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#23810 Way Split shows superfluous warning of splitting way with possible referrers needinfo minor 3 hours anonymous template_report
#23808 Cannot align nodes in circle on a specific way segment reopened normal 8 hours jfd553 template_report
#23484 When hitting "Upload All Changes" button the upload proceeds without the Upload window showing before needinfo normal 5 days SekeRob template_report
#23802 Backup preferences files get overwritten by bad preference files new normal 5 days SekeRob template_report
#23806 The error message window can be huge and won't fit on the screen new minor 7 days TrickyFoxy template_report
#7614 preferences.xml: invalid XML character / reference to entity reopened normal 7 days anonymous
#23800 WMS username/password login needinfo normal 7 days anonymous authentication
#23618 "Restart JOSM" does not actually restart. new normal 7 days t-matsuu windows restart javabug
#23793 I CANNOT UPLOAD needinfo normal 8 days tmaqelepo@…
#23799 Error loading shapefile new normal 11 days anonymous template_report
#23797 JOSM does not always respect the viewport in a session file new normal 13 days Adrian template_report session file
#23794 False positive for power line? new normal 2 weeks GerdP template_report
#7282 OsmTransferCanceledException while opening changeset or uploading changes new major 2 weeks anonymous upload, network, api, changeset, upload-api-response error ResponseCode 500
#23522 upload: suspicious data dialog cannot be closed with Esc key new normal 2 weeks GerdP template_report focus
#14018 [WIP patch] JOSM is very slow new normal 2 weeks simon04 performance
#22841 [patch] Trunk and some highway links not possible to set on closed way when using presets new normal 2 weeks riiga_92@… template_report
#21597 [patch] Zero-width space when copy/pasting URL from Notes new normal 2 weeks mnalis template_report
#23790 Clicking on an image icon opens wrong image at a very different location new normal 2 weeks GerdP template_report
#23787 GUI gets really slow / session save fails needinfo normal 2 weeks anonymous template_report
#23251 Crossing preset: Change label for crossing_ref new normal 2 weeks osmuser63783@… template_report
#23772 SEVERE: unable to find dependency for plugin on startup new normal 2 weeks skyper template_report regression plugin dependency startup
#21856 [PATCH] Split way: Wrong position of new member in PTv2 relation splitting a loop reopened major 2 weeks skyper template_report split way route relation order member loop
#23298 Improper warning for aerialway=zip_line (Issue #2068) [osm-fr/osmose-backend] new normal 2 weeks hugo.amann@… osmose
#23374 Delete Cached file in case of error new normal 2 weeks stoecker
#23482 [PATCH] optimize the space in the history view (column width) and consider adding line wrapping new normal 2 weeks dieterdreist
#15194 Purging new objects purges relations containing those objects new normal 3 weeks ShadowFoxNixill template_report purge
#23760 JOSM looses its undo stack if a changeset is rejected due to the new bbox limit new normal 3 weeks b1tw153 template_report upload changeset reject command stack
#23762 Exception after switching OSM server and test access token new minor 3 weeks TrickyFoxy template_report
#23761 Merging a way fails and leaves stranded nodes if a shared node in the target layer has been modified new normal 3 weeks b1tw153 template_report
#23758 Mass upload incomplete with option "Fill up one changeset and return to the Upload Dialog" new normal 4 weeks GerdP template_report
#23749 The `State: all-referrers-downloaded` is not saved to file new normal 4 weeks skyper template_report save state refferrers downloaded
#23755 Upload to open changeset doesn't work well new normal 4 weeks GerdP template_report
#23753 [Patch] False positive from destination_sign relation validation new normal 4 weeks vectro
#23752 error during conflict resolution new normal 4 weeks anonymous template_report
#23751 Jenkins Job JOSM-Plugins fails since 2023 new normal 4 weeks GerdP
#23732 Change default oauth2 token and authorize URLs from /api to /oauth2 new minor 5 weeks Woazboat oauth2
#13814 Zoom is extremely sensitive now reopened normal 6 weeks Sunfishtommy osx sierra mac scroll zoom
#23724 Defunct payment methods in preset new minor 6 weeks openstreetmap@… template_report
#23722 Josm cannot be installed in Ubuntu 24 LTS without warnings needinfo normal 6 weeks… template_report
#23710 Fully automatic OAuth does not work new normal 6 weeks Val42 OAuth
#23718 Console messages: WARNING: Not downloading all tiles because there is more than 40 tiles on an axis! new normal 6 weeks GerdP
#23571 Meaningless informational messages for contact: prefix new normal 7 weeks GerdP template_report
#23711 Error not fully downloaded referrers when opening from osm file new normal 7 weeks SanderH template_report
#23709 Tiles from MVT cannot be displayed. new normal 7 weeks delicadiesel mvt tile
#23697 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Index -4592 out of bounds for length 1148000 new normal 7 weeks richlv template_report 360°
#22610 Crash when triggering a mouse click while panning mapillary image in image viewer new normal 7 weeks Woazboat mapillary, 360°
#23258 [PATCH] JCSCacheManager locks the wrong directory new minor 7 weeks marcello@… cache JCS
#18479 Consider making highway=track color-adaptive based on aerials or add halo new minor 7 weeks mkoniecz template_report highway track
#22590 Selected 360 mapillary while using viewer new normal 8 weeks anonymous template_report 360°
#23055 error after upload new normal 8 weeks wegavision@… template_report
#22503 JOSM claims that TMS URL change requires restart needinfo normal 8 weeks richlv
#23696 JOSM doesn't respond. new normal 8 weeks anonymous template_report
#23695 JOSM warns about usage=spillway on water=canal areas even though that seems to be the accepted pattern new normal 8 weeks watmildon
#23684 JOSM editing my map needinfo normal 2 months anonymous
#23669 Error while activating MapWithAI needinfo normal 2 months angoca template_report
#23370 `URL` constructors are deprecated new normal 2 months taylor.smock java20
#23646 Dont warn parking=* on bicycle_parking new major 3 months Tjuro
#18697 IAE: "Failed to set current primitive. Current version not available in history" after conflicts new normal 3 months anonymous template_report history conflict regression
#23644 validator suggests suspicious replacement new minor 3 months GerdP template_report communications_tower tower mast height
#23639 building, utils and map with ai plugins not installing needinfo normal 3 months anonymous template_report
#23616 Nodes without roles generate unnecessary warnings in walking relations, specifically Node2Node routes in Node Networks. new normal 3 months eldersonmuziek@… template_report route node network role
#23619 Wrong OS Build number new normal 3 months t-matsuu windows OS Build number
#23617 Locale setting is not reflected in font selection new normal 3 months t-matsuu template_report windows locale language detection
#20731 Relation checker doesn't accept role "main" and demands "<empty>" for route=hiking new minor 3 months bartosomail@… route role recreational relation
#22101 Windows-ROOT not found new normal 3 months GerdP template_report windows ssl
#23525 Username in title bar does not change new normal 3 months okadatsuneo template_report
#23620 man_made=clarifier being corrected to =clarifer new normal 3 months RedAuburn@… template_report
