11402 Tracer2 - always create new nodes when fix buildings [patch] new defect normal Plugin tracer2
#10744 [patch proof-of-concept] Ease Multipolygon-Creation and Handling if selection overlaps ways that already take part in another MP new enhancement normal Core latest
#10511 [Patch] Joining complex areas produces exception reopened defect major Core
#10350 [Patch] ‘Copy tags from previous selection’ uses tags from the wrong (older) selection when changing layers new defect normal Plugin utilsplugin2
#10058 [Patch in progress] MapCSS: 'line' selector and the future of the standard new enhancement normal Core mappaint
#9679 [Incomplete Patch] Validator complains about key: *:lanes:conditional (etc.) reopened defect normal Core validator tested
#9476 [Patch draft] Annotations for remote control implementation new enhancement normal Core remotecontrol
#8802 [PATCH] "Zoom to gap" in relation editor does not work anymore new defect normal Core tested
#8595 [Patch] Split Object does not work when selection is clear (2 nodes and one way) new defect major Plugin utilsplugin2
#8390 [Patch draft] save conflicts to file new enhancement normal Core
#8269 [Patch WIP] Maven support new enhancement normal Core
#7548 [β Patch] Re-organize the preference dialog new enhancement normal Core
#7513 [Patch] Warn non-experts when combining ways with conflicting tags or ways being part of relations reopened enhancement normal Core
#7489 [patch needs rework] Undo merge and download actions new enhancement normal Core
#5097 [α Patch] possibility to repeat the last action (macro recording) new enhancement normal Core
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