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#19044 JavaFX calls unknown class assigned Don-vip defect normal
#19332 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced needinfo alt.people.davidcalman@… defect normal
#19351 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset needinfo anonymous defect normal
#19379 IAE at tools.CheckParameterUtil.ensureThat : EastNorth[e=NaN, n=NaN] invalid needinfo HannoverKleefeld defect normal
#19424 adding new bus route via PTv2 scheme, and it snapped needinfo assanges defect normal
#19429 DataIntegrityProblemException: Deleted node referenced resolving some conflict needinfo Micheal Kaluba <micealkal@…> defect normal
#19490 will not upload changeset. needinfo anonymous defect normal
#1701 josm should support loading multiple audio files new team enhancement minor
#2520 ability to write commit message while working new team enhancement minor
#2622 Displaying points count from GPX in the Layers tab new team enhancement minor
#4851 Display of angle is wrong with projection method WGS84 new team defect minor
#4929 Filtered and disabled objects can be selected new team defect minor
#5079 Orthoganalize nodes that are not connected by ways new team enhancement normal
#5233 Reload file from disk new team enhancement normal
#5253 Starting retry... in upload dialog remains after upload starts new team enhancement minor
#5493 Visualize implicit turn restrictions new team enhancement normal
#5541 Audio and Gpx new team enhancement normal
#5686 Combining ways while having relation editor open causes invalid link new team defect normal
#6002 "Upload selection" should not check for parents new team defect major
#6041 JOSM upload hangs - only nodes uploaded, no way information new Samuel Longiaru defect normal
#6095 Rescan conflicts when tags change new team enhancement normal
#6128 Resolving node conflicts as "deleted" is broken new team defect major
#6151 If upload ends with internal server error, no warning is shown new team defect critical
#6164 Warning about failed data update after upload new team enhancement normal
#6182 add an option not to show all existing values in the 'change value dialog' new team enhancement normal
#6269 Segments should be initialized with the previously used value new zerebubuth@… enhancement normal
#6283 Namespaces should be collapsible in the tag list new team enhancement normal
#6286 custom names for filters new team enhancement normal
#6302 general function for splitting areas into multiple rows and columns new team enhancement normal
#6401 offer option to orthogonalize a building based on selected nodes, not just the way new team enhancement normal
#7097 multi-line value editor in advanced preferences and copy-paste new team enhancement minor
#7103 relation conflict dialog may lead to empty relations new team defect critical
#7170 DataIntegrityProblemException: Primitive must be part of the dataset new team defect normal
#7293 conflict when replacing a way in an inclomplete loaded relation with a new way new team defect major
#7303 Startup for beginners new team enhancement normal
#7496 Suggestion of a more intuitive UI design new team enhancement minor
#7621 DataIntegrityProblemException: 'Deleted member referenced' after adding ways to relation new team defect normal
#7644 IAE: There is no road containing the given way new benshu defect normal
#7772 Statusbar could show number of new/modified/deleted nodes/ways/relations new team enhancement normal
#8023 Nodes not affected by opacity when zoomed out new team defect normal
#8207 Detect captive portals new team enhancement normal
#8244 autocomplete nearby roads also in relation window new team enhancement normal
#8265 unwanted move action new team defect normal
#8268 Not animated progress bar after 50k/10k changeset new team defect minor
#8270 Add support for rectifing service Georeferencer new team enhancement normal
#8448 Tag editor: "short cuts" for tag combinations new team enhancement minor
#8802 [PATCH] "Zoom to gap" in relation editor does not work anymore new team defect normal
#8963 wireframe mode becomes thicker when GPX tracks are visible new team defect normal
#9065 incorrect selection logic new Gilbert54 defect normal
#9085 opening_hours, "off" and OpeningHoursEdit new boman defect normal
#9176 Relation editor: Applying a preset while editing tags can create empty tags (subsequently ignored) new michael2402 defect normal
#9214 selectaction.cycles.multiple.matches stops cycling the path selection & loses pointer rectangle new team defect normal