#23615 Incorrect warning: crossing barrier/way, for fence entering water new normal 3 months Famlam template_report barrier water
#23612 Comments in the Overpass query wizard output new normal 3 months opk12 overpass query wizard comment
#21930 [PATCH] Support new conditional parking lane tagging in validator new normal 3 months riiga_92@… template_report conditional parking
#22164 No reaction to any key press new normal 3 months mueschel template_report
#23593 garden:style needinfo normal 4 months anonymous garden:style
#23589 josm validator reports: "the key from a template is invalid in this region new normal 4 months smarties template_report region
#23580 Authorize Now (Manual) Has Bug When Entering Access Token Key new minor 4 months anonymous template_report
#23577 Problems with combining transactions "Replace geometry Ctrl+Shift-G" and "Join areas Shift-J" since update to actual version 19017 new major 4 months Erihas template_report
#23575 GPX trace download gets to absurd numbers with broken connection new normal 4 months richlv
#23568 PicLayer does not show all levels new normal 4 months Zenfiric
#23546 NullPointerException: Cannot read field "about" because the return value of "org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.MainApplication.getMenu()" is null new normal 4 months anonymous macosx
#23548 Help Center does not work new normal 4 months uwe@… template_report
#23531 Connection problem causes freeze/hang new normal 4 months Kovoschiz template_report
#22423 [Patch] Do not mix capital/lowerkey letter keys in Tags/Memberships window reopened normal 4 months nkamapper sort keys Tags/memberships panel
#23498 my mouse pointer has disappeared when I'm in the data window needinfo normal 5 months manu@… template_report
#23520 Error occurs when closing JOSM new normal 5 months anonymous template_report, gpx, markerlayer
#23511 Copy + paste file paths into the mapstyle addition workflow sometimes have quotes around them. This causes errors later. new normal 5 months watmildon template_report
#23449 Bad url for osm server causes crash on startup new normal 5 months anonymous template_report
#23470 DataIntegrityProblemException in Test DuplicateWay new normal 5 months anonymous template_report
#23504 Connection reset. needinfo normal 5 months anonymous
#23486 Activating background unsuccessful (ES GRAFCAN ORTOEXPRESS and ES GRAFCAN ORTOEXPRESS Canarian Islands new normal 5 months nordpfeil@… template_report
#23488 can't access imagery through preference changed bing[1,22]: needinfo normal 5 months anonymous
#23479 Error when trying to create new way in parallel way mode needinfo normal 5 months anonymous template_report
#23478 Add potentially problematic URLs to reported exceptions new normal 5 months anonymous template_report
#23448 JOSM uploaded thousands of duplicate ways and relations new normal 5 months nkamapper template_report
#18597 Combine Way does not generate conflict when joining maxspeed with maxspeed:forward in expert mode new normal 5 months simon04 combine conflict tag expert
#23452 DataIntegrityProblemException after usage of utilsplugin2.selection.NodeWayUtils needinfo normal 5 months Peter Agenga template_report
#23464 Layer Boundary for task will not be removed automaticly when you want to remove a finished task after uploading mappings. needinfo normal 6 months watergeus template_report
#9534 Strange "overlapping water areas" test result new normal 6 months naoliv
#23193 False positive warning on source:*:conditional new normal 6 months gaben template_report conditional
#20832 Unknown turn restriction for restriction:hgv:conditional=no_left_turn new normal 6 months simon04 template_report turn restriction conditional
#23463 unnecessary.mapcss suggests removing area=yes from railway=platform for indoor features new normal 6 months rskedgell
#23457 Address duplication and street name formatting Issue new normal 6 months The Polish template_report
#15489 Action "Duplicate" places new way too far away new normal 6 months GerdP template_report
#23451 Data validator does not recognize "information" role for route relation new normal 6 months Pontiac_CZ
#23450 moving the map does not give focus to the map window new normal 6 months dieterdreist template_report
#23319 GUI Problem new major 6 months sinuhesieda@… template_report
#11175 [Patch] "Ways with same position" gives errors that are not needinfo normal 6 months Sylves barrier duplicate way
#20833 [WIP Patch] Restrictions `no_exit` and `no_entry` missing new normal 6 months skyper template_report turn restriction no_entry no_exit
#21563 Opening history of relation with high version number leads to exceeding OSM bandwidth limit new normal 6 months skyper template_report history error 509 bandwidth limit download
#21384 sort/propose prefills on upload box for last used, not alphabetical new normal 6 months MKnight template_report upload auto-completion regression
#22950 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in CameraPlane.mapping new normal 6 months anonymous template_report
#22352 GeoJSON: when multiple nodes have the same coordinates, they are merged reopened normal 6 months tguen template_report
#20473 Multipolygon repeating the tag of an outer way is not flagged new normal 6 months GerdP template_report multipolygon
#23402 Error saving offset bookmark new normal 6 months anonymous template_report offset
#23428 Strange window focus bug new normal 6 months dieterdreist template_report
#23307 JosmRuntimeException: tileXYToLatLon returned Coordinate[-83.09827383814462, NaN] (WAS: Ljubljana: Orthophoto 2023 (WMTS) imagery provider does not work) new normal 6 months junosl template_report
#23360 [PATCH] Saving the TODO task list reopened normal 6 months leni template_report
#23379 The edit-relation screen looses changes new normal 7 months blackboxlogic@… relation editor textbox save
#23382 History dialog doesn't show changes from imported OSC file assigned normal 7 months mikedld template_report history
#23385 leisure=bathing_place on a way raises a warning, but wiki says otherwise new normal 7 months JeroenHoek
#23369 JOSM crashes during large uploads needinfo normal 7 months jmarchon javabug, template_report
#22978 Problem with route layer from gpx containing route and markers new normal 7 months skyper template_report gpx ptna
#23356 Incorrect dialog sizes new normal 7 months CupIvan template_report
#23338 Nameless highway areas reported as error new normal 7 months Kogacarlooo template_report
#23344 After correcting errors flagged by pre-upload validation, restarting upload does not clear the highlights new normal 7 months anonymous template_report
#21884 Saved session does not remember pictures are 360° new normal 8 months anonymous template_report
#23324 fix middlemouse-hold-overlay-menu height new normal 8 months dieterdreist middle mouse,select,overlay menu
#23321 Square brackets in filename result in error (and not loading the file) new normal 8 months felagund template_report
#23020 Error when try to add WMS new normal 8 months matiasiribarren.iribarren1@… template_report
#23312 Downloaded french cadastre, had this error message new normal 8 months @… template_report
#23301 IAE: EastNorth is invalid in ParallelWays.changeOffset needinfo normal 8 months anonymous template_report
#23303 Magnetic declination is not considered for drawing the image arrows on photos needinfo minor 8 months rexendor@… template_report
#23300 Unable to open JOSM needinfo normal 8 months Pavans
