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#2212 can't edit over 180th meridian new team defect normal
#3282 Syncing audio tracks not posible behind initial waypoint new team defect major
#3464 varying behaviour using Enter and Escape new team defect normal
#3757 audio play head jumps to start of the track new team defect minor
#4142 JOSM does not query API for referring relations when downloading primitives new team defect critical
#5087 Synchronizing photos / Timezone new team defect normal
#5115 Connection failed / text in dialogue box new team defect trivial
#5214 duplicate nodes after failed upload new team defect normal
#5215 Automatically detect and fix situations, where server accepted upload and JOSM assumes upload failure new team defect major
#5381 mouse cursor not always what it should be reopened dieterdreist defect normal
#5404 OSM-API-close and HTTP-Request-Pipelining don't work over some proxies - JOSM must be restarted for further edits reopened Fabi2 defect normal
#5446 Ineffective upload when uploading by parts new team defect normal
#5641 Painting error layer is very slow new team defect normal
#5650 The term 'key:' can only be the last term of a multiple AND search expression. new team defect minor
#5706 [Patch needs rework] Role Verification Warnings reopened team defect normal
#5710 Confirmation question undo to wrong place (more than 20 object) new team defect normal
#5930 imagery once initialized does not use new network-settings new team defect normal
#6102 Non-Connected way checks in validator needs to be projection independent new defect major
#6166 Relation-Editor: sorting of routes does not work properly if both ends are dual-carriageways. new team defect normal
#6178 terracer: deletes addr node without copying any data new zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6184 "Save/Upload" question is sometimes asked when not necessary and sometimes not asked when necessary new team defect normal
#6191 Terracer: does not add housenumbers if highest housenumber is given new zerebubuth@… defect normal
#6205 Turnrestrictions plugin doesn't like adding a new restriction on two ways when they already intersect at a different location. new team defect major
#6231 "Update modified" not disabled even if nothing has been modified. new team defect minor
#6295 no data to upload on upload, but warning on exit (to upload data) new team defect normal
#6441 turnrestrictions plugin putting wrong end of split highway in "To" when selecting "Only Right Turn" new team defect major
#6518 select and edit actions performed in inactive layer. new team defect major
#6725 Plugins need to be loaded before tool definitions for toolbar buttons (WAS: Missing tool definition in utilsplugin2 when item placed in toolbar) new team defect minor
#6920 sorting error relations of participants new team defect normal
#6980 no horizonzal scrollbars in conflict resolution new team defect normal
#7063 Early selection makes it hard to duplicate the last (tagged) node of a way at a specified distance new team defect normal
#7095 Resizing objects sometimes activates menu new team defect normal
#7096 resizing objects consecutively behaves unexpectedly new team defect normal
#7148 Nodes that are not selectable are posible select via selection history new team defect normal
#7317 Cycle list is different for middle-click and Alt+click reopened team defect normal
#7443 JOSM claims that there are incomplete nodes in a way when there isn't when updating new team defect normal
#7482 False warning about restart after preference changes (WAS: setting oauth) new team defect normal
#7669 consecutive rotates behave unexpectedly new team defect normal
#7815 Trouble with the size of windows when displaying an alert new team defect normal
#7869 delete while edit tag dialog opens results in unhandled exception new team defect normal
#8253 JOSM stalls changing projection with open piclayer + importimage layer new team defect normal
#8456 can't run validator while downloading traces in background new team defect normal
#8489 IllegalStateException deleting some nodes new team defect normal
#8713 Both menu items in PicLayer menu are disabled (greyed out) new rebsc defect normal
#8830 Keep autosave files in case of a crash new team defect major
#8831 Extruding after extrude+add not possible new team defect minor
#8844 "Toggle panels" action move displayed map about 1 pixel new team defect minor
#8889 SVG: styles not fully supported new team defect normal
#8933 External presets / rules / styles: Update does not work new team defect normal
#8968 Combining ways: Roles not adjusted when changing direction new team defect major