#9215 extending a node (multi)selection new team enhancement normal
#9255 Jumping node when "join node to way" while dragging new team defect normal
#9924 same geom and all tag of one way are include in the second new team enhancement minor
#9942 Replace Geometry to work with any object new team enhancement normal
#10004 Treat higway=* + area=yes similar to roundabouts in the relation editor. new team enhancement trivial
#10297 Unnecessary conflict messages new team defect normal
#10474 Scaling of fill-image new team enhancement normal
#10537 Imagery menu hangs when an external layer icon cannot be loaded new team defect normal
#10553 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while trying extrusion (rectangle tool) new team defect normal
#10669 active piclayer seems to slow down screen/mapping movements new rebsc defect normal
#10748 Move and connect way to an external node with shape retention new team enhancement normal
#10846 using the notes layer is not intuitive without the notes dialog window new ToeBee enhancement normal
#10875 Flag waterway/road crossing with missing tunnel/bridge attr new team enhancement normal
#10881 Cannot select and move nodes if "Mapnik (true)" map style is enabled new team defect normal
#10937 <CTRL><ALT>J (jump to next marker not working new team enhancement normal
#11015 GPX Photo Correlation causes photos to disappear from view new team defect normal
#11017 3GPP audio files open in browser on Linux new team defect normal
#11136 [Patch] IllegalStateException: "Missing merge target for relation" trying to revert changeset after object history loads new Upliner defect normal
#11277 Show the line number for syntax errors in preset files new team enhancement normal
#11298 Extra caching when run under JavaWebStart new team defect major
#11333 AssertionError: Node was removed when purging, but is still there on undo new team defect normal
#11349 addr:street autocompletion should be more picky about suggestions new team enhancement normal
#11374 Wrong validator assert does not give a hint about the line new team defect minor
#11398 Install windows version for all windows users new team defect normal
#11461 Problem with plug in to import satellite images new team defect normal
#11463 Can't zoom after importing image new team enhancement normal
#11480 Projection PUWG 2000 5 does not zoom to bbox properly new team defect normal
#11845 (More) nagging/warning for empty changeset comment or source new team enhancement normal
#11871 Searching "Area around places" should allow to center slippy map for further selection new team enhancement normal
#12085 Droid fonts no longer shipped by Android upstream, switch to Noto fonts new team enhancement normal
#12087 Implement a slippy map download bbox reminder new team enhancement normal
#12096 Getting "Read timed out" when trying to download a layer new team defect normal
#12103 Show split way dialog only for high value geometries new team enhancement normal
#12109 Turn restriction onto oneway not properly checked new team defect normal
#12137 Make File>Open recognize Imagery pictures new team enhancement normal
#12161 Presets: Non-editable Comboboxes are Lower than Editable Comboboxes new team defect normal
#12214 do not load everything when going to a directory from "import images" new team defect normal
#12270 allow modifying note data that has not been uploaded yet new team enhancement normal
#12285 Hide name on ways during dragging to allow precise alignment new team enhancement normal
#12459 [patch needs rework] layer color resets to default when renaming layer new team defect normal
#12484 harmonize warning message with button caption new team enhancement normal
#12540 Ignore shops and amenities when reporting overlapping ways new team enhancement normal
#12548 Proper colors for modified nodes in way history new team defect normal
#12579 Add inner polygons when using Tools → Create multipolygon new team defect normal
#12625 Propose to merge multipolygon tags into polygon tags when taking an outer polygon off the relation new team enhancement normal
#12785 Conflicts block downloading more areas when updating saved file new team defect normal
#12790 Resolving member conflicts in relation shows member details only for one side of conflict new team defect normal
#12866 Display disused:railway=* and abandoned:railway=* like railway=disused/abandoned whenever relevant new team enhancement normal
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