#21362 better navigation of change history new normal 9 months mariotomo template_report history browser
#23263 NegativeArraySizeException in ProtobufParser.readNextBytes needinfo normal 9 months malynpolissia@… template_report
#23218 Update JDK versions in Java-EarlyAccess-JOSM new normal 9 months taylor.smock java21
#8588 MapCSS: pixels per meter new trivial 9 months imagic
#23253 Check to see if we should add landuse=paddy to presets new normal 9 months taylor.smock
#22614 [WIP patch] Combine ways is very slow new minor 9 months GerdP template_report performance
#22971 min-josm-version ignored for validator rules new normal 9 months Famlam template_report min-josm-version validator meta
#23192 Do not warn "House number without a street" when there is addr:substreet needinfo normal 9 months anonymous template_report
#21829 [Possible PATCH] F3 produces " Primitive must be part of the dataset" new normal 10 months mnalis template_report tagging preset validate async
#23222 java.nio.file.NoSuchFileException: josm-tested.jar needinfo normal 10 months anonymous template_report
#23054 "Segregated" on railway=tram_crossing new normal 10 months tomeko template_report railway crossing tram segregated
#23223 Unable to finish merging two layers needinfo normal 10 months aubreybachant@… Layers Merging
#18921 Minimum height of dialog field to avoid endless flickering new trivial 10 months Hb--- template_report java8 windows classic laf
#23221 MapwithAI plugin issues new normal 10 months anonymous template_report
#23210 When drawing a cliff line and selecting the preset to add the cliff tag, same also land on last cliff line node. new normal 10 months SekeRob template_report
#23211 Validator gives error message when there are high lane counts at motorway tollgates new normal 10 months SekeRob template_report
#23206 Placeholders in mapcss expressions don't work in suggestAlternative new normal 10 months Famlam template_report suggestAlternative
#16348 DividedScale$RangeViolatedError: the new range must be within a single subrange new normal 10 months anonymous template_report
#23199 Using placeholders and selector classes breaks validator new normal 10 months VAis4mappers
#23188 Need adding/correction of value couplings:type=UNI related to fire_hydrants needinfo minor 10 months SekeRob
#6786 Command stack conflict error message new trivial 10 months SomeoneElse2 command
#23155 Can't open jos file I saved a few days ago new normal 11 months anonymous template_report
#23130 Randomly UI panels are re-rendering on wrong position new normal 11 months marek.barinka@… template_report, graphics, UI, user interface
#23141 Une erreur inattendue est survenue needinfo normal 11 months vincent.becker@… template_report
#21222 DataIntegrityProblemException: Complete node with null coordinates new normal 11 months anonymous template_report
#17849 macos: erratic extra window behaviour needinfo normal 11 months richlv macos
#20430 The OSM server '' reported a bad request. Error message(untranslated): Placeholder node not found for reference -102307 in way -106846 needinfo normal 11 months sharcrash template_report
#22913 NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class new normal 11 months anonymous template_report java17 openSUSE
#19956 [WIP Patch] Double check if error still exists before executing autofix reopened normal 12 months GerdP template_report
#21512 Preferences: Missing warning about restart when changing icon size new minor 12 months skyper template_report advanced preference restart icon size
#5641 Painting error layer is very slow new normal 12 months bilbo performance gsoc-candidate
#16434 Delayed line drawing/slow JOSM new normal 12 months jumat@… performance upload
#23090 Ant clean tasks not cleaning everyhing new minor 12 months gaben ant
#23084 The last toggled map paint style is toggled on its own when clicking the map new normal 12 months pluton template_report
#23082 NPE in MapSlider#zoomChanged (in Component#findUnderMouseInWindow) new normal 12 months anonymous template_report javabug
#22488 Upload dialog has old data on the way/nodes/relations that are going to be uploaded new normal 12 months Emvee template_report upload
#23069 Bug encountered opening help for any panel. new normal 12 months donal.hunt@… template_report
#23045 Stealth support for proprietary url schemes for imagery new normal 13 months SimonPoole
#23034 Application freeze and fail to open image new normal 13 months troels@…
#23033 Просто запустил ПО и нажал "Скачать" new normal 13 months anonymous template_report
#23032 Error when sorting the modifications by creation date. new normal 13 months Carlos_N template_report
#23031 Using the escape button while having shapetools activated results in errors new normal 13 months anonymous template_report
#23030 PBF/MVT toggle with no effect? new normal 13 months nkamapper template_report
#23017 Paste Tags without Tags/Memberships Conflict Dialog new normal 13 months leni template_report
#23016 OAuth authentication failed new normal 13 months anonymous template_report
#23012 Uploading changeset window glitches when large quanities of changesets are being opened new normal 13 months SherbetS upload progress
#23002 [WIP patch] Inconsistent notification position new normal 13 months gaben notification position
#23007 Show progress on plugin downloads new normal 13 months gaben template_report plugin download progress
#22631 IAE in EDT new normal 13 months taylor.smock template_report javabug edt
#22998 Adding a node within snap-distance to two ways will connect unconnected ways new normal 14 months Romwriter template_report
#22997 exception in kartaview module new normal 14 months anonymous template_report
#22985 mapcss "area" rule: inconsistency asserts and validator new normal 14 months Famlam template_report area
#22967 NullPointerException on Overpass download with "out ids/tags center" new normal 14 months martin@… template_report overpass xml json
#22972 I need help on adding bus routes. new normal 14 months mrgenie download along overpass
#22965 Conflicts in areas downloaded by overpass are limited to 1 object on upload, leading to multiple upload attempts with a single conflict each new normal 14 months cullenstev@…
#21931 [Patch] .nmea/.pos/.wpt files always ask to be saved new normal 14 months Bjoeni nmea, pos, wpt, gpx, save
#22951 show an error (with the filename) when loading a bogus (external) mapcss file new normal 15 months marc_marc template_report
#22766 Text input eventually stops working new normal 15 months AntiCompositeNumber template_report, linux
#22925 Disable check for incorrect roundabout direction for roundabout=turbo new normal 15 months Tjuro Roundabout turbo
#22927 Super routes members are not sorted new normal 15 months pyrog template_report relation_editor superroute
#22916 NPE at org.openstreetmap.josm.gui.dialogs.relation.GenericRelationEditor.updateOkPanel after uploading changes new normal 15 months Yonseca@… template_report upload relation editor
#22903 Warning with mmrtext.ttf, monbaiti.ttf and new minor 15 months leni template_report java17 windows
#22912 Text editor has strange undo/redo behavior new normal 15 months tguen
#21901 [patch] JOSM lagging with over 500ms delay new normal 15 months Korgi1 template_report
#22869 LVM WMTS fails: "stream is closed" new normal 15 months richlv
#22886 IAE in ImageWarp#warp during ESRI tile transform new normal 15 months anonymous template_report
#22879 Cut keyboard shortcuts doesn't work after reverting order of relation members new minor 15 months anonymous
