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#14284 Portable setup - relative directories possible? new team enhancement minor
#14472 Keyboard shortcut for latest "repeat search" action new team enhancement minor
#16046 UI elements not accessible in Advanced preferences tab new team defect minor
#16439 Incidently: cannot use [Select, move, scale and rotate object (S)] to Select an Object. new team defect minor
#16999 Allow .class on left side of parent/child selectors new team enhancement minor
#17013 Add dots when full wikidata tag can't be displayed new floscher enhancement minor
#17129 Cannot add assertMatch/assertNoMatch declarations with :selected pseudoclass new team defect minor
#17957 Address suggestion include name tags new team defect minor
#18352 add tag dialog: prevent window size to be bigger than screen new team enhancement minor
#18375 warn on waterway and highway shared node that is not a ford new team enhancement minor
#18825 Default shortcut conflict new team defect minor
#19215 Import Vector Dialog Hidden by Opening Files Dialog new team defect minor
#19575 Missing translation test needs tweaks new team defect minor
#20515 route_master relation not properly populated from the preset dialog new team defect minor
#2173 Show the Progress of preparing Data after downloading an Area new team enhancement trivial
#4653 josm should delete "unconnected nodes without a tag" when solving conflicts new team enhancement trivial
#5115 Connection failed / text in dialogue box new team defect trivial
#13259 filter is not rendered correctly if you open two layers and then switch to the second new team defect trivial
#13765 [patch needs rework] adding a button to test the proxy settings new team enhancement trivial
#14573 slippy map in download window jumps unexpectedly when doing a consecutive download in one session new team defect trivial
#14730 Display a notice to the user if functionality (imagery layer display) is reduced in case of low memory allocation new team enhancement trivial
#18797 Same layer name used multiple times new team defect trivial
#20381 Validation text crushes ValidateUploadHook dialog. Help button missing. new team enhancement trivial
#20406 Command Line Help: Update and additions new team defect trivial
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