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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#5038 Proposal for editing object attributes in spreadsheet mode new team enhancement major
#6764 Selecting anything in the vicinity of selected nodes is nearly impossible new team defect major
#6997 zoom controls for the slippy map new team enhancement major
#21 Bookmarks new team enhancement normal
#1981 rotate map view new team enhancement normal
#5203 Key to jump to next error new team enhancement normal
#5214 duplicate nodes after failed upload new team defect normal
#5641 Painting error layer is very slow new team defect normal
#5763 Keyboard shortcuts not saved new team defect normal
#6372 Plugin Request: Easy tracing of areas from aerial images new team enhancement normal
#6754 Allow automatic panning new team enhancement normal
#7096 resizing objects consecutively behaves unexpectedly new team defect normal
#7397 UX improvements for click handling on validator bugs new team enhancement normal
#7887 unobtrusive node squares and black on white servers issue new team enhancement normal
#8023 Nodes not affected by opacity when zoomed out new team defect normal
#8612 Next version of remote control API new team enhancement normal
#8802 [PATCH] "Zoom to gap" in relation editor does not work anymore new team defect normal
#8882 different color for 'from' and 'to' new team enhancement normal
#9604 Projection problem with Import Image plugin new team defect normal
#9671 Less than perfect "Zoom to problem" for relation problems reported by validator new team enhancement normal
#10881 Cannot select and move nodes if "Mapnik (true)" map style is enabled new team defect normal
#11045 New optional parameters to "import" remote control handler for tag replacement and OSM API download new team enhancement normal
#11463 Can't zoom after importing image new team enhancement normal
#11480 Projection PUWG 2000 5 does not zoom to bbox properly new team defect normal
#12069 magnification lock wanted to disable change of map size due to overly sensitive mouse new team enhancement normal
#12310 Validator: add "gap between buildings" new team enhancement normal
#12455 Auto-detect network loss and enable `--offline=all` at start new team enhancement normal
#12459 [patch needs rework] layer color resets to default when renaming layer new team defect normal
#12528 Zoom offset adjustment for one imagery template new team enhancement normal
#12659 Less complex tool to project a point(s) on way segment (current tools are not predictable) new team defect normal
#13030 Allow the creation of two map views new team enhancement normal
#13456 Structure/clean the main menu new team enhancement normal
#13538 Missing "Cannot add node outside of the world" message new team defect normal
#13698 RelationEditor: "Zoom to" replaces selection without hint in text, it shoudn't new team enhancement normal
#13734 Wishlist: Multitouch mouse zoom/pan gestures on mac OS new team enhancement normal
#13788 Opening individual tracks from<Username>/traces/ via remote control new team enhancement normal
#13866 Improvement to the Scale bar - Readability plus zoom level addition new team enhancement normal
#13952 JOSM unresponsive when zooming out completely new team defect normal
#13968 Optional display of current zoom level new team enhancement normal
#14018 JOSM is very slow new team defect normal
#14471 terracer is associating Unconnected Building from Non-Selected Street in Relation Dialog new team defect normal
#14644 Faster access to bookmarks / home location new team enhancement normal
#14686 Allow adjusting the rectangle on Download Slippy Map new team enhancement normal
#14782 Keyboard shortcut for "zoom to" in relation editor / double click new team enhancement normal
#14965 Improve autofilters new team enhancement normal
#15023 Selection: Next way segment new team enhancement normal
#15114 jump from stop to correspondig way and vice versa assigned giackserva enhancement normal
#15475 Should offer more options when clicking on GPX tracks' pictures new team enhancement normal
#15489 Action "Duplicate" places new way too far away new team defect normal
#15574 [patch] [experimental] make large jpeg loading work through the use of JNI bridge to turbojpeg system library new team enhancement normal
#15834 Three targets impossible to grab unless zoomed in new rebsc defect normal
#15836 Always a big gamble on what zoom levels and position the new image will end up being overlayed new rebsc defect normal
#16082 Strange artifacts when warping imagery at South/North Pole new team defect normal
#16523 Built-in level filter ignores min_level/max_level and building:min_level/building:levels new team defect normal
#16539 OSM data + GPS Raw data download does not come to an end new team defect normal
#16710 Move Node onto Way more difficult at high zoom new team defect normal
#16747 Should not download tiles from other zoom levels if not necessary reopened wiktorn enhancement normal
#16748 Map is briefly displayed without filters after load_and_zoom new team defect normal
#16760 Event loop stuck on ForkJoinPool new team defect normal
#16828 Validator does not catch PT2 relations routing along highway=construction new Biswesh enhancement normal
#16832 Add settings to control automatic refresh strategy new team defect normal
#16917 Give zoom-to the first on right click of validator groups and subgroups new team enhancement normal
#16918 Autoexpand validator report classes (Error, Warning, Other) new team enhancement normal
#17074 detect railway=level_crossing nodes that are not on crossing of railway=* and highway=* ways new team enhancement normal
#17153 Add per imagery server restrictions for requests per second new team enhancement normal
#17156 Download imagery from a certain zoom level new team enhancement normal
#17356 GUI should announce the Edit Layer similar to the Active layer new team enhancement normal
#17422 Improve zoom to problem with crossing ways new team enhancement normal
#17672 class at different zoomlevels for dashes, not overruled new team defect normal
#17778 Add zoom parameter for load_object remote command new team enhancement normal
#17865 macos: "Centre view" not indicating the status new team defect normal
#17992 Combine Way ... Could not combine ways... highlight ends new team enhancement normal
#18974 [patch] Add support for shortcut 'zoom to selection' (key '3') when note is selected new team enhancement normal
#19004 Tile cache seems to forget tiles exist, momentarily new team defect normal
#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class assigned Don-vip defect normal
#19152 Support setting changeset tags during /load_object call new team enhancement normal
#19314 Zoom is blocked and JOSM freezes new team defect normal
#19430 Upload dialog: Option to deselect object from list and option to open history viewer new team enhancement normal
#19674 Always have "between node dragging handle that will create a new node" visible new team enhancement normal
#20014 Tiles constantly reloading reopened team defect normal
#20030 Add support for HDPI imagery new team enhancement normal
#20084 Road on a bridge tagged with "layer = 1" is rendered as if it were running under the crossing road while it should be on top new team defect normal
#20108 citygml and gmllight, difference with gml opendata new Don-vip enhancement normal
#20258 Window for editing imagery entry new team enhancement normal
#20272 Confusing handling of native scale layer and "zoom to download" new team defect normal
#20302 Typing into the Overpass query textbox affects the slippy map on certain characters new team defect normal
#20333 Erratic geotagged image zooming on Mac new team defect normal
#20410 Hidden Layer visible with focus in relation editor dialog new Biswesh defect normal
#20763 "Empty" indicator in data layer when layer contains data new team defect normal
#20778 TMS server cache reopened team defect normal
#20808 PicLayer: memory issue with a transparent image new team defect normal
#21050 name of way drawn far from way new rebsc defect normal
#21054 Work offline does not work with imagery new team defect normal
#21201 Display problem for riverbank multipolygon new team defect normal
#21212 text rendered on tiles is too small on retina screens new team defect normal
#21318 MVT style drops data when two points have same coordinates new team defect normal
#21368 NPE at new team defect normal
#21432 [WIP PATCH] Tile images so that we can zoom in to full resolution assigned taylor.smock enhancement normal Longterm
#21654 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset: {Node) while editing restaurant with preset needinfo andre-sa defect normal
#21656 Abort rendering when obsolete new team defect normal
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