#22872 Incorrect 'overlapping water ways' validation warning new normal 15 months tmerc58 validation overlapping waterway
#22878 ConcurrentModificationException at MapCSSTagChecker.visit( new normal 15 months gaben template_report exception
#19722 Turn restriction validator warning inconsistency new normal 15 months Famlam template_report turn restriction
#22863 Incorrect Dutch translation of preset value new trivial 15 months olivier.nauwelaers@… template_report i18n
#20566 Changed Notes don't always upload when quitting JOSM new major 15 months daganzdaanda upload when exiting
#5381 mouse cursor not always what it should be reopened normal 16 months dieterdreist mouse pointer
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new normal 16 months skyper update external preset validator rule style cache
#22874 Jump To Position dialog - missing/incorrect label new normal 16 months tmerc58 JumpToPosition
#22870 Mouse cursor doesn't show/change mode modifer after a data download new normal 16 months tmerc58 mouse cursor download
#14182 Cancel upload produces a mess :) reopened normal 16 months mrjones template_report
#6151 If upload ends with internal server error, no warning is shown new critical 16 months bilbo
#21212 text rendered on tiles is too small on retina screens new normal 16 months pyrog template_report hidpi macos
#22848 java.util.NoSuchElementException when adding a tag that is covered by a filter new normal 16 months riiga_92@… template_report
#22820 duplicate way : sometime with(out) auto-repair new normal 16 months marc_marc template_report
#19008 Differences in results outside downloaded area between no download area at all and small download area somewhere new normal 16 months skyper template_report download area
#16803 [Patch needs rework] Validator: Wrong warning Highway link is not linked to adequate highway/link reopened normal 16 months GerdP template_report
#22843 ISE in AutoScaleAction#getFirstSelectedLayer new normal 16 months elagin template_report
#22837 Remember last selected download area even when download failed new normal 16 months Woazboat
#22828 Error while searching needinfo normal 16 months MichaelFS
#21870 Opening hours: Possibly false positive "can be prettified" with complex value new normal 16 months skyper template_report opening_hours prettify
#22824 WMTS : No way to refresh capabilities manually new normal 16 months StephaneP wmts, capabilities
#22823 WMTS layer max zoom isn't detected by Josm new normal 16 months StephaneP wmts, zoom
#22731 "Unkown value" does not properly handle white space new normal 17 months Rainero template_report unkown value delimiter white space
#22803 " Primitive must be part of the dataset" bug popup sometimes needinfo normal 17 months mnalis template_report
#22812 When I attempt to use a custom image tile server, JOSM crashes new normal 17 months anonymous template_report
#22809 Improvvisa chiusura duranteuno spostamento in un area contigua a quella scaricata. new normal 17 months anonymous template_report
#22805 MAPCSS: Error while parsing a mapcss file (division, comment). new normal 17 months mikeho
#17293 JOSM shows misleading information when plugin fails to load new normal 17 months GerdP
#22804 MAPCSS: error regarding rotated text: no rotated coordinate system, rotated alignment horizontal / vertical --> error new normal 17 months mikeho MAPCSS, text-rotation
#9819 [PATCH] stricter checking for highways crossing waterways without bridges needinfo normal 17 months RicoZ crossing layer bridge tunnel
#21778 Validation error: oneway + oneway:conditional + bicycle:backwards:conditional reopened minor 17 months Famlam template_report dismount oneway conditional
#22055 Drop down selection boxes no longer respond to arrow keys assigned normal 17 months taylor.smock regression, macos, javabug, aqualaf
#22771 Keyboard movement through the versions in the History dialog is not entirely correct when local changes exist new normal 17 months pluton template_report
#22769 Checked "I would like someone to review my edits" checkbox isn't persisted when reopening the Upload dialog new minor 17 months pluton template_report
#22755 Inconsistent behavior of ∈ (building node part of building shape) new normal 17 months Famlam mapcss building inside
#22639 False validator warning "voltage:* without transformer" new normal 17 months Gazer75 power transformer voltage
#22752 JosmRuntimeException: Join areas internal error - findBoundaryPolygons needinfo normal 17 months anonymous template_report
#22662 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset when opening the crossings template popup needinfo normal 17 months info@… template_report
#22745 UnknownHostException: when is not resolved on /imagery remote control call new normal 17 months anonymous template_report
#21632 Wrong syntax in hazmat:conditional key new normal 18 months anonymous template_report conditional hazmat
#21163 [WIP Patch] Validating an object (way with conditionals) fails new normal 18 months DodalerAfenger template_report conditional highway lanes
#22714 disabled:conditional=designated @ (Mo-Fr 09:00-20:00;Sa 09:00-18:00) not valid? new minor 18 months wribln template_report conditional
#22721 [PATCH] JOSM crashes when loading vector tiles (MVT) new normal 18 months FredrikLindseth template_report
#22001 display_value's in presets ignored when sorting value list new normal 18 months Hufkratzer preset display_value sorting
#22720 OsmTransferCanceledException: Operation canceled new normal 18 months anonymous template_report
#22678 Wrong track names when exporting multiple route relations to gpx new normal 18 months ggrab gpx export
#22665 Conflict resolver has my/theirs wrongly assigned new normal 18 months DoubleA relation editor conflict version name
#22670 CPU spins at max when Find Dialog opened (no repro, memory dump available) needinfo normal 18 months watmildon template_report
#22467 building:part with the same position as the building gives a false warning new normal 18 months Nadjita template_report
#22659 The "Jump to position" tool does not refresh after first use needinfo normal 18 months severin.menard jump to position URL
#22651 Combine ways may not find best solution with oneways new normal 18 months GerdP template_report
#22645 NPE: Cannot invoke "java.util.Collection.iterator()" because "objects" is null needinfo normal 18 months RubenKelevra template_report
#22619 Validator should not warn for direction relations which use roundabout new normal 19 months anonymous template_report
#22628 Rotate/scale sometimes activate when using keyboard modifiers but without clicking new normal 19 months twirl3215 template_report
#22589 JOSM uploads modified data twice new normal 19 months wolfgang8 template_report
#22621 Display errors in the presets dialogs, not zoomed correctly on Windows 10 - System new normal 19 months mikeho hidpi, template_report
#21278 JOSM.exe runs upscaled new normal 19 months anonymous template_report jpackage windows hidpi scaling usablity
#22612 A single click can touch multiple geoimage layers new normal 19 months Adrian template_report image layer
#22605 No indication of and no option to delete automatically added CS-tag "hashtag" new normal 19 months skyper template_report changeset tag hashtag
#22297 [Patch] JOSM always sorts value from multiselect when closing preset form new normal 19 months sergey.v.liverko@… template_report preset multiselect sort value
#22587 mvt layer not stored in .joz file (java session) new normal 19 months chris66nrw@… session mvt layer