#9726 Deleting a data layer doesn't close dialog window after upload (have to kill the JOSM thread) new team defect normal
#9857 Address Preset doesn't keep the entry from before new team defect normal
#10032 No changes recognized if uploading with an open relation manager and closing it later new team defect normal
#10106 mapcss: grouping doesn't work correctly new team defect normal
#10286 extruder: problem with shared nodes new team defect normal
#10840 IAE in OpeningTimeUtils.ensureValidDay new boman defect normal
#10954 Red "edit line" not visible after upgrading linux to Slackware 14.1 new team defect normal
#11099 'Move node into way' can sometimes result in multiple duplicate nodes new team defect normal
#11198 Option "download relation members" do not download relations which this members belongs to new team defect normal
#11233 How to make icons in route relation editor continuous? reopened team defect normal
#11377 Change redo shortcut for dialogs new team defect normal
#11454 Cannot upload gpx track with DirectUpload plugin (JOSM behind HTTP proxy with authentication) new team defect normal
#11481 JOSM freezes for some time on slow Internet connection assigned wiktorn defect normal
#11483 Unexpected action on list when press right key new team defect normal
#11599 Relation Editor should update after splitting a member new team defect normal
#11641 Hang when I close application and after popup send before exit new team defect major
#11722 No images after removing active geo-images layer new team defect normal
#11739 Hotkeys don't work, but those with modifiers do. new team defect normal
#11757 "APP1 Segment is too long" when using "write coordinates to image headers" new team defect normal
#11854 Shortcuts with Cmd key stops working unexpectedly (OSX) new team defect normal
#12684 Varying behaviour when undeleting a changeset new Upliner defect minor
#12719 Zoom out with minus key doesn't work on OSX new team defect normal
#12856 Keyboard shortcuts on MacBook not all working new team defect minor
#12858 Layout of "Get access token" window new team defect normal
#12921 tag autocompletion has a weakness for trailing numbers new team defect normal
#12996 Turnlanes-tagging pluging having shortcut conflicts with Turn Restrictions plugin new Rub21 defect normal
#13259 filter is not rendered correctly if you open two layers and then switch to the second new team defect trivial
#13373 Adding a node with two selected ways may result in unintended node move new team defect normal
#13600 too far away check does not use multipolygons new team defect normal
#13621 Disconnect node from way: incorrect message and option to disconnect from more than one way at once new team defect minor
#13651 conditional tag: False warning with complex opening_hours values in combination with AND new team defect normal
#14091 semi-automatic Oauth does not work new team defect normal
#14168 JOSM not working with manual or system proxy settings new team defect normal
#14196 Conflict manager allows to create inconsistent ways with zero or only one node new team defect major
#14213 building_tools configuration issues new Upliner defect normal
#14335 Printing function does not work. AIOOBE: 0 new team defect normal
#14456 Can't add correct ext_tool shortcuts to main Toolbar new Upliner defect normal
#14471 terracer is associating Unconnected Building from Non-Selected Street in Relation Dialog new team defect normal
#14498 Terracer-with-Relation is Removing the Previous House Relation Member + other errors new team defect normal
#14573 slippy map in download window jumps unexpectedly when doing a consecutive download in one session new team defect trivial
#14669 default map paint style does not recognize highway areas other than pedestrian new team defect normal
#14813 Points are still visible after selection for deletion in EditGpx plugin new team defect normal
#15112 After JOSM starts and loads an osm layer, when I open the Search window, click on the drop down list of last search strings and select the first one (the newest) it doesn't appear in the search box. new team defect normal
#15374 problem deleting multilevel relations reopened team defect normal 17.10
#15415 PT_assistant: remove warning about gap if route contains only one way new darya defect normal
#15864 Images not resized in Help Window new team defect normal
#16046 UI elements not accessible in Advanced preferences tab new team defect minor
#16112 improve relation member handling / consistency map, tags window and relation editor new team defect normal
#16171 Case sensitive regexp key=value searches aren't case sensitive new team defect normal
#16181 JosmRuntimeException: orthogonalize error new team defect normal
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