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#20550 Some weird crash in the middle of exporting photos with Mapillary plugin new taylor.smock defect normal
#20777 Mapillary really slow when using josm (dev) through openwebstart new taylor.smock defect normal
#20112 Full-screen inactive pop-ups on latest Mac OS, latest JOSM beta-release 17323 needinfo stevenjo1@… defect normal
#20796 [WIP Patch] Josm remove geoimages from the layer even if this image is unsuccessfully deleted needinfo StephaneP defect normal
#17998 check for correct value of access new skyper enhancement normal
#20833 [WIP Patch] Restrictions `no_exit` and `no_entry` missing assigned skyper defect normal
#13965 Allow keyboard shortcuts for WIkipedia functions new simon04 enhancement normal
#20851 Tagging preset: value_template does not update value, right away, with conditions reopened simon04 defect normal 21.05
#12996 Turnlanes-tagging pluging having shortcut conflicts with Turn Restrictions plugin new Rub21 defect normal
#8713 Both menu items in PicLayer menu are disabled (greyed out) new rebsc defect normal
#6396 (Experimental PATCH) Allow plugins to be reloaded without restart reopened olejorgenb enhancement normal
#20683 Attempt at upload freezes JOSM and is forced to end by killing task needinfo nimbinOSM defect normal
#20641 Memory issue in josm needinfo namratagangwani6@… defect normal
#15544 mapillary - return image access to the image window new jpietri enhancement normal
#16635 NPE at MapillaryImageDisplay.paintComponent new jpietri defect normal
#6955 (patch (unfinished)) Introducing JMapView SceneGraph new jhuntley enhancement normal
#17673 OpenStreetCam: ClassNotFoundException: java.sql.Time new jBeata defect normal
#19435 Authentication failed dialog window remains hidden under the OAuth window needinfo jBeata defect normal
#20139 ctrl+c not working on objects new jBeata defect normal
#8189 Support for rotation of images by EXIF tags. reopened harald@… enhancement normal
#15593 Sorting, multiselection, selection by pressing enter new Gnonthgol enhancement normal
#19594 converting to multipolygon too aggressive assigned GerdP defect normal
#20057 Improve handling of preference `validator.UnconnectedWays.way_way_distance` assigned GerdP enhancement normal
#20424 Duplicate relations not detected with incomplete members assigned GerdP defect normal
#17013 Add dots when full wikidata tag can't be displayed new floscher enhancement minor
#18398 NPE in WikipediaToggleDialog with language code yue new floscher defect normal
#5404 OSM-API-close and HTTP-Request-Pipelining don't work over some proxies - JOSM must be restarted for further edits reopened Fabi2 defect normal
#20527 KMZ from G.Earth does not retain description/notes data new Don-vip defect normal
#20828 Downloading French cadaster datas in the wrong layer new Don-vip defect normal
#5381 mouse cursor not always what it should be reopened dieterdreist defect normal
#15415 PT_assistant: remove warning about gap if route contains only one way new darya defect normal
#6656 OpeningHoursEditor corrections + enhancements new boman enhancement normal
#7890 Add columns for the opening hours on public holidays (PH) and school holidays (SH) new boman enhancement normal
#10840 IAE in OpeningTimeUtils.ensureValidDay new boman defect normal
#20795 [Patch] Wrong correlate to gpx behaviour (use an old gpx file version) assigned Bjoeni defect normal 21.05
#19640 CCE: Way cannot be cast to Node at SortPTRouteMembersAction.sortPTRouteMembers new Biswesh defect normal
#20526 building=yes results in JOSM to add Man Made/Man Made/Building and Man Made/Man Made/Residential Building needinfo anonymous defect normal
#20612 ok/enter-key-event not captured in imagery-offset-dialog needinfo anonymous defect minor
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