#22581 Node thrown to lat=0 on ungluing it from ways needinfo normal 19 months santamariense
#22531 Tag editing window is too small new normal 19 months anonymous template_report, ui
#22578 Position of zoom slider not correctly initialised after opening session file new normal 19 months Adrian template_report session zoom level
#22583 Wrong tag in Kart Racing Template new normal 19 months Tepepaz template_report kart raceway
#22049 multiselect field emptied after new dialog opened new normal 20 months Hufkratzer tagging preset multiselect icon preset link
#18992 Tagging Preset: No information exchange between linked presets new major 20 months skyper template_report tagging preset link
#22427 JOSM validator shouldn't issue a warning for a tag level=n-m new normal 20 months georges.dutreix@… template_report level
#21802 Exclude georgian wiki pages "wikipedia=ka:xxx" from "wikipedia page title should have first letter capitalized" new normal 20 months anonymous template_report georgian wikipedia
#19378 Assigning a letter key to a shortcut sometimes puts the letter in the next dialog needinfo normal 20 months robchafer@… template_report
#22549 bug remonté mais que je ne sais pas plus analyser reopened normal 20 months alix.evenfournet@… template_report
#22551 Plugins disappear seemingly at random on restart new normal 20 months watmildon
#22542 Empty error dialog new normal 20 months richlv template_report
#22535 Huge button to dock the image viewer new minor 20 months skyper template_report viewer button size
#21221 Relation editor: Preset link: DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset while editing a relation new major 20 months anonymous template_report data consistency relation editor tagging preset validate async regression
#21654 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset: {Node) while editing restaurant with preset needinfo normal 20 months andre-sa template_report tagging preset validate async
#15856 Numerical shortcuts don't work in AZERTY new major 20 months midgard template_report keyboard layout AZERTY numeric shortcut
#21261 Command line option --status-report does not exit new normal 20 months skyper template_report command line status report regression
#19151 Wrong query generated by overpass query wizard new normal 20 months GerdP template_report overpass query wizard
#22492 Deleting GPX point timestamp does not work new normal 21 months anonymous template_report
#22496 NPE: Cannot invoke "javax.swing.text.View.changedUpdate()" on first running the newest JOSM version 18583 after installation new normal 21 months anonymous template_report
#22501 Command Stack is empty after unsuccesfull upload new minor 21 months GerdP template_report
#22495 Warning when using a relation restriction:bicycle=give_way needinfo normal 21 months anonymous template_report restriction give_way
#22491 EDT violation in PluginHandler new normal 21 months gaben template_report edt
#22475 IAE: offsetLimit must be after current position new normal 21 months dieterdreist template_report
#22214 'Orthogonalize Shape' function not working if 'Follow line' has been used right before new normal 21 months Max1234-ITA
#22437 suspicious tag combination tracktype=grade2 and surface=ground new normal 22 months dieterdreist
#22377 Allow shortcuts to be conditionally enabled new normal 22 months mariotomo
#22420 Undocked windows lose focus after dialog closes new normal 22 months mueschel template_report
#22410 Window not resizing as it should new normal 22 months dieterdreist window,resizing
#22386 JOSM freezes from time to time without clear indication why new normal 22 months dieterdreist
#10032 No changes recognized if uploading with an open relation editor and closing it later new normal 22 months skyper relation editor upload change
#22376 PC crashed and lost all my preferences new normal 22 months sharcrash template_report preferences backup
#22383 autosave restores older file than the local file new major 22 months dieterdreist restore,autosave
#22380 Unable to renew OAuth token using semi-automatic method new normal 22 months info@… template_report
#22372 Problem with GeoJSON Export for MultiPolygon or in boundaries.osm new normal 23 months anonymous template_report
#22328 [Patch] Nodes should be exclude from "construction:highway without highway and construction" new normal 23 months skyper template_report node construction highway railway
#22324 update multipolygon incorrectly removes tags from inner ways new normal 23 months Luzandro
#17098 Special Characters on Mac OS freezes keyboard new normal 23 months zlavergne template_report macos
#19933 Cannot typing Chinese and Korean character normally in MacOS new normal 23 months tntchn template_report macos
#20140 JOSM inconsistently respects remapped macOS modifier keys assigned normal 23 months derickson.e@… template_report macos
#20477 Devanagari input - issue in typing consonantal conjuncts new normal 23 months maanchitrakar template_report i18n devanagari macos
#21700 Grammarly app can cause problem with JOSM shortcuts new normal 23 months angoca template_report grammarly macos
#22020 [WIP PATCH] Mac OS X > arrow keys cannot be used to move the downloaded map new normal 23 months SchepersZelf pijltjestoetsen macos
#22339 Too wide url confirmation window for data import from overpass turbo new normal 23 months Woazboat gui, remote control, data, import, confirmation window, wide, width, overpass turbo
#22259 Opening a geo: URI schema in JOSM does nothing new normal 23 months TrickyFoxy template_report
#22332 Filters set to 'hide' objects completely override and disable other active 'hiding' filters new normal 23 months Woazboat filter, hide, override, replace, multiple
#22329 Many false positives for ":lanes" tagging with additional prefix new normal 23 months skyper template_report lanes prefix
#22305 Inconsistent tooltips in the edit toolbar new normal 2 years richlv
#22291 Additional `created_by` changeset tag missing after conflicts on upload new normal 2 years skyper template_report created_by reverter upload
#22285 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be modified in read-only dataset reopened normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22278 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted member referenced in large `SequenceCommand` with many `ChangeMembersCommand` new normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22266 [PATCH][RFC] Report exceptions on plugin load better new normal 2 years taylor.smock
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member reopened normal 2 years Brait relation, editor, geometry, update, split
#22254 The GeoJSON contains an object with property 'overlap' whose value has the unsupported type 'JsonObjectImpl'. That key-value pair is ignored! new normal 2 years anonymous geojson
#21342 Viewing the article on wikipedia does not work new normal 2 years TrickyFoxy template_report wikipedia macOS
#22213 JOSM doesn't handle gracefully when a relation is attempted to be deleted for a second time. new normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22204 NPE: Cannot invoke "String.length()" because "<parameter1>" is null new normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22207 Input field switches to RTL input despite no RTL language being used new normal 2 years ff5722 template_report
#22168 Add 'man_made=quay' to ferry route connection check new normal 2 years tpikonen ferry route member
