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#8840 Disable the possibility of adding new reports closed Notes team enhancement normal
#9858 notes charset closed notes char i18 jezevec defect normal
#11252 automatic download of notes closed notes download team enhancement normal
#11321 add hint in the Notes Dialog, where to download Notes (was: Josm zeigt Notes nicht an) closed notes two buttons ToeBee enhancement normal
#11835 Notes and comments uploaded after an oauth token issue appear as anonymous closed oauth notes DeeHants defect normal
#20583 Filter notes in notes dialog closed Feature Notes filter simon04 enhancement normal
#21600 [patch] After downloading more notes, clicking on first note points to previous first one closed template_report, notes, download team defect normal
#21668 Closing already closed note from JOSM generates an error new template_report, notes, close team defect normal
#21874 Add note referencing to upload dialog new upload notes team enhancement normal
#21558 [PATCH] IOOBE in NotesDialog$NoteTableModel.getElementAt closed template_report, notes, close, resolve team defect minor
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