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#23733 JOSM does not send client_secret in oauth2 token request for authorization code grant flow closed oauth2, client_secret Woazboat defect critical
#23732 Change default oauth2 token and authorize URLs from /api to /oauth2 new oauth2 team defect minor
#23717 Exception when trying to manually enter OAuth2 access token closed template_report, oauth2 syncronic <wonic@…> defect normal
#23710 Fully automatic OAuth does not work new OAuth team defect normal
#23693 OAuth2.0 authentication issues closed OAuth authentication team defect major
#23679 Update OSM Server preference page new preference OSM Server OAuth2 remote control team task normal
#23630 Crash after login of Mapillary plugin new template_report OAuth access token taylor.smock defect normal
#23538 Some 'OAuth 2' access tokens work, while others do not needinfo OAuth2 access token Rub21 defect normal
#23013 Username in tab title doesn't reflect oauth2 login closed oauth oauth2 team defect normal
#22952 No way to check who I'm logged in as with OAuth 2.0 closed oauth username team defect normal
#22810 [PATCH][RFC] OSM OAuth 1.0a/Basic auth deprecation and removal closed oauth team defect normal
#22744 Deleting the OAuth2 token and switching back to reuse OAuth1 does not work. closed template_report OAuth2 delete token team defect normal
#22730 Mapillary plugin fails to log in with "Mapillary: Could not refresh login, logging out" popup, "Mapillary: Failed to login: "The parameter grant_type is required."" API exception closed template_report OAuth Don-vip defect normal
#21811 To Get Access Token, Failure causes OAUTH OKAY to Hide new OAuth upload team defect normal
#21756 Don't log oauth secrets closed oauth, token, secret, information disclosure team defect normal
#21641 The OSM server '' reported a bad request. Error message(untranslated): Bad OAuth request. closed template_report OAuth anonymous defect normal
#21608 Automatic OAuth process always fails closed oauth richlv defect normal
#21607 Semi-automatic and manual methods unavailable when credentials already set closed oauth team defect normal
#21383 The Oauth access authorization make my laptop freeze closed template_report oauth team defect normal
#21127 NPE after oauth login in Mapillary closed template_report oauth taylor.smock defect normal
#21065 Fully automatic OAuth authentication fails after change on OSM server side closed oauth team defect major
#20768 OpenStreetMap OAuth2 support closed oauth, oauth2, openstreetmap, website, ex-longterm simon04 enhancement major
#20244 Deemphasize oauth on login screen closed template_report oauth wizard authorization authentication login simon04 enhancement normal
#19435 Authentication failed dialog window remains hidden under the OAuth window closed template_report oauth semi-automatic focus jBeata defect normal
#18820 JOSM sends OAuth headers when downloading map closed template_report oauth api map team defect normal
#16953 Token confirmation window instant disappearing closed oauth team defect normal
#16485 [PATCH] OAuth wizard windows have tendency to hide their own error messages closed oauth error dialog focus team defect normal
#16356 Fully automatic oauth window hides its own 'Authorize now' button closed template_report oauth layout team defect normal
#16178 OAuth login does not work when trying to upload changeset closed oauth team defect minor
#16100 Strava Global Heatmap in JOSM new strava heatmap oauth authentication allier-osm enhancement normal
#15147 Overpass request contains OAuth Authorization header closed overpass api oauth http team defect normal
#14263 Trying OAuth behing an authenticated proxy closed template_report OAuth anonymous defect normal
#14091 semi-automatic Oauth does not work closed template_report Oauth team defect normal
#13872 Optionally allow OAuth signing of all API requests closed oauth bandwidth limit team enhancement normal
#12858 Layout of "Get access token" window new OAuth team defect normal
#12606 OAuth - internal server error closed oauth team defect normal
#12604 OAuth closed template_report oauth webstart windows team defect normal
#12585 User switcher for OAuth closed oauth team enhancement normal
#12584 OAuth does not work with Java Web Start on Windows closed template_report oauth webstart jnlp windows team defect normal
#12582 OAuth "Fully automatic" dialog hangs closed OAuth dialog jnlp webstart windows team defect normal
#12580 Upload failure with Oauth - HTTP 401 Unauthorized closed template_report oauth http 401 upload jnlp webstart windows achimbeckerstgt@… defect normal
#12323 Disallow saving OSM credentials (in favour of OAuth) closed oauthcredentials team enhancement normal
#12236 OAuth broken closed regression http oauth team defect blocker
#12090 Error during applying OAuth changes with Java 1.9 closed OAuth java9 team defect normal
#11835 Notes and comments uploaded after an oauth token issue appear as anonymous closed oauth notes DeeHants defect normal
#9777 ssl + OAuth and notes does not work closed ssl OAuth ToeBee defect critical
#9710 JOSM doesn't support https for talking to the API closed oauth team defect normal
#9672 remember alternative connection settings closed oauth, connection settings team enhancement normal
#9356 full automatic mode to optain an oauth token is broken closed oauth vsandre defect normal
#9181 Hanged when getting OAUTH access token in semi-auto mode closed oauth hang lock deadlock modal jnlp webstart osx team defect normal
#8055 O-Auth closed Oauth, access token GJCaesar defect normal
#8050 When using oauth for access to api server imagery requiring username/password will not prompt for user name and password closed oauth,imagery,tms,wms,http,basic,auth,authentication,https team defect normal
#8048 possibility to store more than one OAuth token in preferences closed OAuth token store team defect normal
#7943 Default OAuth settings not in line with used API server closed OAuth team defect normal
#7612 [Patch] Prefer OAuth, provide authorization at upload closed oauth simon04 enhancement major
#7183 HTTP 302 response to OAuth full-auto authentication ? closed OAuth, http, 302 team defect major
#7094 retrieving OAuth token failed due to HTTP 411 error closed oauth, 411 team defect normal
#6594 Changeset manager does not support OAuth closed oauth team defect normal
#6476 Fully automatic OAuth does not work closed OAuth team defect major
#6171 Improve OAuth message in wizard closed oauth prefer warning simon04 enhancement normal
#6063 NullPointerException testing OAuth in Applet closed OAuth team defect normal
#5100 Cannot Retrieve OAuth Request Token closed OAuth team defect critical
#2710 [WIP Patch] The preferences should have multiple server profiles new authorization OAuth team enhancement major
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