#22036 HiDPI screen with JAVA-17 is broken again new normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22105 Wrong informational message: Incomplete pedestrian crossing tagging new minor 2 years GerdP template_report crossing
#22128 Windows keyboard input language switches automatically from german to english if opening "add key" dialoge window new normal 2 years anonymous template_report
#22090 Tried shift_V, and gotan error. new normal 2 years danspecht@… template_report
#22028 Relation with external id 'XXX' refers to a missing primitive with external id 'YYY' needinfo normal 2 years sano template_report
#22054 Exception raised while writting commit message new normal 2 years angoca template_report
#22043 MultiMonitor Setup - doesn't store the settings of the windows needinfo normal 2 years mrgenie
#12716 <preset_link>: prefer target in current source, then search in defaultpresets, then search in other external presets new normal 2 years Klumbumbus template_report tagging preset link
#22058 Cannot type in text boxes new normal 2 years enderbyte09@… template_report
#22013 [Patch]Validator should accept denomination=sufi instead of denomination=sufism new minor 2 years bxl-forever
#22002 Presets: XmlParsingException using reference plus list_entry in chunk new normal 2 years skyper template_report preset xml exception chunk reference list_entry
#22011 JosmRuntimeException: orthogonalize error new normal 2 years GuyPa template_report orthogonalize
#12161 Presets: Non-editable Comboboxes are Lower than Editable Comboboxes new normal 2 years Nakaner template_report
#21994 barrier=chain icon is absolutely massive needinfo normal 2 years anonymous template_report barrier chain icon size
#21981 Error when pasting a node, copied to an .csv.osm file new normal 2 years leni template_report
#21979 Validator for crossing highway/waterway doesn't activate if the highway isn't edited. needinfo minor 2 years SherbetS crossing way
#11348 Crossing way check works only for "on demand" but not for "on upload" new normal 2 years ratrun template_report upload crossing way
#21972 Improve Way Accuracy: incorrect node removal new normal 2 years Aurimas template_report
#21969 Importing source code to Netbeans new normal 2 years AFa1a ide netbeans
#21951 [WIP PATCH] Show user problems with the relation they are currently editing new normal 2 years taylor.smock
#21947 JOSM : Download from Overpass request failed (server too busy) new normal 2 years SiiG
#21961 IllegalStateException: Component must have a valid peer when JOSM is maximized (F11) needinfo normal 2 years Jese-MX template_report
#21740 IAE: Attempted to add listener that was already in list: external preset with group name RoadSigns new normal 2 years anonymous template_report listener regression
#21920 New Coverity warnings new normal 2 years Don-vip coverity
#20084 Road on a bridge tagged with "layer = 1" is rendered as if it were running under the crossing road while it should be on top new normal 2 years Gilbert54 template_report
#16971 support cycleway:left/cycleway:right in map style or discourage it in validator new normal 2 years mkoniecz template_report, cycleway :left :right
#21909 cant upload new objects new normal 2 years elch_hgw template_report
#21908 False positive "street name contains ss/ß" with route relations new normal 2 years skyper template_report street name
#21897 JOSM occasionally doesn't understand errors from Overpass new normal 2 years SomeoneElse2 template_report
#19245 Adding Bing Aerial Imagery freezes JOSM new normal 2 years anonymous template_report bing freeze
#21888 "NoSuchFileException" error message when saving the ".osm" file after the "Save as" command instead of saving. What can be done? needinfo normal 2 years zsoltd
#21887 amenity inside amenity should always consider layer tag new normal 2 years skyper template_report node inside area amenity parking layer
#21879 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive cannot be included in more than one Dataset needinfo normal 2 years protoxenus@… template_report
#20306 "Water area inside water area" triggered for reedbeed in a lake new normal 2 years mkoniecz template_report water wetland area inside
#20316 Opening_hours: Does not like `PH +1 day PH` new normal 2 years skyper template_report opening_hours
#21808 OSM Inspector / JOSM layer new normal 2 years Klerik7 template_report OSM Inspector
#21842 Cannot connect to WMS service : layer not defined into the query new normal 2 years pagaille template_report
#21838 Combining element should always preserve the oldest new normal 2 years Mannivu
#21837 "Zoom to conflict" only works for 1st conflict new normal 2 years nkamapper template_report
#21674 IllegalStateException: Already registered a conflict for primitive (merging) new normal 2 years anonymous template_report merge conflict
#21811 To Get Access Token, Failure causes OAUTH OKAY to Hide new normal 2 years MrGadget2You OAuth upload
#21796 No JOSM warning for a way that technically is not overlapping, but it is. new major 2 years syntex template_report
#13155 Better handling of Layer.checkLayerMemoryDoesNotExceedMaximum new normal 2 years anonymous template_report memory
#21798 No empty combobox item in preset names for deleting values new normal 2 years gaben template_report combobox name regression
#17324 Adding bridge preset to highways not working new normal 3 years anonymous
#21783 JOSM data validator check failure - "Unconnected highways" new normal 3 years jason.hurst@… template_report
#21741 Unicode 'Modifier Letter Colon' (U+A789) gives spurious warning new normal 3 years kennykb@… template_report unicode
#14541 Configure toolbar: Impossible to add almost any core submenu new normal 3 years Allroads toolbar menu button submenu
#21711 Allow tourism=attraction inside tourism=attraction new normal 3 years mkoniecz template_report
#21686 AIOOBE: mapmode.SelectAction$VirtualManager.createMiddleNodeFromVirtual new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20479 Querying history from custom api server causes crash new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20663 [patch] Area style on outer way not flagged when different river area taggings are combined assigned normal 3 years zelonewolf@…
#21668 Closing already closed note from JOSM generates an error new normal 3 years angoca template_report, notes, close
#21656 Abort rendering when obsolete new normal 3 years stoecker performance
#21651 ACE: access denied ("java.util.PropertyPermission" "" "read") new normal 3 years bernard.osm@… template_report webstart
#21639 selection highlight does not highlight the label new normal 3 years dieterdreist selected, label
#21633 Add scroll bar to dialog "Automatic tag correction" new normal 3 years tomasmarklund template_report scroll bar dialog height
#21621 Open dialog traverse folders verify finicky on macOS 12 arm64 with Bluetooth mouse new normal 3 years bal_agates@… template_report, open dialog
#19780 Close Open Changeset picks up wrong changeset new normal 3 years hubminer template_report changeset
#20006 Merge layer: specific order of layers needed to find conflicts new major 3 years skyper template_report merge layer revert conflict
#21606 Changing username still shows the previous one in object history new normal 3 years richlv
#18838 merge layer/selection: too many conflicts created and wrong user for "their" displayed new normal 3 years skyper template_report conflict merge user
#21599 Fatal Error when opening a surveyed GPX file new normal 3 years mdelatorre template_report, gpx
#21594 don't ask about relation membership handling when combining 2 ways which are part of the same multipolygon new normal 3 years dieterdreist relation, multipolygon, combine way
#21580 Opening GPX file changes colours of ways new normal 3 years Roger Calvert template_report
#21451 Unhandled exception: deleted relation is still listed in other relations reopened minor 3 years kudlav template_report relation child
#5650 The term 'key:' can only be the last term of a multiple AND search expression. new minor 3 years adjuva@… search dialog
#20604 Error when selecting most recent changeset comment from dropdown menu new normal 3 years TerraFormerJake upload comment
#21561 Symbol in search expression missing in notification and enable filter menu new minor 3 years skyper template_report search filter notification menu
#21334 image direction is wrong when position is beetween 2 gpx point reopened normal 3 years StephaneP support-layer
#21526 Loosing values pasting "Copy all/selected Keys/Values" with key with multiple values new normal 3 years skyper template_report paste tag conflict
#18894 Merge (selection): No user information about layer state `upload=*` new normal 3 years skyper template_report upload never false merge layer state
#21487 Save Session: Using a dot in file name does not add file extension new normal 3 years skyper template_report save session file extension
#21475 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on gps filter sorting new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20044 Relation editor: Exceptions with preset links in presets new normal 3 years matheusgomesms template_report relation editor preset link
#5930 imagery once initialized does not use new network-settings new normal 3 years skyper imagery change network setting proxy
#21458 Use System Proxies does not work new normal 3 years digiranger template_report
#21444 Computer suspend while uploading freezes JOSM new normal 3 years xeruf template_report upload
#21255 Canceling an upload completely stalls JOSM new normal 3 years skyper cancel upload
#9330 JOSM upload hangs on slow Internet connection new normal 3 years AlaskaDave cancel upload hang slow connection
#10178 bogus "Superfluous turnrestriction as "to" way is oneway (1)" new normal 3 years mkoniecz turn restriction oneway
#21433 Wrong warning of the URL validator new normal 3 years Wetterauer url special character
#20774 No recovery when internet connection fails on updating nodes new normal 3 years anonymous
#21336 gray/grey colour value confusion in destination_sign relation preset new normal 3 years bartosomail@… British color names gray grey locale
#21392 IAE: Width and height cannot be <= 0 at ImageWarp.warp new normal 3 years anonymous template_report warp
#21390 Odd word wrap in tooltip new normal 3 years Famlam template_report upload tooltip wrap
#21381 Some German translations are shown even if language is set to English new normal 3 years GerdP template_report
#20909 "No area style for multipolygon" produces lots of duplicates new normal 3 years skyper template_report multipolygon area style
#21378 Use an own, temporally flag to block layer on upload. new normal 3 years skyper template_report upload flag layer state locked
#20929 Tried to import a defective geojson and JOSM crashed new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#21318 MVT style drops data when two points have same coordinates new normal 3 years rob.j.nickerson@… mvt mapbox vector tile
#21303 Searching for empty role with hasRole does not work new normal 3 years skyper template_report search hasRole empty role
#21301 Broken format of message for invalid searches new minor 3 years skyper template_report search invalid
#21262 The imagery toolbar buttons periodically disappear new normal 3 years TrickyFoxy template_report toolbar
#20861 Tagging preset: "value_template" always overwrites value without strong indication and without option to disable. new normal 3 years skyper template_report tagging preset value_template
#21201 Display problem for riverbank multipolygon new normal 3 years skorbut template_report incomplete multipolygon
#11189 Geotagged images taken out on surveys taken close together do not show seperately in JOSM new normal 3 years davecorley@… template_report, images, icons
#21234 During "OK" click in preference window. Should catch errors (Tag Checker Data Sources) without closing the preference window. new normal 3 years reichg
#12630 IllegalStateException: Tag collection does not include the selected value new major 3 years SanderH template_report conflict tag merge
#21211 Missing warnings in modifying partial downloaded data with some tools (e.g. splitting ways) new normal 3 years segubi gui tools warnings
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new normal 3 years dieterdreist road area
#21179 Sporadic crashes right after download - Failed to load module "topmenu-gtk-module" - BadWindow (invalid Window parameter) new normal 3 years stanton template_report linux gtk
#21189 Wrong number of objects in upload dialog and no option to upload only some deleted objects. new normal 3 years skyper template_report upload selection deleted objects
#21188 Upload Selection fails without info on read timeout during check of parents of deleted objects new normal 3 years skyper template_report upload selection deleted object parent
#21187 Command Stack deleted after unsuccessful upload and conflict not found in first place new normal 3 years skyper template_report upload selection conflict deleted object parent command stack
#10297 Unnecessary conflict messages new normal 3 years naoliv conflict delete server
#9679 [Incomplete Patch] Validator complains about key: *:lanes:conditional (etc.) reopened normal 3 years alv conditional lanes-tagging
#19594 [Patch] converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned normal 3 years dieterdreist multipolygon create move tags
#21141 EULA for background-image new normal 3 years SafetyIng EULA, imagery, source
#20916 The SimilarNamedWays test reports false positive on Arabic street names new normal 3 years selimachour@… SimilarNamedWays Arabic i18n
#20227 [Patch] Presets not displayed when creating new relation new normal 3 years michael2402
#21098 Strange behavior of the gpx track loader when the connection is broken new normal 3 years TrickyFoxy template_report offline
#21087 Dialogs for adding custom imagery need scrollbar new normal 3 years anonymous scrollbar add custom imagery
#17184 Memory Leaks reopened normal 3 years GerdP template_report
#21054 Work offline does not work with imagery new normal 3 years skyper template_report work offline
#19331 AssertionError after download, purge, download, undo new normal 3 years anonymous template_report undo purge command stack
#5846 AssertionError when undoing PurgeCommand new normal 3 years Upliner purge undo command stack
#11333 AssertionError: Node was removed when purging, but is still there on undo new normal 3 years richlv template_report purge undo
#20666 In opposite to the previous version (17428) the latest Version (17580) slows down massively on my system after a few minutes of editing until being totally unresponsive new normal 3 years tux67 template_report performance memory
#18101 Josm doesn't send the changeset comment new normal 3 years StephaneP template_report upload changeset comment history combo
#21013 Customize track drawing dialog needs scrollbar new normal 3 years skyper template_report gpx customize drawing scrollbar
#19519 property value for multiselect always produce false positive with multiple values new normal 3 years skyper template_report multiselect property value
#5446 Ineffective upload when uploading by parts new normal 3 years bilbo upload changeset
#20908 IllegalStateException: JOSM expected to find primitive in dataset but it is not there undoing Parallel mode action new normal 3 years skyper template_report parallel mode undo
#20923 Multiple images displayed from restored session file new normal 3 years motogs template_report session
#20416 Download (incomplete) members: Cancel does not work and timeouts while download relation with members works new normal 3 years skyper template_report cancel download members
#20904 IllegalStateException: Already registered a conflict for primitive without conflict listed in conflict list panel new normal 3 years skyper template_report merge conflict delete
#20896 Add Tag and Change Value dialogs open at the same time new normal 3 years skyper template_report focus
#20884 Unglue Ways: Description in notification and actual selection after action differ new normal 3 years skyper template_report unglue ways nodes selection
#20869 Ctrl+U "update data" sends too-large overpass query new normal 3 years zelonewolf@… overpass
#20752 Reorder imagery layers: Three shortcuts in preferences but non is working new normal 3 years skyper template_report reorder imagery layer shortcut
#20837 Disconnect node from way: No notification about the possibility of breaking relations new normal 3 years skyper template_report disconnect node parent relation
#20822 Incomplete objects marked as modified new normal 3 years skyper template_report incomplete modified upload
#20808 PicLayer: memory issue with a transparent image new normal 3 years richlv template_report
#20814 Angle / direction in bottom status bar not updated when deselecting newly drawn way new normal 3 years Famlam template_report angle compass_direction
#20100 UI problems with route layers new normal 3 years Don-vip gpx route
#20014 Tiles constantly reloading reopened normal 3 years Stereo template_report
#20778 TMS server cache reopened normal 3 years anonymous tms cache invalidate clear
#20739 Layers not working in MapCSS styles new major 3 years janekkrueger11@… layer mapcss
#20775 Change Value: Misleading, incorrect warning about changes in value when changing the key only new normal 3 years skyper template_report change value overwrite
#20788 RespondsCode from overpass completely wrong formatted new normal 3 years skyper template_report ResponseCode error overpass
#20763 "Empty" indicator in data layer when layer contains data new normal 3 years thewireguy@… layer state indicator
#10537 Imagery menu hangs when an external layer icon cannot be loaded new normal 3 years bundesrainer menu icon connection download asynchronous
#11481 JOSM freezes for some time on slow Internet connection assigned normal 3 years anonymous wms connection download progress
#20721 NPE at BasicTextUI$RootView.changedUpdate while starting up new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20686 Cancel of MultiFetchServerObjectReader does not work new normal 3 years skyper template_report cancel
#19875 Inactive Map Paint styles cause bad performance new normal 3 years GerdP template_report performance memory
#20024 No warning when multipolygon preset is applied to multipolygon new normal 3 years GerdP template_report
#18372 Notes description does not fit in box (sometimes) reopened normal 3 years mnalis template_report
#15209 PurgeCommand.topoSort fails when purging many relations new normal 3 years wouterv.dplas@… template_report purge relation sort
#20664 False positive finding on wall areas mapped as multipolygons new normal 3 years zelonewolf@…
#19004 Tile cache seems to forget tiles exist, momentarily new normal 3 years jengelh@… cache
#20657 MAPCSS :selected pseudoclass doesn't update for child items with selection change new minor 3 years sinus+j@… template_report mapcss selected pseudoclass
#20648 Unable to edit keybind for "Delete tags" new normal 3 years Wulfmorn keyboard shortcuts
#17899 relation editor: oneway direction with route=bicycle and oneway:bicycle new normal 3 years skyper template_report relation editor oneway bicycle connectivity
#14711 when sorting members of a route, look at oneway tag of ways or direction of roundabout new normal 3 years Polyglot Relation Editor, relation-sorting, public-transport-v2, sort, route, roundabout
#6920 sorting error relations of participants new normal 3 years ErshKUS sort, relation, route, relation-sorting, dual-way
#8019 Sort relations by directional roles new major 3 years NE2 sort route relation role
#20644 Relation editor: Sorting of route relation never stops under certain conditions (gaps). new normal 3 years skyper template_report relation sort route
#19043 Sort relation's member: Better protection of incomplete relations. new normal 3 years skyper template_report sort relation
#11233 How to make icons in route relation editor continuous? reopened normal 3 years anonymous public-transport-v1 connectivity
#20605 Relation editor: Connectivity: Problem with dual-carriage, open end on top with only one way for one direction new normal 3 years skyper template_report route dual carriage connectivity
#20572 Overflowing text labels in the corner of the display new normal 3 years Stereo template_report
#20569 False positive finding on wash trails new minor 3 years zelonewolf@…
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new normal 3 years dieterdreist relation editor tags window
#17363 Changing selection outside relation editor selects all instances of a duplicated member inside editor new normal 3 years ShadowFoxNixill relation editor
#2212 can't edit over 180th meridian new normal 3 years rvollmert@… edit 180 meridian
#20485 Inconsistent handling of fixme tags new normal 3 years mdk template_report fixme node
#15702 Empty field when selecting the first item in the drop down for specifying the data source for the first time new normal 3 years anonymous template_report
#20516 SOCKS proxy without authentification demands "credentials for host" new normal 3 years hoverboard socks proxy
#20515 route_master relation not properly populated from the preset dialog new minor 3 years aceman
#20492 Conflict with elements that have an OSM ID but are not yet in OSM's server, new normal 3 years sharcrash template_report
#20478 Naming of imagery layers / considering attribution aspects in changesets new normal 3 years Polarbear-j
#20453 VPN Connection doesn't time out with MultiFetchServerObjectReader new normal 3 years Giovanni
#13160 Some kind of deadlock which prevents typing in textboxes new major 3 years naoliv keyboard input deadlock freeze
#18376 HiDPI font problems with 3840x2160 screen (Linux) needinfo normal 3 years helge.hafting@… template_report hidpi linux
#6980 no horizonzal scrollbars in conflict resolution new normal 4 years dieterdreist scrolling conflict scrollbar
#20406 Command Line Help: Update and additions new trivial 4 years Hb---
#11641 Hang when I close application and after popup send before exit new major 4 years jseigneuret-pro@… template_report
#19690 unable to find valid certification path to requested target new normal 4 years pinter.gabor@… template_report
#20302 Typing into the Overpass query textbox affects the slippy map on certain characters new normal 4 years aceman
#20356 Join areas action may create "Ways with same position" new normal 4 years GerdP template_report
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